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Sarah Geronimo Projects For 2014

Updated on December 5, 2013

Another Fruitful Year For Her

I am writing here things I got to know from one of the Official Popsters. I'm sure, as a fan, you too are excited to know what projects Sarah will have this 2014.

I will summarize these for you but it does not mean that these are all official and will definitely happen because it sill depends on the availability of involved stars. But before we start, I want you to stop all you're doing. I know some of you are asking what happened to Sarah G. Presents, where in she will be partnered with different ABS-CBN leading man every week. Don't insist and ask because even I, I still don't know what happened to the said show. I'm sure it will get pushed through next year as Sarah and Paulo Avelino had started some scenes before.

Anyway, let's end the conversation and begin the exciting part.

Image credited to SarahGeronimo.PH

90% Chance Of Doing A Project With Coco Martin

Is it a movie or teleserye?

I read Tita Cristy's post about this and I really get excited upon knowing this great news. Since idol days (a musical tv show that is based from Glee), their loveteam is outstanding! Not just only me who got wild back then but almost all the people surrounded and who saw them together. I will include few of their duets here as well (we all know that Coco is not a singer but because he was being partner up with Sarah, he had no choice but to sing =D).

Actually, I have a magazine here stated that they will be having a movie but that is way back 2010. The said magazine is StarStudioSpecial Sarah! The exact clip is this... "Don't be surprised if you find her forthcoming movie with today's hottest leading man, Coco Martin, make its way up the ranks." That is!

Imagine 4 years since that magazine got published and at last Ashco's or Cosa's dream will become a reality. Let's wait for this as I heard that their shooting will start on January 2014.

Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin Duets - These videos will prove that people love to see them together!

Coach In The Voice Of The Philippines

Because 1st Season became a hit!

I know almost everyone of us witnessed every episodes of the first season and we had our own bet back then. Mine is Morissette Amon but she was not included in the Top 4 Finalists. It's okay because she is actually participating in ABS's weekly show, ASAP.

Anyway, there will be a new season wherein participants are kids. We have the same coaches except for Apl. The line-up is Sarah, Lea, Bamboo and the other one is still unknown. I'm sure it will become hit again and through this, it will highlight the Filipino talents esp. kids to the world.

We hope this time, the grand winner would come from Sarah's team. =)

Another Movie With John Lloyd Cruz

It's not clear yet whether it is part 4 or new story

I super love this tandem. From simple MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) episode up to their recent film It Takes A Man And A Woman, I bow my head to them. Their loveteam is unique and extraordinary, to the point that even not their fans hooked to their chemistry.

If you also see and recall the gossip before that one of the big bosses from Channel 2 wanted them to do part 4. If the higher management wants it, I'm sure there is a way to push this through. As JLC mentioned in his past interview that he is more than willing to do the continuation for as long as they have good script/story to offer.

Sarah and Direk Cathy Molina were open to the idea as well. I'm sure the staff and those people who became part from part 1-3 are very excited and eager for it. They are looking forward to the bonding and shooting days.

Popsters and Zoila & Friends, lit up the fire on your eyes because this one is possible to happen.

No Concerts For Her According To Boss Vic

Because Sarah will be busy in doing more movies

"Awww.." That was the first word came out from my mouth because I promise to myself that starting next year, I will never miss any of her concerts here in Manila. I think that's okay for now because for sure, there are more to come in the future.

This one is not yet official or final declaration as there might some changes to occur. But since, she will do two (2) movies above, this one will give way and set aside in a moment. I recall that in 2011, she did not have a solo concert back then due to very in demand presence and schedules.

Don't get back here telling me why she is touring around the Philippines and world next year because that maybe a repeat or unison of her Perfect 10 Concert. We are aware of that and people want to see and experience this once in a lifetime event of Sarah's special night.

So don't be sad if she will not do new concerts next year because I'm sure Viva management has more surprises for us. Don't forget the "Diary Ng Panget". There were rumors circulating that one of the candidate girls is Sarah Geronimo. Let's wait for the confirmation.

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Thanks For The Read! Please come back again. :-)

Are you 100% sure that all of these will happen next year? Share your thoughts on the space provided below.

What Can You Say About These Upcoming Projects of Sarah Geronimo?

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    • profile image

      jonardine-tomolnoc 3 years ago

      Since the day i read the news about her having a movie with coco, I feel excited, i know this project will be good too as those she has before... coco is talented and so with sarah... so, i'm waiting for this to happen:)

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hi. Thanks for undying support for Sarah Geronimo. - Ms. Charito from Manila