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Sarah Geronimo 24/SG Concert DVD

Updated on October 25, 2013

Do You Have A Copy Already?

I just bought my copy of 24/SG Birthday Concert yesterday. And I'm sorry to say that it took me long before I got mine. This concert was held last July 7, 2012 and it had a repeat on July 21, 2012. I had not got a chance to witness it given that it had a repeat coz I was in a tight budget at that time.

Anyway, I just want to support her no matter what: be it on buying her albums or watching her movies. Sarah Geronimo is truly blessed and in fact this year (2013) will be her 10th Anniversary in showbiz. She won as the grand winner in Star For A Night last March 1, 2003. It's an achievement indeed that few of the singers today dream of.

If you haven't grabbed your copy, you'd better buy now as it took me a hard time looking for one. It required me to go to other malls as the supplies here in nearest mall were out of stock due to the popularity and very in demand.

24/SG DVD Infomercial - The Birthday Concert!

I Watched It In One Day

My opinion about it

I watch it from start to end and all I can say is it is awesome and must be part of your dvd collection. Since, I had not watched the said birthday concert in person, but by just seeing it, it seems I was there live too.

Anyway, according to other people who were able to watch the concert, there are many scenes that are not included in dvd. At the credits (when the names are being shown upward on my tv screen), I noticed that Sam Concepcion, Anja Aguilar and Anton Alvarez were her guests too. I'm thankful that the editor of this 24/SG Birthday Concert did cut the moment when Sarah approached Gerald Anderson. Since, it is still fresh, the said guy is another user and unreal. I don't know why he hurt Sarah that much including their supporters.

Anyway, let's not talk about him anymore but focus in the greatness of this dvd. There are some bonus features included like behind the scenes, photo gallery and discography. You can choose a scene in scene selection option if you want to skip and go directly to your favorite part in the concert.

One thing I noticed ever since, I know most of the people who were there watching at the Big Dome (Smart Araneta Coliseum) were Sarah's fans and supporters (others are just likers of her) but no doubt, Filipino audience are hard to please unlike other races. I'm not criticizing my countrymen but that's a proof that Filipino is rarely becoming a fan of an artist. If we idolize a person, we are actually giving our full support. That's all!

Sarah Geronimo always keeps us amazed every time she performs. She is truly a total performer!

Sarah Geronimo Plugs Her 24/SG DVD - Watch it here!

Sarah Geronimo Special Guests - Who are they?

Actually, the following artists were not the only guests of Sarah in her 24/SG Birthday Concert because there were others which are not included in dvd. I already mentioned their names above.

  • Jon Santos
  • The Company
  • Delfin Geronimo (Sarah's father)
  • Basil Valdez
  • Bamboo

A 24/SG Debate

Have you watched it live/in dvd or both?

How Much Is This DVD?

This DVD costs you PHP500. If you still don't have a copy, don't worry you can save money and buy it someday. I assure you that it will never disappear in record bars.

My 24/SG Concert DVD Copy - I told you. I support her in my little way.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

A Sarah Geronimo 24/SG DVD Concert Poll

Have you already seen this Sarah's Birthday Concert on dvd?

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Leave Your Comments And Suggestions About This Recent Concert Of Sarah - Do you have something to say about packaging, selected scenes and others?

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    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 4 years ago from Philippines

      @anonymous: Hi Mitch. Sorry for the late response.. You may find it in Amazon. Just go there and type "Sarah Geronimo 24/SG (2012)". I hope it's not too late. :) Thanks for visiting this page.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Does anybody know where to buy the DVD concert down here in LA? Thank you :)