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The Sarah Connor Chronicles Comments

Updated on August 19, 2013

Sarah Connor Chronicles Comments

Comments on the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a special dramatic TV series that did not need the cliché "on a very special episode" of a typical series where the star or the child on a sitcom had a problem, perhaps a drug problem or some personal issue. No. Every episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles was special. Some fans said some episodes were slow or boring. These were generally the Terminator movie fans who had attention deficit disorder or other problems and had to have a building explode or a helicopter chase every five seconds to sustain their interest. The show had a high body count but that was not what made it worthwhile viewing. The Sarah Connor Chronicles did things that no other show before or since would try. The "boring episodes" that some complained about had content and if you missed them, then the "good episodes" would make no sense. You know the kind of person who complains. They pick up a book (a real book, not those electronic pads that Big Brother can censor overnight against your will), read the last page, then open it to a middle chapter, then confused, they throw the book in the trash saying: "it makes no sense". Nonfiction can be read that way but never fiction. Likewise, the Sarah Connor Chronicles is like life - art imitating life - those with intelligence will enjoy it. Those with no common sense will think life makes no sense.

Granted, time travel is not a part of our daily lives but we all get deja vu and dream when we sleep and flashback to the past in our memories and have intuitions of things to come. Granted too, most of us have never seen lethal robots but soldiers and airmen in the military have. Cancer too is a part of our lives. Every family has been touched by that disease because cancer is caused by nuclear and chemical contamination and pollution. Newly saved from cancer, Sarah runs to the nearest nuclear power plant to get contaminated. As for chemicals, the pools of toxic sludge exist in the real world not just that deadly watering hole that killed the cattle in that episode of the Chronicles.

We do not talk about the bomb the way we used to when we were on constant alert lest the Soviet Union launch a sneak attack. But now the nuclear threat is worse as more countries seek nuclear weapons which if used would trigger counter-attack and counter-counter-attack until there is no more world as we knew it. While the government worries about Iran, Pakistan and North Korea handing nukes to terrorists; the truth is that terrorists could steal nuclear waste from a power plant or hospital radiology department and detonate a dirty bomb to make a city uninhabitable. Germs are even easier to weaponize. The Terminator of 1984 and Sarah's nuclear nightmares in T2 are a far cry from today's nightmares. The old dangers have not gone away. They have merely added new dangers to the list.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles was not a light weight show but it did have its lighter moments.

Perhaps none of the analysis appeals to you. You just tossed back a beer and watched the show and liked it anyway. Perhaps you liked the show for reasons nobody ever mentions. Perhaps it touched you on an emotional level. Perhaps you have no idea whatsoever why you liked the show. All you know is that you liked it.


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Give your review of the Sarah Connor Chronicles

Thomas Dekker and Brian Austin Green

Richard T. Jones and Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt

Richard T. Jones

Dean Winters

The man you chose does not have to be one of the main cast members. He can be an actor who was only in one or two episodes.

Lena Headey

Summer Glau

Shirley Manson

Stephanie Jacobsen

Leven Rambin

Sonya Walger

Busy Philipps

The woman you chose does not have to be one of the main cast members. She can be an actress who was only in one or two episodes.

You cannot pick Mackenzie Brooke Smith because she's a child.




(forgive the use of another show's image)




"Uncle Bob"


Cameron and Sarah's son





You can be as simplistic or as technical as you like. You can even request to upload files. You can use sketches, graphics and/or sound. Answer whatever way you want.



Defense Condition One

DEFCON 0 Nuclear war in progress - Combat instead of readiness to act

DEFCON 1 Nuclear war is imminent - Maximum readiness

DEFCON 2 Next step to nuclear war - War readiness

DEFCON 3 Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness - Medium readiness

DEFCON 4 Increased intelligence watch and strengthened security measures - Above normal readiness

DEFCON 5 Lowest state of readiness - Normal readiness


Sarah in the cancer ward of the hospital


what medical condition was fatal in the 20th Century but perhaps not fatal in the 21st Century?

Third Season



fan fiction project Season Four

(by Toni Roman)

[your answer should logically follow what you said about a Third Season]

Some fans feel that the high school years were cut short. - What would you have liked to have seen at Crest View High School in the pilot / premiere first episo


What would you have liked to have seen at Campo de Cahuenga High School?


SCC fantasies

Sarah: (to sheathed cyborgs) "Show me yours and I'll show you mine."

Endoskeletons without skin sheaths point . . . guns.

Sarah: "That's not what I meant."


Catherine Weaver and John-Henry watching Sarah Connor in jail.

If John had obeyed Sarah and not forced Cameron to get shot up . . .

(busting Sarah out of jail)


John Baum (the latest alias of John Connor) has constantly changed schools and been home schooled.

If John & Cameron had to hold down jobs, what is the logical job John would seek? - -

If you say working in AI and robotics, then wouldn't he be contributing to the building of Skynet? He might as well intern at Cyberdyne like Andy Goode. Wouldn't Skynet find it easier to terminate John if he were an employee? As a wanted criminal, could he work at Zeira?

What is the logical job Cameron would seek?

Did you register?


TV series

What is Summer Glau's best role?

See results


The photo is from the press kit of the movie "Whore" but relax, she plays a minor role as Mom in this movie about how Hollywood chewed up the once promising career of . . . I can't say it. Because one can't unsay things.

I will say to teens and other young actors and actresses: Don't pose for racy photos unless you know that soft core (and certainly hard core) means that you will never be considered for mainstream roles.

What is Lena Headey's best role?

See results

St. Trinian's - Miss Dickinson


What is Thomas Dekker's best role?

See results

What is Richard T. Jones' best role?

See results

only those below 17 years of age can vote in this poll

What is Mackenzie Brooke Smith's best role?

See results

What is Garret Dillahunt's best role?

See results


What is Shirley Manson's best role?

See results


obviously you did something to annoy her



obviously you said something to annoy her

Don't you ever learn?

making a point


I hate it when she makes points

from terminatrix to dominatrix



Guitar Heroine


Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]

To all SCC fans, if they really send you a TV tie-in novelization, then please send in your review and I will feature it. Just press the hyperlink for contact.

Terminator and Philosophy: I'll Be Back, Therefore I Am
Terminator and Philosophy: I'll Be Back, Therefore I Am

This book is titled "Terminator" and therefore not as good as if it had been titled "Sarah Connor Chronicles" is my philosophy.


Let's assume Cameron would have been busy protecting John, taking Sarah's place as homemaker (cooking, cleaning, etc ) and having to stay at home anyway because her face is circulated to police departments worldwide as a criminal while James Ellison is able to persuade Agent Auldridge not to criminalize John also.

(After being beaten unconscious by Cameron and threatened by her, this is how Ellison would react)

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