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Sally Kisses Tyrone In Coronation Street

Updated on January 20, 2014
Sally and Tyronne comfort each other
Sally and Tyronne comfort each other
which soon turns into something more
which soon turns into something more
Kevin spots Tyronne leaving Sallys
Kevin spots Tyronne leaving Sallys
later on a fight breaks out
later on a fight breaks out
sally makes things worse when she doesn't deny the affair
sally makes things worse when she doesn't deny the affair
and soon Kevin is getting his own back when he puts their house up for sale
and soon Kevin is getting his own back when he puts their house up for sale
is this the final straw for Sally?
is this the final straw for Sally?

Kevin Webster gets a taste of his own medicine this week when wife Sally shares a kiss with Tyrone.

It all starts when Sally fails to convince Rosie to move back home, and she then discovers daughter Sophie and her girlfriend Sian in bed together, Sally is shocked by what she See's and drags the girls downstairs. But after loosing it with the two young girls, Sophie and Sian run off to the Grimshaw's where sister Rosie is living, later on Eileen attempts to reason with Sally and explain that the girls haven't done anything wrong, but will Sally listen?

Later on Sally invites Tyrone over for his tea, Tyrone is the only person who understands what Sally is really going through and so they seek comfort from each other. Sally is deeply hurt that she seems to have lost her family and doesn't understand why this has all happened.

Tyrone is there to comfort Sally as she cries on his shoulder. However at the end of the night as they are saying goodbye the wronged pair share a passionate kiss.

Sally tells Tyrone he is a lovely and decent man and ends up crying in his arms. Tyrone spends the night with Sally although nothing happens between them they just comfort each other.

But this is not how it looks to Kevin when he spots Tyrone sneaking out of Sally's house the next morning, and when he later sees Sally coming out of Tyrone's house, Kevin wrongly assumes the pair are having an affair.

Kevin marches accross the street where Jason, Sean and Rosie are all stood talking to Sally, Kevin accusses Tyronne and Sally of having an affair in front of everyone, he tells them they have done it purposely to get back at him and with Sally secretly pleased that Kevin is jealous and upset, she doesn't even tell him that nothing happened she just says "I don't have to answer to you anymore".

Later eaten away with jealousy, Kevin completely looses it and lays in to Tyrone, Sally feels guilty that Tyrone has taken a beating and tells Rosie and Sophie that they went no further than a kiss but enjoyed winding Kevin up.

Unfortunately this backfires on Sally when Kevin informs her that he will do anything in order to provide for baby Jack, and tells her he is moving back into the house. Sally tells him if he wants to move back in then he will have to live in the conservatory.

The pettiness continues between Sally and Kevin when Kevin arranges for a 'for sale' sign to be put up outside their house as he can see no other solution. When Sally See's the sign she vows to stop the house sale going ahead, and when she tells Kevin that she didn't sleep with Tyrone, Kevin is both shocked and relieved.

Kevin hints that they can start again as a proper family but what doe's Sally think to that?

Will Sally and Kevin get back together?

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    • profile image

      lisa munn 

      7 years ago

      hi there i say no she never fogive kevin over this because he the one having a affair with molly they end up having a baby he is the father of it.but watch this sally she having a affair with tyronne and there going to be a couple i think she will walk out on kevin what he did he the one cheating with molly.i think she will be with tyronne and he loves and she does to if i were you she ending packing her bag stay there forever i hope she marry him they are perfect together

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      A massive 100% of you think Sally and Kevin will never get back together.


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