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Sexy Tv Characters from the 90s

Updated on June 10, 2014

These were the girls we dreamed about in the 90s

Back in the 90s teenage boys didn't have the internet to check out hot babes all they long. We used to depend on old Playboy magazines are dad had hidden somewhere, or we could watch the television shows in which smoking hot babes appeared and let our imagination do the rest, does were the days! Here are some of the hottest tv characters from the 90s from popular series like Saved By the Bell, Baywatch and Married with Children.

Kelly Bundy - Married With Children

Kelly Bundy
Kelly Bundy

Let's start with Kelly Bundy, the hot dumb blonde from Married With Children(played by Christina Applegate). Kelly was always dressing the most slutty clothes and came home with different boys in each episode. Kelly was the perfect girl to many young boys in the 90s

Tiffany Malloy - Unhappily Ever After

Tiffany Malloy
Tiffany Malloy

Unhappily Ever After pretty much took over when Married with Children stopped. The concept was the same, a family with a nerdy son and a smoking hot daughter, maybe Tiffany was even hotter than Kelly Bundy and probably the outfits where even sluttier (and the boobs a little bigger ;) )

Kelly Kapowski - Saved By the Bell


Kelly Kapowski was probably the number one hot girl for many young boys (and probably their fathers). On the show Saved by the Bell she was the smart innocent girl, but everybody knew that this was only on the surface. Kelly was the girl to look at in Saved by the Bell, only later we found out that Jessie also had a smoking hot body (watch Showgirls for prove), but back in the days Kelly was our girl

CJ Parker - Baywatch

CJ Parker
CJ Parker

The number one dream for so many boys was drowning and getting saved by CJ Parker (or Caroline Holden if you are more into brunettes, but we cover her later). C.J. was always running around in her red bathing suite (in slow-motion). And if she wasn't on duty, she always seemed to be in the shower or in the tub, what a great show Baywatch was!

Caroline Holden - Baywatch

Caroline Holden
Caroline Holden

Next to Pamela there was the hot brunette Caroline Holden in Baywatch, maybe even hotter and with real boobs. Actually we could make this entire list with Baywatch girls from the 90s, there is Gena Lee Nolin, Erika Eleniak, Donna D'errico, Nicole Eggert, Traci Bringham and so many more. Luckily there are many other sites that do just this, go check out Baywatch Babes here.

Topanga - Boy Meets World


Ah Topanga, we actually forgot all about this hottie until we saw this list of tv characters from the 90s. We have no idea how we could forget this girl from Boy Meets World. The hot girl who loves to hang around with a couple of nerds, what more do you want. She was always wearing slutty clothes and she has the most perfect lips a girl can have.

Buffy - Buffy the Vampire Slayer


This sexy petit blonde could kick ass! She was killing vampire way before the whole Twilight thing

Rachel Green - Friends

Rachel Green
Rachel Green

From the 3 Friends girls probably most guys had a crush on Rachel. She was smoking hot (still is) and fell in love with the nerdy Ross. She gave all young boys hope that someday there was a girl who didn't mind our interest in dinosaurs.

Nanny Fine - The Nanny

The Nanny
The Nanny

What we wouldn't have give to have a hot Nanny like this, always wearing the smallest skirts and high heels!


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