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shake it out

Updated on June 8, 2013

music: great release

Listening to music is a great release when you are mad, sad, happy, confused or surprised. Whenever I listen to music, I can feel the how the songwriter felt when they wrote the song, if anyone knows what I am talking about. I love dancing to music as well, but when I dance, I am still listening to everything. From the lyrics to the beat. If anyone is listening to a song whenever they are alone, really listen to everything. You will enjoy the song more and become a fan of the musician.

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Ever wonder where you can get your favorite books? I do. When I was young, I loved reading, but I could never find the books I want. Not even in the library. I would go to Barnes & Noble, but I could not stand how expensive it is. Besides yoga, reading is my own way of De-stressing. I even subscribed to an online website black expressions. However I had to pay a lot of money, because I bought too much books. All of the books I have at home started to pile up and I got tired of paperback books. Thank God for my smartphone. If anyone has a android smartphone, get an app called 10,000 free eBooks. All the books you want is right there for you. If you do not see the book you want, you can request for one and they will make the book for you. You can even share the app with your friends and family so they can get the books they. Also it is good for the environment, because it saves paper. Try it and see how much you can read in a day.

Shake it out song


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