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Sarah Hyland

Updated on June 15, 2014

The Gorgeous Sarah Hyland

Sarah has a stunning smile and big beautiful eyes that are memorizing! She is currently starring in Modern Family (one of my favorite shows) and does an awesome job playing a typical teenage girl. I hope she does well and gets some movie roles here in the future!

I will be constantly adding new content onto this lens, so don't worry if it's looking a little sparse :)...

The Modern Sarah Hyland

She reminds me a bit of Mila Kunis, but with a bit more innocence... it's great for those of you who follow her on twitter to see she is not as vapid as girls usually are at her age. Most people know her from the phenomenal show Modern Family, where she plays to oldest daughter "Haley"... shows her acting talents, since she has to play a character so the opposite of herself.

Her career really started waaaayyy before Modern Family, back when she was only 7... most of them are small roles (Click here for a full list), before getting a few more substantial roles in "Lipstick Jungle" and " One Life to Live".

As of right now, she has two movies slated for 2012 and I'm sure more in the works. It'll be really exciting to see where her career will take her! I don't think you'll be seeing this beauty just on the small screen...

Sarah's birthday is

November 24, 1990

First Interview

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