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Top 10 worldwide Salsa dance instructors

Updated on November 18, 2012

Presentation of Top 10 my favorite worldwide Salsa instructors

I am a fan and a former amateur salsa dancer. I find Salsa very interesting and here on squidoo have a great oportunity to share information about that topic. Actually I would like further to describe the "salsa movement" in Europe and I find it interesting to wider public too. Dance masters and instrucors below are not sorted by numbers because I don`t want to judge anyone by his knowledge and experiences. I sincerely hope and am sure that you will find your favorite one.

Israel Gutierrez

The Cuban dance master

Israel Gutierrez has started dancing as soon as he started walking. When he was 12 years old, he already enrolled at his first dance classes in Havana - Cuba. Five years later he enrolled in a dance academy. This was the beginning of his dance career. He performed at all the famous theaters and stages on Cuba, and has also two years training for his solo section in Havana Musical night.

In 1999 he received the award as the best solo dancer at the successful Cuban show. Since 2000 Israel Gutierrez works as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in Germany. He is also one of the few Cuban dancers, which is the preferred very significant to salsa events all over the world. He is especially known for his amazing sense of Cuban rhythm and special dance performances. Dance is his life and this feeling Israel wants to provide at their workshops and share it with everyone around.

Israel Gutierrez 2011. Rovinj - Croatia, Europe - Croatian Summer Salsa Festival

As far as I am concerned, Israel Gutierrez is definitely one of if not THE best worldwide Salsa instructor. I will let you watch the video and decide on your own...

Magna Gopal

The "Queen of spin"

Magna Gopal is another one of the top worldwide salsa instructors and performers. She is known for her grace, fluidity and precision on the dance floor, the stage and the classroom also. She was raised in Canada, originally from India.

Her interpretation of music, ability to follow any lead effortlessly, spin with great speed and accuracy and the ablility to break all of this down to all demographics has made her extremely popular worldwide salsa instructor.

Her smooth style is a pleasure to watch and experience. She teaches her intricate footwork patterns, body movement, spinning techniques and how to feel comfortable and to express themselves on the dance floor. One of her qualities as an instructor is the fact that she is self taught and her method of teaching and breaking down the dance. The movement comes from her own awareness of the body and natural movement. She has great sense of musicality and the ease with which she has incorporated other forms of dance.

Magna was inspired by the movie "Dance with Me", and moved to learn dancing salsa. First she was taking lessons to learn the basic timing and steps of Cumbia, but when the lessons weren't moving fast enough for her, she decided to approach social dancing as often as possible. She was going out every night of the week and tried to dance with the best dancers as often as possible. She dramatically improved her ability to follow and spin. From that stage she began to experiment with the music and different ways using her body to interpret it. In this manner she also developed an ability to really understand the body and how to explain that to help others improve their dancing. Today Magna Gopal is worldwide known for her ability to follow anyone, her sense of musicality, creativity on stage and on the social dance floor as well, and at last for her really impressive pedagogy.

Magna Gopal Int. Salsa festival Münster 2010 - Really amazing performance by the "queen of spin"

Leon Rose

One of the freshest innovators in the international Salsa scene

Leon Rose generates enthusiasm and commitment to the art of Salsa dancing. He won the 2000 UK Bacardi Salsa, 2001 Salsa Club championship and 2003 Aji con mango competitions. He was born in London and originally comes from a Caribbean background where he learned to appreciate a wide variety of good music from an early age already.

During these years, he attended The Anna Scher Theatre School, which led him to many appearances on the stage, popular children's shows, including 'Grange Hill' to several televised dramas etc... He has performed dancing on television and stage also, appeared with Enrique Iglesias on Top of the Pops (BBC), The Des O'Connor Show, the Royal Albert Hall in aid of Princess Diana Landmine Fund, Hackney Empire and also various prestigious venues around the UK and worldwide.

He is a choreographer and Salsa instructor and enjoys every aspect of dancing from encouraging the novice, working with the advanced dancers and inspiring the best. He is teaching worldwide from Australia, Morocco to Puerto Rico. His natural Salsa spirit ensures us that to see him in action is an experience to remember.

Leon Rose at Puerto Rico Salsa Congress 2007

Beige - Zsuzsanna Böjte

Hungarian great Salsa and Bachata instructor

Beige was born in the year 1983 and is dancing since her 10th year of age with undiminished passion and energy. Thanks to her parents she was able to acquire through sustained exercise many dance and movement styles:

Judo 6 years, diving 2 years, gymnastics 5 years; Hungarian folk dancing 14 years, classical ballet 4 years, jazz dance, musicals, hip-hop 3 years; salsa 8 years

She learned from many famous teachers, like A. Michael Kropf, László Guba, Manuel Mascarell, Seo Fernandez, Maykel Fonts, Kyrenia Cantin, the brothers Vazquez, Angel Ortiz, Fernando Sosa etc...

Now Beige teaches various dance styles like: Salsa Cubana, Salsa Los Angeles Style, Salsa Hip-Hop, Ladies stlying, Bachata, Reggaeton, Zouk, Merengue, Hungarian folk dance, Funky NRG. Beige is also a wordwide dance instructor on various salsa festivals.

Böjte Zsuzsanna - Beige - Salsería Dance School powered by Beige in Budapest, Hungary EU

Cristian Oviedo

Dance to express, not to impress!

Multiple world Salsa and Bachata champion, Cristian Oviedo is a dancer, choreographer, model and actor. He was born in November 19th, 1979, in Cuscatlan, El Salvador. Christian showes remarkable range and depth for such a great performer, he impresses audiences with his great ability to convey complex emotions.

At first he danced local gigs and built a strong following. He was a winner at many competitions since 2003 with different dance partners. Christian has also danced to big worldwide artists like Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, El Gran Combo, Cachao etc... Now he is working in Hollywood as a great movie choreographer.

Christian Oviedo is showing people how to enjoy salsa and making them better dancers is his goal. He considers as the important thing in Salsa not to focus on the show but in its roots and the joy of movement. A quality of a good dancer is that he can dance with anybody.

Cristian Oviedo at Born To Play's Studio in Santa Monica

Alexistyle - Alexis Ruiz

The Guatemala - Japan - Norway Salsa instructor

Alexistyle - Alexis Ruiz is a Latin dancer, instructor, muzician, choreographer and more. He was born at La Antigua,Guatemala. His family were already artists and musicians, so he had a good basis since he was born. He began his career at 5 years of age already, and at 13 he started teaching latin dances. Later he decided to tour around the world and study more Afro-Cuban dances. Later in 2000 he moved to Japan where he established and started his own dance project which he named Alexistyle. He is known by great sense of musicality and wery energatic performance

He received many awards later after the year 2005 for promoting Latin dance and music worldwide. Now he lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Alexistyle at Nordic Salsa Experience 2009 - Excellent cha cha cha performance by Alexistyle and Magdalena Prichodko

Jazzy Ruiz

Guess what...? He is a brother of Alexistyle - Alexis Ruiz

The same as his brother Alexis, Jazzy was also born in Guatemala and traveled around the world for teaching and improving his dancing skills.

Jazzy Ruiz and Alexistyle show - The two brothers together at Salsapower in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Melissa Rosado

"The Mambo Princess"

Melissa Rosado also known as "The Mambo Princess", is one of the top worldwide instructors and performers of NY Style Mambo "On 2." She is a very energetic and explosive dancer and is known worldwide for her unique, sexy styling and body movement on the dance floor, powerful stage presence, and passionate love for teaching also. In addition, what makes her popular amongst the mambo community today is her humble attitude and welcoming personality . She has the ability to effortlessly follow any lead and is known to be one of the best examples and instructors of the Eddie Torres technique.

"The Mambo Princess" studied and trained the Eddie Torres technique and later became part of the Eddie Torres Senior Dance Company and one of the top teaching staff in the nation. During this period, she had an opportunity to work as Eddie Torres' partner until 2006. After leaving the Eddie Torres team, she partnered with his best dancer Adolfo Indacochea for almost 2 years. In addition to partnering with Eddie Torres, she has also established herself as a respected solo artist worldwide, which she remains until the present day.

Her Amazing talent and genuine love for mambo is evident through her stage presence, sensual style and sincere manner with people. For this reason she is considered to be one of the most sophisticated dancers of her generation.

Melissa Rosado at DC Salsa Congress 2009

Oliver Pineda

Columbian Salsa and Cuban Salsa master

Oliver Pineda is Australia's five times World Salsa Champion. He began his dancing career approximately 20 years ago with a combination of Columbian Salsa and Cuban Salsa styles.

Oliver Pineda is a key member responsible for introducing Rueda to Sydney. He was one of the Founders of one of the first ONLY Rueda dance schools, 'The Sydney Rueda Dance Company', better known as 'incRUEDAble Latin Motion' & now known as one of the highest calibre dance schools in Australia, 'Latin Motion Dance Academy'.

Oliver's combination of experience and knowledge of Columbian style, Rueda and Cuban style, as his musical and percussive expertise makes him one of the most diverse Worldwide Salsa superstar. This has been proven again and again by his ground breaking, bench setting Cuban contemporary solo choreographies seen at congresses all over the World.

Oliver Pineda at Sydney, Scandinavian Salsacongress 2010

Griselle Ponce

The Mambo Diva

Griselle Ponce is an award winning instructor and role model to the Latin Community. She is one of the top New York and New Jersey area dancers and choreographers. She was born for the stage in July 1979, Griselle was raised absorbing the sounds that emanated in the island of Puerto Rico. From her early age she started to conquer many talent shows and beauty contests. Griselle has toured the world extensively nationally and worldwide while performing and teaching Salsa on all the continents of the world

Today she is working on many projects. The House of Dance is expanding and has become accessible globally on line for students, fans, and future affiliates. These projects include, the famous "Mambo King," Eddie Torres. This is just one sight how Griselle and Mr. Eddie Torres will continue to mark the world era of Salsa.

Griselle Ponce solo performance at the Acapulco Salsa Congress December 2010

This lens is about Top 10 worldwide Salsa instructors - Do you find someone above that fits in your Top 10?

I was lucky enough to meet some of instructors above in personally, but I intentionally left a choice to rank those great Salsa instructors to you SquidSalseros ;)

So which one of those is your favorite Salsa instructor?

See results

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      Samrpan kala kendra 20 months ago

      Smarpan Kala Kendra is one of the best dance classes in Delhi.

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      Where is Panagiotis & Myrto ?

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      Anya Brodech 3 years ago from 130 Linden St, Oakland, California, 94607

      these all sound like super amazing and talented people! As a future salsa instructor, Ill definitely make sure to study up on them! Thanks for the great inspiration!


      Anya Brodech

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      Heidi Vincent 4 years ago from GRENADA

      SUPER list of worldwide salsa great! I loved this lens!

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      Nice list of instructors! Would be interested in seeing an updated list!

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      Great! I love salsa ...

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      Fabulous lens - am so coming back to read this again!!

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      Salsa looks like so much fun! One of these days I'm going to give it a try. :)

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      I'm not much of a dancer but I wish I was if even for the fitness benefits.

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      Itaya Lightbourne 5 years ago from Topeka, KS

      Wonderful article! I love Salsa dancing. :)

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      I really admire dancers. And I like all different styles of dance.