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Sergeant Slaughter - Wrestler, G. I. Joe

Updated on December 5, 2012

Sgt Slaughter (real name Bob Remus)

Here you'll find information on Bob Remus, better known to the world at large as Sgt. Slaughter. Read on for information describing Sgt. Slaughter on G.I. Joe, Sarge's wrestling career, Sgt. Slaughter vs Hulk Hogan and much more about everyone's favorite WWE (formerly WWF) wrestling superstar and real life military hero, Sargeant Slaughter.

Sgt Slaughter wrestling
Sgt Slaughter wrestling

Sgt Slaughter - Wrestler

Sgt Slaughter WWE, Sgt Slaughter WWF

Sgt. Slaughter, one of the most recognized figures in professional wrestling today, began his professional wrestling career in Minneapolis, MN. Since his debut in 1975, the 6' 6" 320 pound former military drill instructor has held every major title in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

Sgt. Slaughter is a 4-time world heavyweight champion. Slaughter's most recent title was captured when he won the World Wrestling Federation title. Not only does Sgt. Slaughter still hold attendance records and area and PPV events throughout the world, but he has also been voted by his peers as one of the greatest champions in the history of professional wrestling.

One of the most impressive features of Sgt. Slaughter's widespread recognition is his jutting square jaw. Sgt. Slaughter epitomizes not only power and courage when he is in the wrestling arena, but his devotion to promoting and defending the ideas of patriotism is unparalleled.

Sgt Slaughter's Official Website

Sgt Slaughter Merchandise - Sgt Slaughter memorabilia, Sgt Slaughter costume, sgt. slaughter shirt

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Sgt Slaughter - Yo Joe!
Sgt Slaughter - Yo Joe!

Sgt Slaughter GI Joe

Sgt. Slaughter from G.I. Joe

Toy manufacturer Hasbro identified the charismatic traits of Sgt. Slaughter by creating a Sgt. Slaughter action figure, the first and only individual to be so recognized among all other G.I. Joe action figures and animated cartoon characters.

In Sgt. Slaughter's debut year with G.I. Joe, Hasbro not only enjoyed record breaking sales in that year but also became the most successful company in all toy manufacturing history.

For more information on Sgt. Slaughter's involvement with G.I. Joe, click here.

Sgt Slaughter G.I. Joe Cartoon - Sgt Slaughter Joe

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      haha, blast from the past. Used to love Sgt Slaughter!

    • hunksparrow profile image


      7 years ago

      I remember getting my Sgt. Slaughter G.I. Joe in the mail--almost as cool as getting Admiral Ackbar in the mail. Great lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i was soo happy when my Sgt. Slaughter action figure came in the mail.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Gotta keep liking pages by anyone who shares a love for Erin Gray! Sgt. Slaughter is great on the Legends Roundtable show on WWE On Demand. Yeah..I'm a nerd. As if that wasn't already common Squidoo knowledge.


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