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Gensomaden Saiyuki

Updated on August 30, 2017

Gensomaden Saiyuki

Ever heard of 'Journey to the West' where a monk, a monkey king, a human pig and a river ogre travels together to the East to deliver Buddhist sutras? One of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature? That has been made into a drama in Hong Kong and Japan?

How about using this theme and adding in a few badass twist to the story?

Why read it?

A Beautiful story where their tragic past weighs them down. Supporting each other as they get through each day and continue with their journey.


Toua Genjo Sanzo Houshi; whom is the monk and is called Sanzo by his mates, he is called Kouryu since he has been abandon and found by the river is bought up in the Kinzan Temple where Komyo Sanzo brought him up, however Komyo Sanzo was killed by demons while protecting Kouryu and the Sanzo title is passed onto Kouryu while he possessed the Evil sutra.

What is so badass about this monk?

Well, he smokes, he drinks beer, he plays mahjong, he is blond; yes he doesn't shave his hair, and lastly he uses a gun; shourejyu, to kill those demons that are aiming for him and his sutra. Sanzo has a paper fan that he always has on him, the paper fan is to actually hit both Gojyo and Goku when he had enough of their fights, however when the paper fan is not enough Sanzo would actually fire his guns to tell the both of them to shut up.

Son Goku

Son Goku; a demon that is born from a rock , he was actually imprisoned in a cave that is way out of human reach for 500 years because of a crime which he had commit in heaven. Goku is freed from that cave when Sanzo finally found him, his weapon is actually Nyoibou which is a stuff. Goku is actually well known for this huge appetite, where Sanzo once explained that he is just replenishing what his body had been missing out for those 500 years.

There is a golden headband which is actually called a Youryoku Power Limiter that actually keeps him in control, if that device is ever released or broken, the full power of Seiten Taisei Son Goku will be released and Goku will actually loose control as he attack everything and anything that is in his way.

Sha Gojyo

Sha Gojyo; is actually half human and half demon because of both his red hair and red eyes, his existence is actually a taboo; said to bring misfortune to people, being taken care of by his stepmother who is a demon. His mother had been abusing him since Gojyo looked like his father and another woman. Gojyo's stepmother had been killed by his older stepbrother whose name is called Jien in order to save Gojyo however Jien had to leave Gojyo behind as he is being chased for killing. That is when he started gambling in order to earn money.

Like Sanzo, he smokes, he drinks, he gambles and Gojyo loves women. His weapon is Jakujou which is actually a staff with a crescent moon shape blade that is attached to chains for long fighting. Gojyo is also the one who had found Gono, treated him and also helped him.

Cho Hakkai

Cho Hakkai; a demon who used to be a human, his name is once called Cho Gono, his lover is named Kanan. However he found her missing one day, that is when he found that Kanan had been offered to a demon named Haykugan Mao; Centipede King. Enraged by it, Gono actually slaughtered everyone in the town and all of the demons that is in Haykugan Mao castle. However Kanan killed herself in front of Gono because she is carrying the demon's child, the son of Haykugan Mao; Chin Yisou, is enraged that Gono; a human, had killed everyone. However Chin Yisou wanted to find out whether the legend, 'a human who bathes in the blood of a thousand demon will become a demon himself' is true. Spilling his blood onto Gono he actually turns into a demon himself and killed Chin Yisou. Gojyo is the one who had save Gono until Sanzo and Goku come to arrest Gono, and that is when his name is actuall changed to Cho Hakkai.

He has three silver cuffs that are the Youryoku Power Limiter, however unlike Goku, Hakkai has more control and is able to remove and also replace his limiters by himself. His weapon is actually kikou jutsu; chi manipulating or Qigong, and he is the healer of the whole group, Hakkai also owns a pet dragon named Hakuryuu that is able to transformed into a jeep which they travel in.

Kazuya Minekura

The author had underwent an operation to remove the tumor that is on her right upper jaw.

The operation is successful and she is currently resting.

Which character do you think have the most tragic past?

See results

Duel Debate Module

Would you continue reading Saiyuki even when the updating would be slow?

The Sanzo gang!

The Sanzo gang!
The Sanzo gang!



The 'badass' Sanzo

The 'badass' Sanzo
The 'badass' Sanzo

Son Goku

Son Goku
Son Goku



Cho Hakkai

Cho Hakkai
Cho Hakkai



The three 'Adults'

The three 'Adults'
The three 'Adults'

The monkey and the master

The monkey and the master
The monkey and the master

Their first opening song

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    • profile image

      clampro 5 years ago

      Nice presentation! I would like to know a little bit more about the story, but then again your introduction is really intriguing. Will definitely check it out.


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