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Meet The Stalkers of The Running Man movie

Updated on March 3, 2011

The Running Man movie Stalkers? What's that?

Are you ready to stalk The Stalkers in The Running Man movie?

What? You don't know about the movie? Hmm...... i guess I'll give you my version of The Running Man synopsis

-I watched this on the Cinemax Channel

-From my research, the movie was created in the year 1987.

-It is a blockbuster movie

-Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the protagonist of this movie, Ben Richards accompanied by his two friends, William Laughlin and Harold Weiss.

-Later in the story, Amber Mendez joined Ben Richards

-The story revolves around the game show called The Running Man which is hosted by an evil man called Killian

I hope you understand a bit about this movie, let us learn about The Stalkers.

Before we start stalking................

Let us learn about Ben Richards, the protagonist of this movie.

Here he is, Ben Richards - The Running Man star

This character is played by one of my favorite actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this movie, he played as a helicopter pilot who refuses to follow the commands of his headquarters to kill innocent people who are stealing food because of the disastrous state of the Earth in the year 2017. Because of this, he was caught and framed as the "killer of Bakersville". He managed to escape from his 'labor prison' and stayed hidden with the other escapee. Then, he went to his relatives home only to see that his relative is gone and Amber Mendez is staying there now. After some 'convincing', Amber agreed to accompany Ben to escape but in the end,Amber herself foiled Ben's plan of escaping. Killian, the Running Man host, saw the footage of Ben running away from prison and wants him to join The Running Man. This is the start of Ben running for his life and encountering The Stalkers.

Let us start stalking!


The ice hockey killer

This is the biggest Stalker in The Running Man movie. He wears the ice hockey equipment and uses a razor sharp hockey stick as his deadly weapon. Ben managed to defeat this Stalker by choking him with barbed wires that eventually led Subzero to his death.


Chainsaw Massacre!

This guy is one of the scariest of the Stalkers, he uses a chainsaw that cut through steel and rides a motorcycle. To save Ben from getting killed by Buzzsaw, William pushes Ben and instead William himself was injured severely. Buzzsaw was defeated by Ben with his own chainsaw. Sadly, William was unable to be saved.


The electric shooter

This Stalker is one of the weirdest Stalker. He wears a suit that has many lights and he is able to shoot electricity. He killed Weiss when Weiss was trying to decode the satellite uplink codes. Amber managed to kill Dynamo by shooting to the fire alarm that sprinkles water to Dynamo making him shocked by hi own suit.


The fire maniac

He uses a flamethrower and burns his victims to crisp. Amber was nearly burned by Fireball but Ben who sneaked from the ceiling cuts off Fireball's gas tank and threw a lighted match thus bringing Fireball to his untimely demise.

Captain Freedom

The Tough Guy

One of the best Stalker but had retired. He was called to fight Ben but he refused to join because he was asked to wear mechanized arms. The Running Man crew edited the show as if Ben was killed by Captain Freedom but the truth is Ben is still alive.

I hope you enjoy your stalking.

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Learn more about the movie

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How's the stalking?

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