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Sesame Street Baby Shower

Updated on February 28, 2015

Baby Big Bird, Cookie Monster & Elmo

Everybody loves those adorable Sesame Street characters; Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, etc. And the baby Sesame Street characters have become quite popular for baby shower themes.

If you are hosting a Sesame Street baby shower for the mommy-to-be and are having a difficult time finding the games and party favors, don't despair; I am here to help you find the perfect items to wow the mommy-to-be on her special day!

baby sesame street
baby sesame street

Baby Sesame Street

How it came to be!

Sesame Beginnings was created to cater to families with children under 2 years old and is a spin-off version of the classic Sesame Street show. The products feature baby versions of classic Sesame Street Muppets along with their caregivers.

The Sesame Beginnings line came out in 2006 and started with DVD's, videos and board books specifically geared towards the younger age group.

Below are some of the characters with a bit of information about each one.

BABY BIG BIRD - He's a soft spoken brightly colored bird that spends a lot of time in his nest. He is cared for by Granny Bird and Nani Bird. Baby Big Bird is 19 months old and is the oldest male baby on the show.

BABY COOKIE MONSTER - A bright blue loveable monster that absolutely loves his cookies! Baby Cookie's tastes are generally similar to that of the more grown-up Cookie Monster --- he loves cookies, and parties as well. Baby Cookie Monster is 16 months old.

BABY ELMO - Baby Elmo is Elmo as a baby. He appears in the Sesame Beginnings home video series, primarily with his father. Baby Elmo is 13 months old, and is the youngest character on the show.

BABY BURT - He is not actually in the Sesame Beginnings series, but he is too cute to leave out entirely. Burt is quiet spoken, friendly and anxious to please everyone! Best known for his "rubber duckie" in the original Sesame Street series.


BABY PRAIRIE DAWN - Baby Prairie Dawn appears in Sesame Beginnings. She's a precocious, infant version of Prairie Dawn, being raised by her mom. She is 24 months old, the oldest baby on the show.

BABY PRAIRIE DAWN'S MOM - Prairie Dawn's Mom appears in the Sesame Beginnings DVD series, caring for Baby Prairie Dawn.

NANI BIRD - Nani Bird (Big Bird's Aunt) is very warm and caring toward Baby Big Bird. She has a down to earth and motherly spirit. Her Hawaiian heritage comes out when she sings to her little nui manu (big bird in Hawaiian). She's full of worldly wisdom and is always playful with Big Bird. Nani Bird gently fosters Baby Big Bird's natural curiosity through music as they explore the world together.

COOKIE MONSTER'S GRANDMA - Cookie Monster's Grandma takes great pleasure caring for little Cookie Monster. They have a very warm and loving relationship. She helps Cookie Monster's parents out by watching him during the day and cares for her grandson with old-fashioned monster values. She has a hard time keeping up with her energetic grandson but enjoys his enthusiasm. She has endless patience.

LOUIE ELMO'S DAD - Louie first appeared on-screen in the Sesame Beginnings direct-to-video series, as a stay-at-home dad and the primary caregiver to his infant son. Louie plays the saxophone, and fills Baby Elmo's daily routine with rhythm. He organizes a baby band with Elmo's play group.

Baby Sesame Street Party Games & Favors - Elmo, Big Big, Cookie Monster

Finding the perfect Sesame Street Baby Shower Games doesn't have to be difficult. There are many online party planners that offer a complete baby shower package personalized with Mom-to-be's name, shower date and other optional information.

You can get Advice Cards, Prediction Cards, Bingo Cards, Scratch Cards and other optional add-on items in your personalized Baby Sesame Shower Package. These are customized and ready to hand out to your shower guests. An amazing time saver for you if you are looking for the perfect shower game package.

Baby Sesame Street Shower Favors - Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster

Matching Baby Sesame Shower Favors are available from many online party planners. Some of the items include Tea Favors, Tea Light Candle Favors, Bath Salts Favors, Lifesaver Candy Favors, Pacifier Candy Favors, Bookmarks and more.

These are unique keepsakes that each shower guest can take home with them to remember the special day!

Baby Sesame Street Tableware & Decorative Items

You can have loads of fun decorating for a Baby Sesame Street Shower. Using all of the primary colors, in bright blue, red, green and yellow.will be a terrific combination and very eye catching. If you have some of the smaller beanie baby characters, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird or Oscar the Grouch, display those around the cake or randomly on the shower table.

A diaper cake can add an amazing look to the shower table. You can make your own diaper cake if you can find the Sesame Street small plush friends, or if you're short on time, have a professional party planner create the perfect Sesame Street friends diaper cake for your special occasion.

Baby Sesame Street Shower - Cake Ideas!

Baby Sesame Street Shower Invitations

To purchase and view additional styles of Baby Beginnings Sesame Invitations seen below in the gallery, please visit my Ebay Store below!

Custom-made Baby Sesame Street Shower Invitations - Uniquely designed for your special event!

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Baby Sesame Street Diaper Cakes

What an adorable idea to add a unique touch to the baby shower! These diaper cakes are custom-made for your special event and very reasonably priced! Or be creative and make your own using some of the ideas you find here.

The Diaper Cake can serve as a centerpiece for the shower table and best of all, the mom-to-be can use all of the items once the shower is over.

Baby Sesame Shower Cakes

The Baby Sesame Shower Cakes are courtesy of the websites listed below

Baby Sesame Shower Cake Ideas

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Have you hosted a Baby Sesame Street Shower? If so, leave your comments and ideas here so that others can learn from your experience!

Thanks for commenting!

Hosting a Baby Sesame Street Shower

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