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How to Make Rukia Cosplay For Your Halloween Party 2016

Updated on January 27, 2016
Rukia in school uniform
Rukia in school uniform | Source

Be Sexy With Rukia Cosplay!

If you have short body and you want to be existing in your Halloween and other cosplay events, don't worry, Rukia cosplay can be your choice!

Rukia Kuchiki is the lieutenant of the 13th Division of Shinigami in manga series Bleach. She was the only who appeared at first in the series created by Kubo. He decided to use her design for all the other soul reapers.

Rukia's cool and lone demeanor personality will be yours in your own style. Even though Rukia always has trouble finding clothes that fit her, but your Rukia cosplay will be more simple. You just make your hair cropped into a bob that hangs about your face and wear white and grey girl school uniform but extend to above your elbows. That is it... You look so sexy!

Besides, Rukia has many costumes in the series, this hub will guide you how to make them for your Halloween party. Happy reading!

Things Your Need

Estimated Prices
Rukia reference picture
Printed on a paper
Rukia wig
16" Straight Cosplay Wig
Wig cap
Black color
Contact lenses
Violet color
Facial Moisturizer
Hydrating Cream Original
Primer Skin Transformer
MNY Instant Age Rewind
Brown Corrector
Bobbi Extra Light Bisque
Cover Concealer
MNY, Ivory, Light 2
MNY, Classic Ivory
Powder foundation
MNY Pure Beige
MNY Eye Studio Master
False Eyelashes
Regular long
e.l.f. Baked
Carbon Black
Rukia costume
High School Uniform
Source: (Oct 2014)
Rukia in white kimono
Rukia in white kimono | Source

How to Make Rukia Cosplay?

To make Rukia cosplay is not difficult. There are three basic things you need to satisfy; Rukia reference picture, Rukia makeup including wig, and Rukia costumes including accessories.

A. Rukia Reference Picture

Find a Rukia picture you prefer on the internet then print it. Hang it on the right corner of your mirror. This will be useful for your reference and always go back to the picture to match your look.

B. Makeup and Wig

  1. Firstly, start priming and moisturizing your face as usual to hydrate your skin and let it sit for a minute before applying your makeup.
  2. If you have long hair, I suggest you to put your wig cap on first to make all things easier. But if it is short, you may put it later.
  3. Put your contact lens in before everything else, otherwise you'd have to fix again your makeup later because of your (possible) tears.
  4. Then start with foundation and concealer. If you have dark circle of panda eyes, use light infusing primer underneath your eyes.Then, use brown corrector blended it onto your nose area. Use a loose powder to lock in the foundation more naturally with your skin tone.
  5. Rukia has very big eyes, so use a white eyeliner one your lower lids for a doe-eyed look. Use also a black gel eyeliner generously to draw upon this look. The shaping can get tricky, but you find looking at a reference picture to be very helpful Give more eyeshadow and define your eyebrows based on the reference picture.
  6. Next come mascara and false lashes. For this look, the bigger the better, give more mascara on false lashes so your eyes will stand out in photos.
  7. The last makeup step is Contour your nose a bit with a light shade and just a touch of blush and tiny the lips and the makeup is done.
  8. To wear the wig use a few bobby pins to hold the style in place and a touch of got 2 be glued to hold the middle piece and then accessorize however you choose. The last curl your lashes.

Rukia in black kimono
Rukia in black kimono | Source

C. Rukia Costumes and Accessories

There are optional costumes wore by Rukia:

  1. high school girl winter uniform,
  2. high school girl summer uniform,
  3. Shinigami black female kimono, or
  4. soul reaper academy uniform.

To choose the costume above you have to customize to your character and personality. If you want to look sexy and sassy, I suggest you to wear the high school summer uniform. However, if you want to look fierce you are would be better choosing a kimono and then support your appearance with a samurai sword.

Which Rukia cosplay will you wear this Halloween? - Share with us!

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    • hensba profile image

      hensba 3 years ago

      @akunsquidoku: Yes, she is... even more sexier :)

      @anonymous, SimonJay and Sweetstickyrainbo: Yeah... I think so...

    • sweetstickyrainbo profile image

      sweetstickyrainbo 5 years ago


    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 5 years ago

      Yikes the school one is nice

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Bleach~~~It's a wonderful anime,which is Japanese anime,it it?

      I like it very much.and the Bleach costume!!

    • profile image

      akunsquidoku 5 years ago

      rukia so sexy.

      how about orihime inoue ?