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the secret face of "FACEBOOK"

Updated on December 5, 2010

The Secret Face of FaceBook


                   a world known internet social networking site it is actually working on the net with a highly confidential information about its users who actually believe that their information is safe and confidential on the internet specially when it is about the person of such age as 18 or lower

However face-book looks as a really legal and a normal social networking site but actually the business and the total turn over of its total site is really shocking 

Not only because it is connexting people but also the other relatd business what it does it includes


>Advertising. and


above all these three facts facebook has only one expense which is communication

Whatever it connects to the people may cost to face-book for connecting people via face book chat and in spite of a single expense face-book also has two major properties of earning a large number of profit which is really UN-imaginable by any one of its user

As the face-book is designed in such a way that its user always wants to  be online becouse they may be waiting for some one to come online and they may even chat with thir known persons

Not only that facebook also connects to such persons who we even dont know even facebook tryes to secure the highest security but it may not always secure each and every one

Recently one of my friend joined face-book i tried to send him a friend request but guess what face-book didn't allowed me to do it it shown a message that my request could not be sent this was because at the first when i started using face-book none of my friends knew that i am using face-book so i surprisingly sent request to all of my friends but face-book started blocking my request at the first i wasn't able to understand why it was happening but then i got the point we are really unable to understand that what we can do for that but soon i used a method and i got an idea that face book don't actually blocks us for life time it is only for a specific period which may depend upon our request sending speed means how fast we send send request to other users that much our account gets blockage but don't worry they can actually give us freedom of sending request to other users of we don't continue to send request

In spite of all this face-book earns an enormousness profit only by publishing advertisements which are not only paid but also for free which is enough for face-book to work as the face-book is winning the competition among other social networking websites all are trying to impersonate face-book and also bring down face-books t r p recently there are many cases of cheats and fords over the internet but actually the reality is that face-book is just not included in these things and face-book does not try's to do any of its work illegally ad its the work done by such persons face-book cant look over each and every account and i think  face-book if doing its best of protection what it can do and what is possible.


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