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Sam Milby, What Happened To Your Pretty Face?

Updated on December 7, 2013

An introduction to Sam Milby's transformation

This article is not made to criticize this great actor from the Philippines. As a matter of fact, I love some of his films such as his movies with Toni Gonzaga (You Are The One and You Got Me) as well as with KC Concepcion (Forever And A Day).

The only reason why I started writing this is to express out my observation towards his looks (I also heard this from my family members, friends at work and other people). I know you too noticed this as well. You begin wondering why Piolo Pascual & Coco Martin (for the male artist); Dawn Zulueta & Gretchen Barretto (for the female artist) maintain their youthful looks and you can never easily tell how old these great artists are.

Anyway Sam Milby fans, don't get mad at me coz I have a deepest respect for him for the way he treats Sarah Geronimo. Just read and know what I can say.

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I will compare his previous and current looks below.

The Old Sam - If you're a girl, I'm sure you'll fall in love with him.

Seeing his first films wherein he was partnered with Toni Gonzaga would make you wish that you were Toni. His cute and baby face will attract you as if you repeatedly tell to yourself this statement, "I wish I could meet him in person so we could have pictures". Also you dream that someday you could find a guy like that.

Anyway, the title seems misleading. It actually refers to the youthful Sam. His previous looks is totally different to the current Sam we have. Maybe, that's common and we can't deny that everyone of us is currently experiencing or getting through the aging. No one can escape from this truth.

Anyway, I know you're very excited to see his irresistible looks. That's why I put some of his films for your viewing pleasures:

The New Sam - His name is not in noise spot unlike before.

Sam Milby seems underwent big transformation. You will easily notice big changes if you compare the 'now' to 'old'. He is more handsome before than today. I don't know if it's only my observation, but Sam becomes tan unlike before that he was of white complexion (or I think his hairstyle has play an important role too).

Anyway today, he does not look very attractive though his charisma is still there. I think it's just lessen a bit. I started noticing it in Idol days when he was one of the lead stars along with Sarah and Coco. Actually, I bet on Ashco's love team over the Asham but since Sam is much more popular than Coco (and he was ahead too), Asham won and got push through.

Anyway, I'm hoping to see his name again making noise and have more big projects in the years to come. He will have a hard time competing with other leading man esp. those young and new talents of ABS-CBN. Just to give you an idea of what his appearance today, here are videos as proof:

Let's Have Some Debate About This Topic

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Does Physical Appearance Matter?

Before I end this intriguing article

I'm not actually a judgmental person. I don't base my treatment and actions to the physical appearance of a person. Of course, it can't be avoided at first but after you get along with the person completely, everything will surely change.

In this case, the reason why I thought of this topic is because Sam Milby's first appearance in films were very fresh and as if an angel put down on here just to mesmerize every gals and ladies. I actually wanted him to have a movie project with the Popstar Princess and as much as possible I like his previous looks. I don't know why but those styles he had before, a shy-type guy with cute smile, will compliment with Sarah's character.

Don't get me wrong on putting my preferred things (too demanding) on someone else just to make things perfect. It's only my opinion and I'm sure his present self will still fit to Sarah if ever they've given a chance to work together. I think Sam should fix the way his hair combed and advise him to watch his previous films to get an idea. :D

I hope you enjoy reading the whole article. Thank you!

Thank you for staying! Your time is much appreciated. :-)

Share your thoughts, feelings and emotions after you read this article. I'm open to your comments below.

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