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Selling Beats Online, Bringing In The Traffic

Updated on June 18, 2012

Selling Beats Online - How To Find Artists On The Net

Hey, I'm a producer from music production group called CycloBeats. I'm one of the founders and our project is coming along nicely.

Here are some things I learned about selling beats online while working on this project.

Hope you will find then usefull and that they will help you in your own projects.

What You Need ?

In my first lense "How to sell beats online" I've been talking a bit about what websites to use when selling your beats.

In this one, I'll be showing you how to get people to actualy check out your music.

You will need the following:

1.) - Youtube account

2.) - Twitter account

3.) - Facebook account

4.) - A few forums

5.) - Some spare time


So far you're probably using Youtube. If you don't you will see why you should start as soon as possible.

Youtube is one of the best tools you have for getting people to sell your beats to.

The idea is simple, just upload each of your beats on youtube and then in description you add a link your website / soundclick / facebook where people can actualy buy that beat.

(I will show you how you can sell your beats directly via facebook a bit later)

You can also interlink your videos so that after listening to one of your beats a person can find another one more easily.

Now the more beats you have, the more videos you make and there are more opportunities for you to get subscribers and people wanting to buy your beats. So more beats usually means more subscribers which is a great thing!

There's also always the possibility of your beat going viral and you becoming famous, but you better be really talented for that one. Selling beats online is a competitive thing.


Twitter is where everyone hangs out. This and Facebook should be your main focuses.

Fill out all the info on your profile and put a link to your website / soundclick / facebook.

What better to place to find recording artists than Twitter? It's a wonderful place and I'm gonna share a tip on how to easily get people who are willing to pay you for your beats!

Find top selling beat producer who has beats that you like and follow people on his followers list.

You can find them on soundclick or any other major site mentioned in my last article

"How to Sell Beats Online? Your Guide To Beat Selling".

Chances are, if they follow him, they are interested in beats.

When you follow them, they will most likely follow you back.

Once they follow you, you can hit them up with a msg, thanking them for follow and maybe offering them a free beat or something.

That's a great way to build trust but more on that later.

When they follow you, they will see whenever you put out a new hot beat. And make sure that they see it.

Tweet alot and create a buzz when you release a new beat, make people notice, be creative.


This is the part that you should use the most. Your facebook page.

For this you will need a facebook page and NOT a facebook profile.

If you don't know the difference, I suggest you read this.

Once you have your facebook page set-up, write all the info in there, add some pictures and you're set.

Asking your friends to like your page is a good way to start getting some likes. You could also try searching for other music related pages and posting a link to your page there. Some groups are opened for public and you're looking for just those. You can share your page there and write something like:

"Hot Hot Hot Beats at *YourFanPage*, listen and buy our beats directly from our facebook page"

That way, people who hang out there will see your post (and these kind of groups can have a lot of people) and since they already don't have anything to do on Facebook, they just might click on your page. That's a great way to have a lot of people check out your stuff.

How to add a music player to Facebook page?

Selling Beats Online - myFlashStore
Selling Beats Online - myFlashStore

Now you just need to know how to set-up a music player on your page

Well take a look at myFlashStore

This is what makes it possible. It's a website where you can get your own beat player to put on your facebook page or on your own website.

You can upload any beats that you like (up to 10 beats with free version) and they will all have a voice tag.

What's best, people can just check the beats that they like in the player and click "buy now".

Then they get redirected to pay with PayPal.

After that they get a download link for that beat without the voice tag (assuming you're leasing beats, if you don't know what "leasing" means, check out my article linked in the intro)

Finally, you get paid 100% of that purchase. You can set price of each beat and even set discounts for larger orders.

Here is the video on how to myFlashStore music player on Facebook page.

How to instal myFlashStore music player on Facebook

Using Forums

Using forums is one of the oldest ways of finding artists and selling your beats. Post in random hip hop and music forums and put a link to your website / soundclick / facebook in your forum signature.

If you're good with photoshop or know someone who is, you could make yourself a sexy banner. That's far more effective that a simple text link.

Write! Write! Write!

I don't just mean posting when you spit out a new beat, asking everyone to check it out. You should also be writing about everything else, be a useful part of the community and people will start noticing you.

When you start writing useful posts and get your post count up, people will trust you more and be more willing to check out your link in signature. Spend 30min or so every day just writing on hip hop related forums, reviewing other people beats and songs or just writing about something off-topic.

Building Trust

For selling beats online, it's important to build trust with people that follow you on facebook, twitter, youtube and those that you interact with on the forums.

The easiest way to do this is by communicating with the other artist. Listen to their work. Ask them something about their songs, tell them what you think could be better or give compliment them on it. Be honest with them.

You could also try handing out a beat or two for free. For instance when a person likes your page, follows you on twitter or subscribes to you on youtube, send them a msg. Thank them for following you and mention that you want to give them a free beat as a sign of good will. Or maybe that you will make them a special offer.

For example, If they buy 2 beats, you will give them 2 more for free. You can allow yourself to do that couse you're selling leases, one beat can be sold multiple times. But you still get paid for 2 beats which you wouldn't sell if it weren't for this "special offer".

And that will build you a lot of trust with that artist since you're offering them something "special". They might come back later when they need more beats or they might tell their friends about you which is even better cause people trust recommendations from their friends.

Without this concept you might have little luck in selling your beats.

Building trust is the most important thing you need to do since that brings you returning customers which are far more valuable then someone who just bought one of your beats cause he stumbled upon it online.

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    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 3 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      Boy, I didn't realize how out of date I must be, but that there's such a thing as selling beats, and especially that it can be a viable business, is entirely new information for me. Thanks for a little peek into a world I know absolutely nothing about.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Good advice, thank you!