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ShahRukh Khan: The Biggest Bollywood Superstar Ever !

Updated on June 21, 2009

ShahRukh Khan

Not Tom Cruise, not Leonardo DiCaprio. Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is the most coveted man in the world.

With his powerful acting talent,immense charisma and the famous dimpled smile, he has already conquered many hearts.Almost 1/3 of the world population (may be more) knows who ShahRukh Khan is and if you are one of those people who have'nt heard about him, then here is your chance to get to know all about who ShahRukh Khan is.

Baby Shah Rukh Khan

Baby Shah Rukh Khan
Baby Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan Said...

and we agree with you Shah Rukh

"I don`t like wearing dark glasses. I`m happy with the fact that people know me. I want people to scream and shout at me, I want people to trouble me when I`m having lunch, I like six bodyguards around me. I love being a star. I find it very strange when people who are famous say they don`t want to be photographed. I don`t want to be photographed first thing in the morning, I don`t want people peeping into my bedroom, but besides that, it`s a wonderful life."

Thus Began My Journey : By Shah Rukh Khan

Extracted from Shah Rukh's various interviews below is his life story how he tells it.

On 2nd November 1965 a normal occurrence happened at the Talwar Nursing Home in New Delhi. Just like many newborns, I was born with the umbilical cord entangled around my neck. A nurse said that it was by the blessings of Hanuman and that I would be a very lucky child. I don't know if I believe in it but it is the one thing I was told by my parents about my birth that I remember.

We lived in Rajinder Nagar, I even remember the house number it was F-442. I have vague memories of my playschool, I think it was called Tiny Tots and was right next to our house.

After playschool I began my formal education at St. Columba's High School, New Delhi. It was near Gole market, run by Irish brothers who believed in discipline and a very high standard of education.

My father, Mir Taj Mohammed, was 10 years older to my mother, Fatima, and therefore much older to me. I remember him as a gentle giant - 6'2" tall with typically Pathan good looks, grey eyes and brown hair. But he was very well-read and well educated too. He did MA, LLB and knew six languages - Persian, Sanskrit, Pushtu, Punjabi, Hindi and English. He was, in his time, the youngest freedom fighter.

Something about ShahRukh's mother now.

Shah Rukh's mother (Fatima Begum) was educated at Oxford, worked as a social worker and a magistrate .She met her husband (Shah Rukh's father) under strange circumstances. Injured in a car accident, Shah Rukh's mother needed blood. His father who happened to be at the hospital at that time gave her blood. They eventually fell in love and married. With an elder sister, Shehnaz, Shah Rukh claims to have had a decent childhood. Though the family did go through financial problems, his parents made sure that the kids did not suffer.

Shah Rukh Khan in his teens

Shah Rukh Khan in his teens
Shah Rukh Khan in his teens

Shah Rukh Khan :The Excellent Student

Find out how Shah Rukh Khan was as a student.

Born on 2nd November 1965 Shah Rukh Khan studied at St. Columba`s school in New Delhi.Not only he was excellent at academics but he was a brilliant sports person. Shah Rukh Khan captained all teams in football, hockey and played cricket at zonal and national level.

He was no doubt a mischievous student as it goes with all high achievers.His teachers always said that he was a devil with a devil's smile. They used to call him an imp because he was very naughty.Shah Rukh made sure his classes were never boring and always had fun with his teachers.

He proved to be the best student when he was awarded the "Sword of Honor" which was an annual award bequeathed to the student who embodies most the spirit of the school.

After his schooling got over Shahrukh Khan attended Hansraj College in Delhi to earn an Honors Degree in Economics.

Shah Rukh Khan did Masters in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia University ,New Delhi. The reason he took up Mass Communications was his love for the T.V commercials and adverts.

Is That Shah Rukh Shopping With His Son?

Want to show your intense love just like Shah Rukh Khan in "Darr"

Grab Check This Out Then

Shah Rukh Khan On Praying

Let me begin this with a folklore by the famous sufi poet Bulle Shah. He once saw a woman, carefully measuring and counting each cup of milk

before giving away to every passerby who happened to ask for it.

After some time, walked in a man to whom she handed a cup of milk without measuring or counting the number of cups. Bulle Shah was a little surprised when he saw this. Bewildered, he asked her the reason for such generosity to a particular man. To which she replied, “The reason I didn’t measure the milk is because I love this man, and in love you don’t count what you give or get.” That’s the philosophy I follow in life and the way I connect with God.

I love God, in my own way. I am a firm believer in Him; my true friend. I don’t count the times I pray to Allah, because I am always praying in my heart...I don’t need to show how I pray or count how many times I pray. I don’t seek God. I find Him in everything and everywhere. The first time I prayed to God was when my mother lay dying. I never prayed earlier, that’s the kind of family we were — a regular Muslim family but one which didn’t have any hard and fast rules about praying. I really prayed hard, but she died all the same. That’s the irony of prayers.

I feel closest to my parents when I close my eyes in prayer. That’s how I connect with God. I count my blessings but I don’t count my prayers. Allah has given me so much love through my fans and the people around me — I couldn’t have asked for bigger blessings! I have no fear, because I believe in God.

Fauji:The Serial That Made Shah Rukh Khan

Fauji was an army-based TV show now part of television history in India. It was the show that changed the destiny of the "Badshah of Bollywood" (Translation for non hindi speaking readers :King of Bollywood). Fauji was Shahrukh Khan’s debut appearance and the show made him a sensation overnight.

Fauji is the story of Abhimanyu Rai (Shahrukh Khan) and his group of friends. They are all young officers at a commando school. It is a story of their fun and frolic, love and longing, trials and tribulations, concluding with their ultimate metamorphosis into brave, mature and victorious young officers.

Fauji (Vol-1 & Vol 2) Complete Set Shahrukh Khan DVD

The very first T.V. serial of Shah Rukh Khan.He shone in it and one could see a star in the making.Proof was in the popularity of his character in the serial.The low budget serial was extremely popular,thanks to Shah Rukh' immense charisma.

Shah Rukh Khan's Self Deprecating Humour

His self deprecating humor is never inane and his proclivity to play to the galleries never without purpose. Shah Rukh Khan is a thinking star that always has his own take on what he must do and how he must do it.

In a free wheeling interview to Mark Manuel for Times of India the star, who is 43 years old, talked about himself, his wife, his children, his fitness regime, his sexuality, his spirituality and accusations that he is manipulative and controlling.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On himself

"I'm a schizo on the loose. I'm two people, Shah Rukh 1 and 2. One works for the other. The guy I'm working for is hugely successful - but he's not me. "

On his wife

"I'm somewhat conventional. I don't think sex outside is bad. But I have a beautiful wife at home."

His children

"I pray for simple things. That my son does well in his tae-kwon-do championship. And that my daughter is happy with her painting."

On his fitness regime

"I like to sweat, I train non-stop, there's no rest break, no music, this is not rocket science - I just do a circuit of exercises, then have a bath and eat some food."

On his heroines

"I love them all, I share close relationships with them, but I don't kiss them on screen, and I don't have sex with them off screen."

On his sexuality

"I'm okay with talk of my being gay and bisexual. I'm man enough to be in touch with my sensitive side. I can be happy and still cry. I don't need to prove I'm heterosexual. Except to my son... when I show him I still have the six-pack."

On his spirituality

"I pray for simple things. I also read the Quran, I pray in Arabic, English, Hindi hoping that God is multi-lingual and understands at least one of my prayers. Gauri recites the Gayatri Mantra. Our kids do both. This house is amazing. My daughter asks, 'Are we Pathans or Punjabis?' I confuse them by saying, 'We are Christians!'''

On accusations that he is manipulative and controlling

"Control is a strong word. I don't have power, though I'm listed on the power list along with Mukeshbhai and Laxmi Mittal. Yet, because I'm a giver, I'm able to draw a lot of people on my side. Greatness and goodness lies in giving. I like to believe that a lot of people come on board because they want to do things for me. They're givers, too. I don't have to ask people to join me. So if I control Bollywood, it is by giving - not taking, nobody gives to a taker.But, I think, your idea of 'control' is me picking up the phone and saying, 'Bhai, mera picture ka sab show full jana chahiye,' right?"

Shah Rukh Khan : Still Reading Khan - Best Gift Ever For Any Shah Rukh Fan!

Still Reading Khan
Still Reading Khan

Do you know someone who is MAD about Shah Rukh Khan?If yes then this book might be the best gift they will ever recieve in their life.If you want to score some points with them or impress them then don't think and just gift it .You won't be let down.

Read this review by another reader and judge for your self how this book about Shah Rukh Khan is the best yet.

Reader Review: If you like scrap book format coffee table books, then this is the book to get. Each page is filled with enough color and sites to keep any guest awake through the wee hours of a party when the crowds have thinned out or are too drunk to talk.

The book is a lively walk through Shah Rukh Khan's's life from his parents' first meeting to his super stardom as the "King of Bollywood." But the story does not stop there, this is more than just an actor's ego centric ramble.

The book takes you on a journey through Bollywood and Indian culture both in the past and today. I would recommend this book to anyone to loves Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood or colorful visual adventures.If you want to see a good example of his acting then buy Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.


Shah Rukh Khan On Movies,Dreams and Life - You can watch the full documentry on Shah Rukh Khan made by CNN below.

"I know that when you buy a ticket for my movie you might be foregoing a meal you sit three hours not only for the movie, you sit for the air conditioning, for the dream and promise you make to your family."

"In our country movies are a part of life not a part of entertainment".

CNN Documentry on ShahRukh Khan - A must see for every Shah Rukh fan

Vintage Shah Rukh Khan - Films Shah Rukh did at the beginning of his career

All Time Super Hit Films Of Shah Rukh Khan

That Was Then--- ShahRukh With Childhood Sweetheart Gauri

That Was Then--- ShahRukh With Childhood Sweetheart Gauri
That Was Then--- ShahRukh With Childhood Sweetheart Gauri

This Is Now----ShahRukh With Wife Gauri

This Is Now----ShahRukh With Wife Gauri
This Is Now----ShahRukh With Wife Gauri

Shah Rukh Khan At Weddings

Do you think it is alright for Shahrukh to perform at weddings for money?

Shah Rukh Khan At Madame Tussauds

“I feel like Miss World or Miss Universe, I am so happy!” Shah Rukh Khan beamed, when he unveiled his waxwork at Madame Tussauds in London in the Easter of 2007. King Khan’s dummy is the third Bollywood star to be displayed alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai at the popular tourist attraction. When one journalist asked him if the waxwork was an accurate replica of him in every department? ,this is what witty Shah Rukh had to say “I have not seen it without its clothes, so I do not know!”

Mrs.Shah Rukh Khan

Read all about Gauri, the woman behind the man!

Shah Rukh Khan married his childhood sweetheart Gauri Chibber.Much has been said about their love story which itself has the potential to be a bollywood blockbuster.

Here Shahrukh Khan tells in his own words about what he feels for Gauri and how exactly they came together.

I respect Gauri, because she is a woman and mother of our two children. I love Gaurima because she is so honest and she complements me. Gauri teaches me how to be diplomatic. She keeps telling me that I say too many things that I should not. Because people don't know me well enough and then they completely misconstrue what I say. So, it's better to keep shut. She taught me to switch the lights off before going to bed, to have dinner at the proper place, to put my clothes in the proper place, she has taught me how to dress up well too. She has turned me from an animal to a man. She spoils me a lot. She is the stabilising factor in my life. Without her, I would go haywire because I am an extremist. And it's not my achievements for which she respects or likes me. She likes me because I make her laugh. And as long as I see a smile on her face, I know nothing can go wrong between us.

Shah Rukh and His Pre Marital Problems!!

Read in his own words how Shah Rukh faced the extreme opposition to his marriage and how he almost lost his girlfriend.But Shah Rukh being Shah Rukh,he's not called a winner just like that.So read on and find out...

Before we were married, even when there was so much tension and chaos surrounding our proposed wedding, I'd tell her that ten years down the line, we'd be laughing about all the trying times. And that's just what we do today. Sometimes in the nights, we sit and think about all that had happened and have a good laugh.

Gauri's parents were dead against the wedding. Her mother had threatened to commit suicide. Her father called me over and said it wouldn't work out. For six years, we carried on our relationship clandestinely. Once, I even went to her birthday party incognito. I used the name I was called in Fauji - Abhimanyu. Her parents innocently remarked that I looked like a distant relative of Mr. Dilip Kumar. But when they got to know my identity later, all hell broke loose.

They're a typical Punjabi family. I was told that one of her uncles is very aggro. And that he kept a sword hidden in his underclothes. But when I got to know him he turned out to be a lamb. I managed to patao all her relatives one by one. I would take Gauri's cousins to the disco. Gradually everyone liked me and all her mamas and mamis kept assuring me that her parents would come around.

But even then, things weren't working out. Gauri was locked up at home, she would keep on telling me, "Shah Rukh, you don't know my parents. You take things so lightly." And I would tell her that things would be alright. But at one point, the pressure did get to Gauri. She felt that I was stifling her with my possessiveness.

And she was not wrong. I would fight with her if she wore a swimsuit to the pool or even if she left her hair loose. She looked very pretty when she opened her hair and I didn't want other boys to look at her. It was basically insecurity because we couldn't talk about our relationship. We didn't meet so often. But I was extremely and insanely possessive.

Eventually she could not take it. She needed a break. So in '89, she came down to Bombay with her friends without telling me. When I got to know I was frantic. The day before she left, she came to meet me. It was her birthday and I had decorated my room with balloons and bought her a lot of presents. When she came to meet me she cried and I thought maybe she was overwrought because of all the tension.

When Gauri left, I confided in my friends Ashish and Benny. I told my mother about it, who told me to go and bring back the girl I loved. She gave me Rs.10,000 and we all came to Mumbai. We spent the first two days at a friend's house. The rest of the time we slept on the footpath near The Oberoi hotel. I still remember we used to wash up in the Taj - the bathroom behind 1900s was being done up at that time and we used to sneak in early mornings for a wash.

We spent most of the time walking around looking for her everywhere especially the beaches. Gauri loves beaches. But I didn't know much about Bombay then. On our last day we met a Sardar taxiwala who spoke to us about Aksa Beach. We took a chance and went there. By then we had run out of money. I had sold my camera too. The cab dropped us to Aksa and we were left with 20-odd rupees. Then someone told us of a beach called Gorai. So we took a ferry across, searched a lot but couldn't find her. And just when we were coming back by rickshaw to the ferry around noon, I heard some people shouting. The rickshaw driver told us it was a private beach (and I had been describing her to people, telling them about her hair, saying she's a friend and I've lost her. I used to love her hairstyle. But she cut it just to spite me). I told the rickshaw driver to take me to this beach. So we went and there she was. Standing in the water, wearing a T-shirt. By then it didn't matter even if she wasn't wearing anything. She came over and we hugged, and cried. It was then that I realised I was being unreasonably possessive. I also realised that no one could ever love Gauri the way I loved her and that gave me tremendous confidence.

Shah Rukh On His Marriage to Gauri

Shah Rukh tells alll about how he got married.Finally!!

Our wedding took place in the strangest circumstances. We had already rung up Gauri's parents from her aunt's house and told them that we were married. Pandemonium broke loose, her mother stopped eating and the whole atmosphere at their place was like a house in mourning. I entered to meet her father. I felt guilty. I think when I spoke to them they realised that they had no other way but to take the risk. I really identify with this feeling when I do a film like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

I can understand Gauri's parents apprehension. After all, they were a Punjabi joint family. About 15 members and Gauri, the youngest, the most sheltered one. Imagine she announces that she wants to get married to this ruffled looking guy belonging to a different religion, having a wrong attitude and working in the wrong profession. There wasn't a right thing going for me. I don't blame them. They may have thought that any day they would have got a better deal for Gauri. Let's put it this way. If my daughter brought in somebody like me, I would hit the roof.

Her parents had seen me on television and were quite fond of me. But they thought my name was Abhimanyu and then they got to know that I am Shah Rukh Khan. Then her brother would keep on threatening me in his best Amrish Puri voice, "Keep away from my sister or else..." Finally when I saw him I was in for a shock. He was this fair kid with blue eyes and not even remotely intimidating. In fact, when my friend Ashok saw him he said, "There must be more to him yaar, he sounds real deadly on the phone."

We never wanted to go against the wishes of our parents. The thought of eloping never crossed our minds. But we knew that we'd get married for sure. When I met Gauri's parents I just couldn't get myself to say that I loved their daughter. That I thought was a stupid thing to say because I could never love their daughter as much as they loved her. They had given birth to her and brought her up... my love could never be a substitute for their love.

We had a Hindu style wedding as well as a court marriage. A court marriage is a must if it's an inter-religion wedding. You are supposed to do it on the sly and then wait for a month or so but it was out within three days that I was getting married to a girl called Gauri. There was a problem because some Muslim organizations thought that I shouldn't get married to a Hindu so there were morchas outside my house. This was very ironic because my mom was a social worker and special executive magistrate and she had organised about 25 inter-caste marriages at our house.

We wanted it to be a short and sweet wedding but Gauri's parents wanted a typical Hindu ceremony. I relented because I thought, what the hell you get married only once in a lifetime. Normally the dulha comes on the ghodi and he isn't supposed to see his bride till the pheras are over. But the car that was supposed to pick her up after her make-up, conked out. Then panic struck because the mahurat was at a fixed time so I picked her up, dropped her, went back and returned on a horse. And then halfway through, I changed over from the horse to an elephant. Climbing the elephant was a major problem, my friends had to push me up.

When my mother was alive, she used to call me anti-social, I used to never attend any functions or weddings. My mother used to always warn me that nobody would come for my wedding. I decided to have all the fun I could at my own wedding so I danced for one kilometre to the venue. At the wedding I stood on my toes and wouldn't let Gauri put the haar round my neck. All my friends knew I have a sense of humour so they kept warning me repeatedly, "Shah Rukh, don't poke any fun there because you won't mean anything but people will misunderstand."

This was my only chance to see a wedding from such close proximity, so whatever the pandit said, I'd ask him to explain. And the whole ritual went on for hours. So my friend who'd warned me earlier, kept telling me not to get this serious. Then there was some ritual that required Gauri to wash my feet and I didn't want her to do it. When it was time for the bidaai, Gauri sat in the car and started crying. Soon her mother started crying, her father and brother followed. So then in all seriousness I said if you are all feeling so bad then you can keep her. I'll come and see her regularly.

Since we are from different religions and me being the way I am (when they look at me nobody can ever think that I can be responsible), I could imagine how insecure her parents were feeling. For the first time after knowing each other for seven years we spent the night together.

Shah Rukh with his kids.

Shah Rukh with his kids.
Shah Rukh with his kids.

Shah Rukh and his Kids

Like any other parent Shah Rukh simply adores his kids and mostly is in awe of them.He has a boy Aryaan and a cute little girl named Suhana. In an interview this is what he had to say about his children.

" We still look at Aryan and Suhana and we wonder how we managed to produce them. As you must have noticed Aryan looks just like Gauri and Suhana looks like me. So it is as if we have managed to produce clones of ourselves. Gauri and I are not very smart people though. I perhaps can't even make a paper plane properly. Yet we have come together to make these extraordinary, special children. Here they are growing up so fast and yet we feel that we are still the same people when we had met. We believe that we will stay young forever."

So much more to come....

There is so much more to write about Shah Rukh Khan that this space is not enough .I will try to add more here but believe me this lens is not done yet.There is his much talked about house,his film production company and even a cricket team thrown in.

Shah Rukh Khan's achievements are so many that it's baffling to get your head around them but I will try to bring in everything in my future lens on the star.Bye for now and Thank you for visiting.

You are free to add any trivia you might be knowing about Shah Rukh Khan! - Go On Don't Be Shy.....

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      5 years ago

      Enjoyed reding this post. Shahrukh Khan is one of my favorite actor..

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      6 years ago

      we'll go on loving u jab tak hai jaan ...........

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      6 years ago

      Shah is actually on twitter now.

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      6 years ago

      Jab Tak Hai Jaan Squidoo lens

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      6 years ago

      This is the best lens on this subject that I have ever read ... Great good reading, really worth cutting and pasting. Thank you!

    • vkumar05 profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Lens. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      In this book, Rajita Chaudhuri and Arindam Chaudhuri used âT-H-O-R-N-Sâ as an acronym for six competition beating strategies! They are: Target it right | Hit where it hurts | Obsess with it | Reinvent it | Nail it | Sell it | And when Shahrukh was introduced as the star who has literally given thorns to his competition during his entire journey, he decided to speak on what each of these letters stood for in his life! Yes, this is how the Badshah of Bollywood has given thorns to his competition... Read on!

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      7 years ago

      Awww he's so sweet I love him

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      7 years ago

      Hi! this is a very great lens. I just press like-button and add this lens in my lens name is "Thailand Superstar" Don't miss for check its. Thanks for your sharing.

    • Deborah Swain profile image

      Deborah Swain 

      8 years ago from Rome, Italy

      fantastic lens! i was lucky to see him in conversation at the rome film festival yesterday!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      A fun read - thanks!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      wow! great job.. i love shah rukh and this just gives the whole life history with interseting pics.............

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      9 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      Thanks for an interesting view!


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