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What can we expect to see from season 5 of Sons Of Anarchy

Updated on December 10, 2011


Wat you can expect from this hub is initially summarizing the end of the fourth season. Then going into the 5th season of what we can expect to hopefully see, and what we think will come about throughout the season.

The end of the 4th season

So within 5 minutes of the end of the 4th season i immediately googled whether there would be a 5th season because i could not believe the way the season ended. I was honestly shocked that Jax left Clay alive, and that he is in fact taking the head of the table, and the way everyone sat around the table in the last couple minutes just screamed 5th season. So after looking it up I was MORE than pleased to find out that there would be a 5th season that will come next fall just like all the other seasons. So this brings us to what can we expect from a 5th season, what do we want to see from a 5th season. I will talk about that below.

5th Season

Now before i start, i want to add that i have been a fan of Sons of Anarchy since the first episode of Season 1, and have seen every episode as they come out. So when i am writing this i am basing my opinions off what i would like to see, and what the actions of the characters have done in the past.

So for starters. I think that clay will stay alive in the short term, but once Jax can gain the trust of the Irish, i think he will kill Clay. Clay knows this, so i assume he will make sure that the Irish does not trust Jax. Overall i do not see Clay staying around to much longer considering how most of the club can no longer trust him, and both Jax, and Opie want him dead.

Towards the end of the season i saw the suns going to jail, and tat ending the show.. Although that would be too easy. Now that Danny Trejo has shown that he actually works for the government, i can see the suns staying out of trouble for another season if they keep there act together.

When i look at who is going to lead the club, the answer is obviously Jax. It was clearly shown at the end of the season that Jax will take over on the show, and will lead with his old lady at his side. In the last episode you saw for the first time Tara is going to move onto the side of the Sons officially when it ends with her putting her arm around Jax at the final screen shot.

When it comes to the Sons continuing to make large amounts of money smuggling drugs, i no longer see this as an option. I think that they will still continue to do that to keep the cover of the drug cartel, but now that Jax knows that he works for the government as well, i don't see the large amounts of income to flourish like it was last season.

I hope that next season will continue to stay action packed, and not come off like season 3, and be slightly boring, and more family oriented. When i watch SOA i expect to see lots of action and seeing lots of problems, and issues being resolved preferably through fighting, and action scenes, and season 3 just did not do that for me. So Hopefully we will be able to see the season 5 come out guns blazing.

Please understand this is my personal opinion of what we can expect from season 5 and other than the fact i KNOW it is confirmed there is a season, i am not sure that any of this will happen, i am just hoping that the season will stay interesting and keep us entertained. So either way, please feel free to comment, and let me know what you think will happen, agree or disagree..


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