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Secret Garden - Korean Drama 2010

Updated on November 9, 2014

Drama about Dream, Hope, Hurtful Past Experience, Love, Trust, Sacrifices

Secret Garden, the best Korean Drama in 2010 & 2011 is an action, romantic, magical, melo-drama which brings laughter, tear, joy and amusement to their viewers.

I watch this drama based on my friend's recommendation and after watching the first episode, I'm hooked with its simple yet unexpected storyline supported with the amazing acting performed by its main cast members: Hyun Bin (who is famous from his previous acting experience on many dramas such as Late Autumn and the 37% average rating of My Name is Kim Sam Soon hit drama), Ha Ji Won (a senior & highly respected actress from her acting in movies such as Closer to Heaven and hit dramas). Not to mention the roles of the new actors such as Yoo Inna who just won her 1st Baeksang Awards New Actress and Kim Sung Oh who was nominated at Baeksang Awards New Actor.

Secret Garden Favorite Scenes & Memorable Lines

Secret Garden has produced so many great, heart-wrenching scenes and memorable lines. Here are the top ten Secret Garden memorable scenes and honestly, my favorite one is the sit-up confession scene, it's the first scene of Kim Joo Won's love declaration to Gil Ra Im and even though he didn't say much, however, his eye expression truly describe how in love he is with Ra Im!

-> Sit-up Confession Scene - Episode 3

Joo Won: If I do it right, you'll probably regret it! *Sit-up confession eye-to-eye scene*

Gil Ra Im, how long have you been so pretty? Since last year?

-> Kim Joo Won's Sorrowful Parting Letter Scene - Episode 17

Joo Won: I'm telling you upfront, you're the only poor neglected neighbor to receive the first and last letter hand written by prominent society leader, Kim Joo Won.

If you stand in the window where I stood,

If you lie in the bed where I lay,

If you read the books that I once read,

If in this way we can be together,

If we can make that happen,

Then let's accept that as being together!

-> Gil Ra Im's Sad Outcry Scene (to Kim Joo Won's Mother) - Episode 13

Ra Im: Take that back now! Kim Joo Won likes me. And I've come to like Kim Joo Won too. But I would rather die than to meet him again. He's not the kind of man I'd never forget, who is worth dishonoring my parents. He's not worth that. My father... He was an amazing man, who risked his life to save many many lives. I'm saying he's not a man that deserved to have you talk to him like that! So take back what you just said!

-> Sweet Catch-Off-Guard-Kiss Romantic Foam Kiss Scene - Episode 10

Joo Won: But, whenever a man's around, they get cream on their lip and pretend not to notice. Ah, how dirty. Come here * romantic foam kiss* What? There's no tissue? Then, should I clean it with my clothes?

-> Kim Joo Won's Final Declaration of Love (forehead kiss scene) to Gil Ra Im [the heart-wrenching car scene when Joo Won drove to a place where the rain would fall and he switched body with Ra Im) - Episode 17

Joo Won: Don't love any man. Think only of me always and live alone. In my life, I suppose this will be the most selfish decision. But it's the decision of a society leader, so please respect it. Gil Ra Im, always so amazing and you have to continue to be amazing. *forehead kiss* I love you. I really love you.

-> Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im Romantic Party Kiss Scene - Episode 14

Ra Im: Everybody is looking at us.

Joo Won: Of course they are, because I just kissed a poor stuntwoman.

-> Kim Joo Won's Elevator Accident Scene - Episode 15 & 16

Joo Won: Open the door! I said open the door!

Dear God, when you call for me even in the strongest blaze, give me the strength to save at least one more person!

Joo Won: I... told you... I can't ride... in the elevators!

-> Oska's Heart Wrenching Tear Scene for his cousin who chose death for love - Episode 18

Oska: Is this woman the only thing precious to you? You have no need for family or anything else? So, you toss me a pair of shoes, and that's it? You said you switches bodies when it rains. But it will rain again, and then, what kind of choice will I have to make? Extract her hand from you and lock up Ra Im whenever it rains? But you know what? I can't do that! No matter how much you'll hate me, I can't uphold that love.

-> Yoon Seul's Heartbreak Confession Scene - Episode 6

Yoon Seul: Then let me tell you how it feels. Not being able to sleep or eat are just the obvious basics. Falling asleep and waking up are hell too. Because you can't figure out how you and the person you love are supposed to become strangers. You can't even complain to other people. Because they may badmouth you. So, you cry alone. But the thing that really hurts is that the other person doesn't even seem to be thinking about you. It feels like it's just you that hurts like this. That person seems to have forgotten all about you and is happy. All you want to do is die, but you can't die either. Because you may never see that person again.

-> Kiss with the Eyes Scene [Kim Joo Won & Gil Ra Im's Act with their eyes] - Episode 13

Joo Won: Inside your dreams, why is it such a rough place?

Ra Im: Because in my dreams, you're there

Joo Won: Then, with me, even in your dreams, you're not that happy?

Ra Im: Still... come. Tomorrow too. And the next day.

Background Source:

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Secret Garden Synopsis & Cast Members

Secret Garden Details

Number of Episodes: 20

Original run: November 13, 2010 - January 16, 2011 on SBS

Main Cast Members: Hyun Bin as Kim Joo-Won, Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im, Yoon Sang Hyun as Oska, Kim Sa Rang as Yeun Sul

Highest Rating: 38.6% (Episode 20)

Official Website: Secret Garden Official Website

Secret Garden - Brief Synopsis

Secret Garden portrays a story of Kim Joo-Won (Hyun Bin), a 34 years old man who is currently the President of a famous & luxurious shopping mall, Roel Department Store. He rarely turns up to work, only comes to work twice a week and has claustrophobia, he cannot be in a small-contained space by himself.

One day, his cousin, a well-known Hallyu star, Oska asked him to bring the lead actress from a particular drama. Mistakenly, he thought the actress' stuntwoman, Gil Ra Im (Han Ji Woo) was hers and he brought the wrong woman. This awkward first meeting brought deep impression for Joo-Won and he began to follow Ra Im everywhere she goes.

Gil Ra Im is a stuntwoman and she's the only woman in her stuntman / stuntwoman team. Her father who was a firefighter passed away 13 years ago, and she works really hard to achieve her dream of becoming the best stuntwoman. She is a big fan of Oska.

One day, Gil Raim went to Jeju Island because she really wanted to be the stuntwoman for a movie that's shot over there. Her Director who loves her didn't allow her to go, however, she won a prize from Roel Department Store to have a vacation with Oska in Jeju Island.

Knowing that Ra Im is in Jeju Island, Joo-Won followed her. And they found a mysterious garden in the middle of the forest. There is a strange woman opens a restaurant in that garden, and she gave them two bottles of home-made alcohol. Ra Im asks Joo Won to give one bottle to Oska and she keeps the other bottle.

However, Joo Won decides to drink the alcohol and at the same time, Ra Im also drinks the alcohol. The next morning when they wake up, a strange thing happens. They switch their bodies with each other!

Starting from Episode 6, we'll see how Joo Won & Ra Im try to live in normal life, even though their bodies are switched. They begin to understand each others' feeling and Ra Im begins to fall in love with Joo Won.

They don't know that a mysterious person who give the alcohol is actually someone's very close to Ra Im. His only wishes is to make Ra Im happy and enjoy her life to the fullest.

On the other hand, Oska also has to deal with the painful separation with Yeun-Sul and it takes lots of gut for both of them to let go of the past experiences which hurt them and go back together.

Ra Im also has to endure the painful threat made by Joo Won's mother and all the lies thrown at her.

But her love towards Joo Won makes her to be a stronger and brave woman. She does everything to keep Joo Won on her side.

So, who gave the alcohol to Ra Im?

What happen when Joo Won and Ra Im switch bodies?

What painful experience made Joo Won becomes claustrophobia?

What happened between Oska and Yeun-Sul?

Find out by watching Secret Garden, the best drama of 2010 & 2011!

Synopsis written by deyani. Please do not re-post without any link back to deyani-Secret Garden page

Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) is a president of a luxurious shopping mall and he always boasts about the clothes he wears. He accidentally meets Gil Ra Im, a stuntwoman. Because of her rebellious personalities, he is curious and starts to follow her around. He didn't realize that he met with her 13 years before and has a close connection with her family.

He always competes with his Hallyu star cousin, Oska. So one day, when he hears that Oska & Ra Im are in Jeju Island, he immediately flies there. On the second day, he has a bike racing competition with Oska & Ra Im, but Ra Im goes missing. He looks for her and thankfully, she's safe. Because both of them are hungry, they goes to a restaurant called Magical / Secret Garden in the middle of the forest and the owner gives them two bottle of alcohol.

This alcohol makes him and Ra Im switch bodies; and they switch their bodies back and forth every time there's rain. There's purpose behind this and it makes him understands and love Ra Im more.

Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) is a stuntwoman and she loves her job to the stake that she's willing to any dangerous scenes. Because she's the only woman in her stunt team, her Director usually never gives any dangerous scene to her, but this makes her much more determined to train and get these kind of scenes.

She's a big fan of Oska and always supports him no matter what happens.

One day, she is injured and forced to go with Joo Won. Because she's bleeding, Joo Won takes her to a hospital and from that day onwards, Ra Im has him following her around. She initially doesn't have any feeling for him, and she really hates him for always ruining her training days.

But their fate change after they drink alcohol given to them by a mysterious woman at a secret garden. She begins to understand the pain and the pressure he faces every day. As they grow closer, their love starts to blossom. Being a rebellious and strong woman who lost her father 13 years ago, she handles all the pressure from all her teammates and Joo Won's family. But she doesn't realize that Joo Won is actually have a close connection with her family.

Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun) is a Hallyu star / singer who has a painful break with his love, Yeun-Sul. He never lets her go and always longs for her to be back on his side. A talented singer, he is working hard to release his 7th album, however, has to deal with plagiarism issue which makes him cancelling his concert and doesn't have any more determination to continue with his singing career.

One day, Yeun-Sul is back and they have to conquer the feeling they have inside their heart and try to deal with all the issues they experienced in the past. Moreover, one man comes into their love scene and he admittedly confess that he loves Oska!

Yeun Sul (Kim Sa Rang) loves Oska and she was deeply hurt when she heard that she's just an ordinary fan for Oska. So she run away and after several years, she's back as a successful woman & CF (advertising) director.

When she hears about Oska's plan to make a music video for his 7th album, she contacts his manager and appoints herself to be his MV Director. Unfortunately, things do not go smoothly as both Oska and her still have painful memories of their past separation.

Yeun Sul uses Oska's cousin, Joo Won, to make Oska jealous. However, in the end, she supports both Joo Won & Ra Im and makes peace with her one-and-only lover, Oska.

Secret Garden Wallpapers and Pictures

Click thumbnail to view full-size

More Secret Garden Wallpapers and Pictures on its Official Website

Watch Secret Garden from the comfort of your home

Secret Garden Official OST List

Secret Garden OST - That Woman by Baek Ji Young

Baek Ji Young is one of my all-time favorite ballad singer, her raw emotion when singing a song is unbelievably powerful. It feels like we're absorbing all her emotions and I tremble every time I hear her voice. And this time, she's back with another powerful ballad song, That Woman.

Secret Garden OST List
Secret Garden OST List

Secret Garden OST List

1. That Woman [Theme Song] - Baek Ji Young

2. Appear [Opening Episode Theme Song] - Kim Bum Soo

3. Here I am - 4Men & Mi

4. I can't - Mi

5. Look - Yoon Sang Hyun

6. That Man - Baek Ji Young

Note: I also love That Man version which was sang by Hyun Bin

7. The woman (Instrument)

8. Appear (Instrument)

9. Here I Am (Instrument)

10. I can not (Instrument)

11. Looks (Instrument)

Support the artists by purchasing Secret Garden OST Album on YesAsia or Amazon

Secret Garden OST List 2
Secret Garden OST List 2

Secret Garden OST List 2

1. You are my spring - Sung Si Kyung

2. Reason - Sin Yong Jae

3. Scar - BOIS

4. You are my everything - Jung Ha Yoon

5. Here I am (Piano ver.)

6. Appear (Female ver.) - Yoari

7. You are my spring (Instrumental)

8. Reasons (Instrumental)

9. Scar (Instrumental)

10. You are my everything (Instrumental)

11. Here I am (Instrumental)

12. Appear (Instrumental)

My Favorite Secret Garden Scenes

1. Sit-up Confession Scene

2. New Year's Party Scene

All Video Credit from SBS Secret Garden Official Youtube Channel

Secret Garden Awards

Secret Garden - Awards


Korea Drama Awards 2011 - October 2, 2011

- Daesang Award

- Best Screenwriter

Seoul Drama Awards 2011

- Best Director

- Best Screenwriter

- Best OST "That Woman"

47th Baeksang Arts Awards

- Best TV Drama

- Daesang Award for TV - Hyun Bin

- Best Female Rookie Actress for TV - Yoo In-na

- Screenplay Award for TV - Kim Eun-Suk

Source: Dramabeans

2010: SBS Drama Awards

- Top Excellence, Actor - Drama Special - Hyun Bin

- Top Excellence, Actress - Drama Special - Ha Ji-won

- Netizen Popularity Award - Drama

- Netizen Popularity Award - Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin.

- Best Couple - Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin.


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    @deyanis: Thank're so right!! ^^

    You're so much help !!! Really love this song ^^

  • deyanis profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Oz

    @anonymous: Hi DeeA, it's okay, love finding the songs for you.

    It's "Unnecessary Words" by Tim (Hwang Young Min). I found that people also call it "Words unlike a man", it's the same song.

    YT video: (Tim's Live Version singing this song) | (Official Music Video) | (Eng Sub)

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    @deyanis: Then, do u know the title of the song played in : Episode #12, the scene when Oska stepped out of Seul's office after asking Han Taesun to be his guest star at his Christmas Concert ?

    Sorry for bothering you once again :D

    Thank you,,

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    @deyanis: Oh,I'm sorry deyani I read ur reply on my email so I didn't read the full comment of yours :p

    Hmm..I think the theme song I referred is 'Charles Bridge Eh Sarang ' as u mentioned above, 'cause I know the one titled 'Secret Garden'.

    Now,at least I found out the title.I've searched everywhere desperately,but every time I found someone listed out Secret Garden OSTs,those were the ones I already have :(

    Well,thank you deyani for appeasing me :DD

  • deyanis profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Oz

    @anonymous: Hi DeeA, it's Charles Bridge Eh Sarang. I found it on youtube just now and i think that's the right instrumental song. This song is not included in any Secret garden OST album, that's why it's extremely hard to find this song.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Hi deyani, I'm sorry but I don't think that theme song I referred is 'Guardian Angel', 'cause I know the one which is 'Guardian Angel'. The theme song I referred is the one with woman ad lib. And it's played at the very very very end scene of the last episode. You know, when young Joowon & young Raim lay down on the floor and Joowon tried to touch Raim's brow :)

    C'mon help me please. At least I wanna know the title. I've searched everywhere but I got nothing. I'm really desperate I could die,LOL

  • deyanis profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Oz

    @anonymous: Hi DeeA,

    - Episode 13: "Secret Garden" Instrumental Song (Secret Garden OST Part 5 or Secret Garden Special Soundtrack OST Album)

    - Episode 20 Last Scene (Ra Im's Father Funeral): Charles Bridge Eh Sarang Instrumental Song

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    do you know the title of the instrumental sad theme song playing on scenes(some of them):

    - episode 13,when Ra Im & Joo Won take a night walk together at Bisong Far East

    - final episode, last scene,at the hospital (Ra Im's father funeral)

    u know, the song with woman's voice ad lib?

  • bo-abo profile image


    7 years ago

    korean again? :)

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Hyun Bin n Ha Ji Won are seriously the best couple ever. secret garden was full of magic n love, I think this is also one of a rare k-drama in which the second lead actor n actress have their own happy ending! Love it

  • Philippians468 profile image


    7 years ago

    with so many awards won, this must be quite a good show! thank you for sharing this with us all! cheers

  • Morticella LM profile image

    Morticella LM 

    7 years ago

    I like korean culture I'll pubblish a comics in Krean very soon however Bravo

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    suka sama nih film plus lagunya.. hihi lucu dan menyedihkan


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