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Selena Gomez Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Updated on October 17, 2015

Selena Gomez All Grown Up

The young starlet, formerly from Disney's ‘Wizards of Waverly’ series, partook in an editorial shoot for ELLE Mexico August 2011, where she has been transformed from a teenager look into one of a beautiful young woman. That has continued over the last couple of years for Selena.

Gomez, who is 19-years-old at the time of this editorial, has apparently declared she has grown up, and probably positioning herself for her transition to a tween and teen idol to more mature roles; a change that the majority of child stars have trouble successfully pulling off.

They either crash and burn through outrageous behavior, or they're not taken seriously by the entertainment industry, which fears there isn't a ready audience for them once they have grown up.

Her peer Miley Cyrus has had this problem, alienating a lot of her base, by attempting to be too radical and quick in her transition.

Gomez seems to be more grounded, but that has yet to be proven through her interactions with the industry.

One small criticism I have of this photo shoot, is Gomez almost looks to be dressed, in some of the outfits, older than she really is. It's not convincing to me.

That raises a red flag to me concerning those those handling her, as it appears once again they may be moving a young person too quickly into adulthood.

But for the photo shoot, Selena does look great, and some of the outfits she models look great and enhance her Hispanic heritage and looks.

Selena Gomez Making a Statement

Talk about a coming out look with this stunning outfit worn by Selena. While it doesn't really fit her personality, it does look gorgeous on her, and it looks like she's really having fun modeling it. It complements her very well.

Selena Gomez Too Grown Up?

Here's one of the photos I thought made Selena look way older than she really was. It didn't work for me. The blouse is cute. But her hair and the glasses don't do her justice. Again, she looks aged far beyond her years, and I don't think that many girls her age would really bear this look.

Selena Gomez Looking Fantastic

Now this is what I think of when I think of Selena Gomez. This gives here just enough of a mature look to emphasize she's growing up, but also reminds of her being a young woman. Great outcome.

Selena Gomez Looking Pretty and Feminine

I really like this wonderful outfit Selena is wearing. It reminds me of exactly where she is in life: in the midst of the process of transforming into adulthood. Too bad the shoot didn't include a photo of her standing up in this one. I think it would have looked very attractive. Even so, this is a great photo of the young Latina.

Selena At Her Best

In my opinion I saved the best for last. Until now the photo shoot had Selena wearing soft and playful colors. Now it's like she explodes out in an entirely different look. This outfit looks adorable on her, and that hat and sash are stunningly beautiful on her.

I also like that they didn't attempt to give her a slutty look. Her facial expression is just enough to say "I'm a woman now," but not too much to say she's getting far too edgy. It seems to strike a good balance for who she is at this time as a person.

Selena Gomez Did it Right

Even though the first image above was a little provocative, overall this was a great statement and photo shoot for Selena Gomez.

Whether this was her choice or those who are handling her, it was a good decision, and shows there are some level heads in her camp; a good sign for the quality young woman.

I don't like to go overboard too much on young stars who appear levelheaded though, as history shows not too many of them are able to retain their values and keep from going over the edge because of arriving at fame and fortune before they are able to handle both.

Most celebrity adults struggle with it, so you can see the struggle young stars would have.

As for the photo shoot, I think it's an impressive home run for Selena and her team, and hopefully she'll remain the wholesome young woman she is.


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