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Pink Entertainment Serendipity

Updated on October 17, 2015

Happy Flower Child

Such a bright delight.
Such a bright delight. | Source

Pink Celebration of Serendipity

Really, what started the whole pink idea in the first place was the petunias I bought on sale.

I excitedly transplanted them and sat them around the house. Within a few days I noticed they had pretty much lost their light pink flowers.

I begin to think I had bought them at the end of their season, and was hoping they'd come back next year.

On another trip to the store I found another one. It was much more fragile than the first. I heard it distinctly ask me to be put out in the hot august sun. Oh my excitement within the very next day it seemed. Bright pink flowers were blooming in the morning.

I excitedly brought the other ones out of the house.

Beginning on serendipity day, the deepening color has been simply amazing. Almost red they are now, the pinks have bloomed so dark. The science of it all baffles me.

The growth of the plants, astonishing. The beauty and awe of the 10 times as many flowers takes my breath away. I have never gotten this excited about a pink flower before. I never stopped to think about it much.

Until this wonderful process began. Then at a yard sale, I bought a flower container with another petunia blossom in it, it has stayed a lighter pink, it doesn't get as much sun.

They also come in purple and white, how come pink were the only ones I could find?

That started the quest of Pink Serendipity.

Pink Surprises - Gifts of Pink Spell Love

When Flowers aren't an option, and your creativity is going crazy for some new idea, try some pink surprises to remind us serendipity is alive.

Star K True Love Black Enamel Locket Necklace with 7mm Heart Created Pink Sapphire Surprise
Star K True Love Black Enamel Locket Necklace with 7mm Heart Created Pink Sapphire Surprise

Lockets hold special memories, the first hair cut, the first school picture, the first love. Pink and Black, first colors I loved.


Pink is Just Part of Our Nature

Full of love.

Serendipity Day - So Happy It's In August

We are beginning to find it likes to be celebrated on a daily basis.

When Is Serendipity Day?

See results

For the Love of Pink

For the Love of Pink, One Flower Got Us Started
For the Love of Pink, One Flower Got Us Started | Source

Flowers in the Pink - Adding to the Pink List

The magic of pink these beautiful petunia flowers have brought to my life. A whole series of pink meanings, learnings, rememberings and new birthings have come from that one serendip moment, when I saw the pink flowers, bought them, and watched their blooming journey from my porch. Who knew at the time I would also take a pink journey of healing?

Certainly, not me at the time. Thinking of pink, reading about pink, discovering pink helped me love and heal parts of myself. Pink tears of healing moved through me. Allowing a letting go. Emotional sadness, felt at a deeper level.

Dealt with, through the comfort of pink. The serendipity of it all, is the trust of it, not understanding it, deciding to stay in the pink.

Contemplating even the healing of pink, like some medicines even. Pink teas, pink wines. The list goes on forever. So does the rebirth.

Then the stories and ideas grew even bigger in my mind.

Now I wanted to do some pink research on it. Started looking for some more.

There comes in serendipity again for me. Led me onto the idea of the color pink.

What that means for me in August, contemplating a vision quest.

Our Growing Pink Collection

Pink on the grass, what class.
Pink on the grass, what class. | Source

Comforts of Pink

Books and Pillows, A Forever Rose

I keep this pink bag as a reminder of all the courageous women who didn't let breast cancer, or anything else defeat them.

A Soft Cuddly White Bear in A Pink Hat.

She is the favorite guest at our childhood tea parties. Along with a magical fairy tail book.

The dogwood tea plates no longer have cups to match. Still, they work nicely for our fancy

and fun tea party sandwiches.

The single pink rose brings healing reminders of prosperity and love and hope.

Never thought much about the pink little treasures I've got laying about.

Wonderful serendipity reminders from some little flowers.

Pinks In The Know - How Pink Will You GO?

Who Sang Pink Cadillac

See results

All Things Pink. We Support It.

All Things Pink.  We Support It.
All Things Pink. We Support It. | Source

Back In The Pink

Loving Ourselves Pink

I will try to remember the lesson of writing down more often, the ideas, no matter if I don't know at that time how they are connected. Because, yeah, now that I do. I am pushing myself in frustration to a deadline that might be impossible to meet, by and by not any fault of my own. Glitches and web browsers I have no control over.

Lessons aren't learned by begging for mercy, stomping, or crying, or kicking my feet. I can wish for my time machine to my hearts content, and I am not going to get time back.

To write down all these pink thoughts and serendipity thoughts and what holiday am I gonna pick thoughts. The completion always takes longer than I plan when I decide to begin...

Forgiving myself for the blasphemy of, "I have to have time off in August ".

"I have already started, just because I forgot, I really do want to do this August 18 holiday."

Pink Healing Rocks To Carry With Us

Pink is Healing
Pink is Healing | Source

Pink Crystals and Quartz Healing Properties

Kunzite - Dispels Negativity. Enhances Creativity. Activates Heart Chakra. Radiates Peace.

Pink Beryl - Benefits the Nervous System. Cleanses the Heart Chakra. Oxygenates Cells. Maintains Loving Attraction.

Rose Quartz - Aids Self Trust and Self Worth. Self Forgiveness and Acceptance. Deep Inner Healing. Unconditional Loving Energy.

Pink Tourmaline - Peace. Love and Spirituality. Assurance. Trust in Love.

Container Roses

Sweet Magic

Anna Ford

Sweet Dream

Gentle Touch

t. Boniface

Little Bo Peep


Peek A Boo

Buffalo Bill/Young


Queen Mother Rose

Who Sings "Pink"

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Nature is Full of Pink Flowers

Thank You Pink Flower Book
Thank You Pink Flower Book | Source

Pink Roses

Miniature Container Roses

Little tiny roses make such a happy yard. They are another flower with an abundance of pink.

Many of them bloom happily into fall with the proper care. They need proper rose cultivation care, no matter what size they are.

Like clay containers to keep them happier and cooler. Remember to dead head them as they age.

Make sure they have lots of room and of course give them a proper feed every spring.

The ones in this picture are:

Baby Masquerade ~ Colorful from yellow to red as they age, so in between, yes, pink! They grow about 12 inches high.

Queen Mother Rose ~ These are so fragrant with their round pink flowers. They look so antique. Grow about 18 inches high.

Will develop into a small shrub when pruned lightly.

Pretty Polly ~ Also known as Sweet Sunblaze, loves to grow in clay pots. The grand pink blooms 2 inches across, making a full container of sweet, fragrant light pink roses.

Little Artist ~ Yellow centers then white, fading pink into bright red. One of the easiest to grow. They survive cuttings and love growing into fall.

Pink Serendipity of Stuff - Fight For What is Right

Fight For What is Right
Fight For What is Right

We Love Pink

"Always remember, You are Loved."

A blanket of pinks and greens, a family warmth we treasure.

An old pink vase, reminders of Grandma's antiques.

My favorite pink coffee cup, has this quote

"LOVE, shelters, teaches, shares, touches, and always cares.

The pink box is full of pinkish rocks and says "Hug One Another"

A pink page from my precious moments book of prayers says, "Be merciful to me and hear my prayer." Psalm 4:1

Don't quite remember who got me what, doesn't matter.

They are justified reminders of the Serendipity of Love that lives around my house.

Pink Awareness - Breast Cancer Research and Fight for A Cure

For me, it really helps with our earthly connection to stay "in the pink"

Continuing the awareness and actively participating in this wonderful movement to cure our bodies and our minds. Whatever it takes, so that breast cancer is no longer a threat to our lives.

Thank you beautiful pink for being such an uplifting color to carry the honor of supporting this cause.

Serendipity of Pink, Any Time of the Year

I really enjoyed this adventure into pink. What a wonderful path of serendipity. Learning to see how collectively, pink in my life has come to be.

All of these collections I have around my place. This is one way I have fun with creativity. Taking them all out of their hiding spots. Dusting them off. Putting them in various patterns that will get the best view. Reminded me of the collectible store displays we use to set up. It takes me way longer than I think. I had to move the display around before I could take pictures of it, the sun keeps on moving.

Thanks for the August 18th Serendipity of Healing Celebration!

Pink Tea Cup Display - Wow, We Are Into Pink Now

Finding Pink Everywhere We Look.
Finding Pink Everywhere We Look. | Source

Colors of Pink - Pink Is

What Color is Pink?

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The Writing On The Saucer Says

"I wish we could sit down together

And have a cup of tea.

But since we can't,

When you have this one,

I hope you think of me."

Pink In A Different Light - Pink Collection

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Fresh Pink Flowers Are Not Just From the Garden

So many ways to display them, so much pink on so many things.

For weddings, birthdays, to say I love you

Fresh fragrant flowers do it the best.

Yet, here we find even in our picture taking, a wonderful array of pinks that are all around us on any given day.

© 2012 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

Pink Comments - We Love Pink

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  • mel-kav profile image


    5 years ago

    Enjoyable lens. I love the color pink!

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    5 years ago from Washington State

    @KamalaEmbroidery: Pink dawn, how true, I love the pink hues in the sky, thank you. I too am not one for wearing much pink, but it sure does show up everywhere else!

  • KamalaEmbroidery profile image


    5 years ago

    I love pink especially flowers and the dawn. I don't really wear it.

  • LauraHofman profile image

    Laura Hofman 

    5 years ago from Naperville, IL

    I love pink roses, geraniums, and orchids.

  • rattie lm profile image

    rattie lm 

    6 years ago

    Unfortunately pink clashes with my home.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Very nice. Think Pink!

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    6 years ago from Washington State

    @Toy-Tester: Me too. In fact, orchids are my favorite flowers. Glad you liked it.

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    6 years ago from Washington State

    @GreenerDays: So true, pink has such a variety, glad you enjoyed it.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Thanks for the great lens. I just love pink orchids.

  • GreenerDays profile image


    6 years ago

    What a fun lens. Thanks for showing me the "many shades of pink"!

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    6 years ago from Washington State

    @verymary: That is so true. Pink for every season! Thanks for the comment.

  • verymary profile image


    6 years ago from Chicago area

    the nice thing about pink is that in terms of apparel, everyone can find a shade of pink that flatters them -- from neon or hot pink to very pale pastel. it's a great color :)

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    6 years ago from Washington State

    @allmonsterhigh: Thank You! Once I got started, I found lots of pink, funny! Glad you loved it!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I'm starting to love pink! Nice collection here.

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    6 years ago from Washington State

    @MagnoliaTree: I never thought I was that crazy about pink until I did this! Not much for wearing it still though. Glad you liked the collection.

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    6 years ago from Washington State

    @WriterJanis2: Thanks, it was fun discovering all my pink stuff.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Lots of fun pink here! Love it!

  • WriterJanis2 profile image


    6 years ago

    I love pink, too!


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