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Ruthless People is Hilarious

Updated on March 25, 2014

This is a great comedy that will have you laughing from the beginning right through to the end. Danny Davito plays the greedy husband who has stolen from the wrong people. His wife played by Bette Midler is a part of his life he wants to get rid of. A twist of fate happens when he goes home to finally finish her and her little pee poodle off. She has been kidnapped leaving him free of doing the dirty task of snuffing her out. Put these two great actors together with a group including a pair of inept, loveable kidnappers, Judge Reinhold and Helen Slater. A sexy girlfriend trying to convince the law that there was a murder, Anita Morris. The stupidest man alive, Bill Pullman and the hijinks ensues.

I saw this movie years ago and watched it again with my husband. It seems like it gets funnier every time I see it. If your looking for a slap stick type of movie that will entertain you this is a movie you will want to check out. Bette Midler becomes the heroine when she figures out that she can obtain the look she has been paying big bucks to attain. Along with shedding pounds Mrs. Starks captor is a fashion designer and she has tons of clothes designed that Mrs. Stark / Bette Midler absolutely adores. The kidnappers might not have enough money to buy all the things demanded of them by Mrs. Stark but it ends up that is not what this high society lady needs.

Fish Called Wanda is another hilarious movie that has all the elements needed to keep you laughing. Great actors complete with an ingenious story line tells the story of a pair of crooks and their run ins with a British Barrister. Love screws up things throughout. There really is a Fish and it is named Wanda. Poor little fishy ...

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