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San Francisco to Host its 54th Annual Film Festival

Updated on August 15, 2015

Along with films, some works of art are on display in the city by the Bay.

These are the works of picaso
These are the works of picaso

The best as well as longest running film festival in America is the San Francisco International Film Festival. For 15 days each spring this beautiful city by the bay hosts some of the premiere films of the world. This year the festival takes place on April 15th through May 5, 2011. Boasting in excess of 150 films from approximately 50 filmmakers the event is a must see for everyone crucial about connecting to this venue.

A little bit of history

This event was founded in 1957 and the city has bragging rights for promoting more Film Festivals than Canada and the United States combined. The affair is a worldwide amazing stage of cinema innovation as well as creation.

What to expect

In one of the nation’s most beautiful places a visitor finds not only featured films and live events but so much more.This has always been a city before its time with countless art and humanity landmarks. This is why not surprisingly there are a great number of ground breaking items seen for the first time at this venue.

Attendees get a peak at video and film not yet approved to circulate in the states. Amazingly tens of thousands of patrons are able to share the event each year. The turnout is always notable with at least 24 honors for excellence in picture making or cinematography. The festival continuously draws at the very least a minimum of 80,000 enthusiasts and filmmakers every year.

Filmmakers from all over the continent flock to this event championed by civic and community leaders. The event is closely watched by all filmmakers on the affair circuit. It is a great display of where the business is headed each year.

Why it is better than the rest

With one of the most cultured calendars of any city in this country, this California city out does herself with this yearly occasion. The San Francisco International Film Festival is highly watched on every film buffs calendar of cultural events. The events are very much anticipated and an imperative stop of the international film festival route each year.


They have made it possible for nearly anyone to attend the festival financially which is beautiful. This allows the rich and elite as well as anyone to enjoy this spectacular display of film. Tickets start at around $20.

This is a milestone in the making. San Francisco has hosted one of the longest running festivals of this genre in the country. Well ahead of the rest of the nation when it comes to preserving the film industry offerings. What this business contributes to the arts and humanities is astounding.

As one of the best displays of culture in America, it is expected a festival of this magnitude is discovered in the City by the Bay.


The affair is still underway in the city and is still a leader in the field. Attendees are not surprised to expect a phenomenal experience each encounter. The 200 films from over 50 countries is a drop in the hat for the 58th showcasing and the next one is forecast to be even better.

A change of pace

A few modifications have been made since the 54th showing. Though, admirers admit most are for the better. A new driver at the helm came on in March 2014. Noah Cowan, formerly executive director of the Toronto Film Festival, took the drivers seat.

The showings are taking place at more than a few variace places around the city. Expect to see them at Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, The Clay Theatre, Castro Theatre, and the Roxie in San Francisco. One has been moved across the bay to Berkley. The Pacific Film Archive in Berkley was proud to accept as a patron of the arts.

The San Francisco Art Institute is one of the most prestigious in the country. It is one of the largest contributors to the Film Festival in the city

Though there are lots of people attending, most admit there is an intimacy to the encounter.

The juncture is extremely intimate for the size and scope which greatly adds to its attractiveness. The festival combines a range of marquee premiers, international rivalry and contenders, new digital media work and live performances each year. These are the things combined each year that never seem to stop amazing the attendees.

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