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Updated on February 19, 2010

Buying A Saxophone On eBay

You can find some great prices for saxophones by buying online. Ebay is a place where many saxophones are bought and sold every single day. If you are buying an instrument online for the first time though, it is wise to do a little learning before taking the plunge.

You will want to try and find out if the instrument has been well maintained or if it has just been lying around collecting dust. Here are some reasons why -

1. Getting a saxophone refurbished is not likely to be cheap.

2. If the pads are worn or the item has not been treated with care, then this is likely to affect the quality of the sound produced.

3. It is best to leanr to play the instrument with a saxophone that is in pristine condition, otherwise it becomes more difficult to identify whther problems are related to the instrument or the player.

It's well worth the time spent to familiarise oneself with the current prices of the different makes and models. Also bear in mind that if it has a colored coating or a pattern, this is likely to make the instrument more expensive.

There are also some budget saxophones available that have been manufactured in China, for example. If budget price is a priority, then it may be worth taking this route. But if quality of sound is paramount, then a budget saxophone is not recommended.

The advantages of going for a brand new sax are these -

1. A perfect (brand new) instrument is more likely to produce perfect sound.

2. Peace of mind knowing that the instrument will have the very latest mechanism and will have been manufactured using the most advanced techniques.

3. If you buy from an online store, for example, it may well come with some kind of warranty and have a much more robust returns policy - in case of any faults.

It's not a bad idea, before buying your first saxophone, to spend some time searching and reading on the internet in order to make an informed buying decision. There is a lot of good information out there and 'forewarned is fore-armed!' A saxophone is a complicated piece of equipment and there are many things that can go wrong that will affect the quality of the sound produced by the instrument.


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