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Sell Your Music In A Simple Way

Updated on July 18, 2013

Your Music Could Make You Famous

This article is for you if you are dreaming about using your music skills and making money online or if you need to highlight your music creations by promoting on a free music marketplace.

Simply you can hire skilled people to promote your music.

Either way, you'll love to be part of a fast growing music community.

Why MBM?

Because is FREE.

Because the owner of this community is music addicted.

Because you always search on new ways to make your creations very well known.

Because your dreams watching famous people like music stars awake you and right now you are in great hurry to live your vision.

What better way to publish your music skills and talents than inside a creative and amazing music community?

Let me present you Music Business Marketplace using a simple few minutes video.

A Free Place For Music Creators

The First Thing You Need To Do To Set Up Your Free MBM Account

You can use all the site goodies only if you are a registered user. In order to free register to MBM you need only to provide basic information like an username, a email communication address and a password.

Of course you need to define yourself like a Promoter or Artist. The entire process will take you 2 minutes and I will write down the basic steps:

1. Prepare your above data.

2. Click on ''Join'' simple button or make use of blue '' login via facebook'' (in this case you need a facebook account)

3. Complete empty spaces by including the big 3 data information ( username, email address and password) and the last little boxes ( artist/promoter and captcha code)

4. Agree of TOS.

5. Click on ''Submit''

6. Go to your email and verify your registration by clicking on a link provided on a new email from MBM - check your spam inbox also and whitelist the email from the site.

Now you are done.

I prepared a simple video so to be very easy for you to free register to Music Business Free Marketplace.

How To Become A Part Of An Amazing Music Community

Brand Your Artist Image

I'm sure you have seen popular trends influences by music artists. The way they eat, the way they dress, the way they speak as to say only few things I want to highlight right now.

You need to build an image.

Even nobody know you right now you will start by building and image, step by step simple process. This will help you for a long run and this will make you happy years from now on. Just remember 1,000 miles starts with only few steps.

This process starts with a simple picture of yourself, could be your amazing one from facebook or could be your crazy thing goes right now into your head.

Either way use this amazing step and remember - after years you'll always look with happy eyes on this pic so do it like an amazing artist.

The second step is writing down few words about you - just imagine what Lady Gaga said first time and make it better.

Just close your eyes and picture the artist inside you.

I just make a simple video about completing your Music Business marketplace profile - feel free to create your best profile by improving and completing my words.

How To Brand Your Profile On A Free Music Community

A Short Story Of Your Music Talent

This is in few words what you need to do next in order to publish your skil an dtalent on Music Business Marketplace.

Your passion will write a simple 400 characters story and I advice you to let your imagination free. You are allowed to be an artist and artists are deep inside their visions so who will judge your talent better than people who like, understand and become in-loved to your creation?

However, please try to use simple words and make the text appealing to your audience, could be a simple music gig you work a lot or could be your best mix creation or could be any kind of talent you may posses - I always advice you to think like the people who will want to use your creative way.

Think audience, think you when you hear the first time an amazing sound, try to balance the artist inside you and the simple man or woman who will become amazed about your creations...

This way you will be able to complete more music gigs because you will need to test it before you really win that success you dream about.

Again, brand your piece of music with an amazing visual pic and do it in an original. unique and appealing way.

There are few empty boxes you need to complete and if you make mistakes you always can edit and change that things seems it is not working.

Take your time and carefully choose an extraordinaire title, some people take hours to think about a specific powerful title - do the same and I am sure you will remember my simple words from the next video where I tried to insert few useful information for you.

How To Easly Publish Your Music Talent On Music Business Marketplace

A Simple Gift For You

Here is everything you need to publish your first gig on Music Business Marketplace.

Take your time and find out inside you the simple fact you posses more skills and talents than you think right now.

Do something with all creativeness inside you, make money online, make happy more people and find yourself like an amazing human being by sharing useful tips and sample of your creative work.

Here is a simple sample of millions you can think about, the possibilities are endless you always can create and translate any kind of direction or skill or talent or action into a simple gig on Music Business Marketplace.

Please watch the next video - it's a free gift for you and thanks for reading my simple words here on amazing squidoo community

PS - Everything change around us, here are only two samples about this - this article is a new way of seeing your passions translated into real world (1) and squidoo become a better community by changing the same old look - well done squidoo team (2).

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