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Sailor Moon Villains ~ Dark Kingdom / Negaverse

Updated on August 26, 2011

Sailor Moon Season 1 Villains: The Dark Kingdom / Negaverse

Sailor Moon Season 1 introduced the 5 Inner Senshi, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus, as well as Tuxedo Mask. They were up against the Dark Kingdom, known in the English version as the Negaverse. These interesting, charismatic villains include the Shi Tennou, or Four Heavenly Kings, who worked to siphon energy from the residents of Tokyo to Queen Beryl and Queen Metalia to use in their evil plots.

Sailor Moon Season One Uncut DVD

Sailor Moon, Season One, Complete and Uncut
Sailor Moon, Season One, Complete and Uncut

If you're only familiar with season one of Sailor Moon in its English dubbed form, you're missing out. The English versions were heavily edited, and a lot of the "mature" dialogue was changed to be more kid-friendly. This is still a classic anime and deserves to be seen in its original form! This DVD set contains the entire first season, uncut and in Japanese with English subtitles.


Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl is the commander of the Dark Kingdom. She is a powerful sorceress and reports to Queen Metalia.

Queen Beryl Doll

Queen Beryl Doll - Sailor Moon
Queen Beryl Doll - Sailor Moon

Queen Beryl was one of the few Sailor Moon characters to be made into a doll for the American market. The doll is pretty rare today!


Dark Kingdom Fact

Queen Beryl and her subordinates are all named after green stones and minerals!

Shi Tennou: The Four Heavenly Kings

left to right: Jadeite, Nephrite, Kunzite/Malachite, Zoisite


Jadeite is the first of the Shi tennou to go up against the Sailor Senshi. His personality is generally serious and aggressive.


Nephrite is the second general, and inadvertently becomes the object of Naru's affection.


Zoisite is crafty and a bit girly. Due to his effeminate nature and male lover, Zoisite's character was changed to female in the English version.

Kunzite / Malachite

Kunzite (his name was changed to Malachite in the English dub) is the most powerful of the Shi tennou, and the final surviving fighter. He is Zoisite's lover.

Shi Tennou Poll

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Dark Prince Endymion

Shortly after Mamoru awakened as Prince Endymion, he was kidnapped by Queen Beryl and brainwashed to fight against Sailor Moon. He also appears as jerky Tuxedo Mask, hurting the Sailor Senshi where he would have formerly helped.

Sailor Moon vs Dark Prince Endymion

Watch this clip from the original Japanese Sailor Moon episode 46 where Queen Beryl orders Endymion to kill Sailor Moon.

Queen Metallia

Queen Metallia is the supreme ruler of the Dark Kingdom, responsibly for the destruction of the Silver Millenium. She usually appeared as a dark cloud, and merged with Queen Beryl in her final battle to become Super Beryl.

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