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Shark Tank Hot Mama Gowns, Caddyswag, Daisy Cakes, SweepEasy and the Tank Gets Heated

Updated on May 8, 2015

If you or someone you know is a mom to be, your a stay at home dad or just like making clean up time easier,or maybe you just have a love for delectable home made cakes that is second to none. Then this episode is one you won't forget. There is also an update on Grease Monkey Wipes which not only makes clean up time for your grease monkeys easier, it smells a whole lot better too.

The sharks must be pretty hungry tonight because things sure do seem to get heated up in the tank. The prey gets a little nervous also bringing out some negotiations and presentations like I've not seen on the show before.

First to Jump in the Tank Hot Mama Gowns

Deidrea Haysel is the owner and designer of Hot Mama gowns which is a maternity gown that is not only pretty sharp looking but practical in the sense it can be worn while your pregnant, while you're in the hospital, (is a hospital/nursing gown), and after you've gone home and are not quite ready to get back into those old cloths yet. She is looking for $30,000 for 20% of the company.

Her presentation starts off with a bang while she explains how she came up with the idea, stating women should feel and look beautiful after childbirth, not in some chemical smelling, show your backside, hospital gown that can't make anyone look good for pictures

Robert is the first to state "Who cares how you look you just had a baby." Deidrea tells him she just shouldn't feel humiliated with her "assets" hanging out, etc Of course the sharks want to know SALES which is $11,500 from 2009 to current, but a 4.5 billion dollar industry. When Daymond begins to question her evaluation of her company at 150k and she begins to talk about how she does this after 40 hr work week, kids, etc. Daymond quidkly sets her straight as to how they evaluate companies.

When Barbara asks what she sells them for she is taken back when she states $119.and the total cost to make them including the nice box is $49 due to manufacturing in small quantities After both Kevins, Daymond, and Robert start asking her about how she is going to make the company grow, she keeps going back to bragging on herself and 11k in sales with no advertising. You can tell the sharks are getting a little annoyed because as Daymond explains 30k isn't going to do squat for building a brand or advertising. Robert literally states sarcastically "And your humble too," when she tells the sharks she knows all the answers but that it is a new idea and small business, Kevin O (the devil) is out.

When Barbara asks if she would be open to a one size fits all she tells her she would have to think about it. OK now she's just starting to sound cocky. Then when Daymond brings up the idea of licensing to a gown company she tells him how they make them for a quarter and hers are to high end. Daymond then comes up with the quote of the day, :"It's what you think that you already know that will prevent you from learning,".and Daymond is out. Robert tells her to look in the mirror and mature inough to be a business owner not just a sales rep and is out. Kevin H is out because she"Wants her cake and eat it too."

Barbara is her only hope but worried about her as a partner Deidrea then starts crying stating she is not close minded at all and the company is like her baby and she took the attacks as personal. But wait then it happens I think the devil is having a moment of compassion as he asks,"What happens if you love something that's never gonna love you back at all?" OK well it started out good.

Then the real shocker takes place as Barbara makes her an offer with several conditions like scaling back the cost, possibly three sizes etc, which Deidrea is agreeing to and stating she is open to with no problem. It's actually quite funny because as the sharks keep giving Barbara reasons not to invest she is almost sticking up for her, and then the ball drops. SHE TURNS HER DOWN. That's one for the books. NEXT

Grease Monkey Wipes Update

Last year Tim Stansbury and Erin Whalen made a $40,000 deal with Robert and Barbara promising to never let them down.The citrus based individually wrapped and canister wipes are great for clean ups after working on a bike on a bike ride, hiking, tackling other fix it up jobs, or just about any on the go grease monkey activity.

Well, it looks like they kept their promise as they've gone from being in 40 stores to over 500, and their sales are up over 700%. They are also in Performance Bike retailers which is the largest bike retailer in the country.

Congratulations Tim and Erin on a great job, and oh yeah nice investment sharks

Guess what else? They both state they owe it all to Shark Tank and the deal with Robert and Barbara.


Caddyswag Is Next to Dangle Their Bait

Ben and Melissa Fossey owners of Caddyswag make their entrance on a golf cart with the music going and golf clubs on the back. They have invented the Caddyswag Par 6 cooler which fits in the golf bag shoe pocket so that bringing your own beverages and keeping them cold is a breeze. They are looking for a $60,000 investment for 20% of the company.

Melissa starts the presentation by explaining there are two types of golfers the serious ones and the ones who are just looking to have a good time which she calls the Caddyswag golfer. They go on to explain how the cooler saves money dodging the exorbitant prices paid for beverages at the golf courses. Ben states that's why he invented the Par 6 cooler which is guaranteed to keep 6 -12 oz cans cold for 18 holes due to the customize refreeze-able gel pack. They have put together a cute presentation giving a discount price of 2 coolers for $19.99 + S&H and even made a custom shark tank logo cooler which they give to each of the sharks

Kevin H. starts of with the (you knew it was coming) question of don't some courses have rules about bringing your own beverages on the course. Ben explains there are some but there are other courses that don't offer beverages at all. When asked about sales they have averaged 15k per year so far by word of mouth advertising only. Daymond doesn't want to crowd the space of the golfers and is out.

Robert states there is no course out there that is going to let you carry your own beverages on the course and they know that. Melissa explains there are consumers that do it all the time. He asks them what's the difference between taking a small cooler and they defend it by stating then your advertising your bringing the beverages. When Kevin H. asks what they would use the money for they would order 10,000 units at $3.00 a piece and an advertising campaign.

Kevin H tells them there is a huge market of coolers out there and Robert states that they don't need their bag, his kids have one like it. They defend the bag by the unique zipper corner and shape making it leak proof and customized gel packs. Kevin H states the golf channel would be a great place to advertise but they wouldn't score enough points for the phone to ring and is out Robert explains it is a trivial product and he doesn't think they will sell very many and is out. Barbra tells them how she has two brothers who are roofers that sneak beer onto the courses all the time, but the business is to small and it would take to long to get her money back and is out. Kevin reminds them they are making a product that there are thousands of and he is now depressed because he is not going to make any money.

Here's the topper when Ben asks Kevin O. if he wants to spend $6 a beer on the course or save money Robert starts laughing and states "You've got to be kidding me" I mean come on the guys worth millions do you really think he's worried about paying 6 bucks for a beer and Ben is definitely getting a little flustered. When Kevin states he is out Ben unbelievably asks for the coolers back since they don't want them. WOW

After they walk out Kevin O starts "That was horrific" and Robert, "Why'd you piss him off?" and that he wanted his cooler. Moving on.

A pound of carrots in every cake  Kazaaam
A pound of carrots in every cake Kazaaam
Chocolate Anyone???
Chocolate Anyone???

Next Up is Kim Nelson with Daisy Cakes

Kim Nelson is next in the tank with her delectable Daisy Cakes. How do I know their so good? Just watch the show and the sharks devouring them with a look of delight and satisfaction on their faces. OK it also helped that several stated it's was the best cake they have ever had. She is looking for $50,000 in exchange for 25% of the company..

Their sales are quite remarkable considering they mainly just go to shows and count on word of mouth advertising. Could it be that everything is made from scratch with all natural ingredients and they are her grandmother and Aunt Daisys recipe passed down for generations. Hey I don't care what anybody says those were the best cakes ever, without all the artificial flavors. They are shipped nationwide in dry ice and in a very appealing tin. They (her mother, Geraldine, and herself) make every single cake with a touch of southern love.

You should hear the sharks raving, WOW, this is fantastic, best cake I've ever had. The carrot cake is the number one seller and they put a pound of carrots in every cake. I only say that so that I can justify that there are things that are good for me in it so when I eat half I can think about the half a pound of carrots I just had lol The cakes are sold for $44 on her website which as stated is a little pricey but if I can ditch the tin and make guests think I made, it's worth every penny. Last year in 3 months they did $27,000.00 in business, holy guacamole that's a lot of cakes and pretty darn impressive going to only three shows. Take note these are not wholesaler shows but holiday and fund raisers. Their lemon curd is getting ready to be distributed by Whole Foods. The problem is when talking about large distribution how much they could handle which appears to be about 5000 cakes a month.

Kevin O agrees that they are the best cakes he's ever tried but turning this into a large business is a challenge and not one he wants to try, and is out. Kevin H sees it as more of a word of mouth advertising business and is also out. Robert explains that 85% of small businesses are ones that the owners makes a living at but not an invest-able one and is out. Daymond states the business is to small for him and is out. What is so hysterical is that as they are telling Kim they are out they're reaching for another bite of cake. Barbara tells her she likes her very much, but that it is to small of a business to invest in and as Kim says OK Barbara states HOWEVER Hold on stop the train Barbara noticed not only that the guys all ate more than half of their cake, but went for more after they were out so she's going to go for it. She has two conditions 1) for every cake sold she sends Barbara a dollar until she gets her money back and 2) that her mother is on her team so they can keep doing the trade shows. The verdict is "Of course, yes mam" a true southern girl at heart.

Please be aware that there is another cake/cupcake company called Daisy Cakes so be careful not to confuse them. To get to the right site just click on Daisy Cakes and I would bookmark it for safe keeping in the future, because believe me after one bite you'll be ordering more.


SweepEasy is Next and the Sharks Get Fired Up

Ooouch it's getting hot in here. Next in the tank is Shane Pannell and his company SweepEasy. Shane is asking for a $40,000 investment for 25% of the company. But after Shane demonstrates his newly designed broom with a scraper, it doubles and he hasn't even sold ANY yet. ?????

Shane is a stay at home dad with children ages 9,4, and 2. Apparently while trying to sweep and scrap up something on the floor he invented the SweepEasy broom where you just push down the handle and use the scraper to scrap up everything from glue, gum, oatmeal, tape, etc and then just sweep it away The video explains it better, but what a great idea for schools, nurseries, pet facilities,etc. I mean the possibilities are endless and the sharks are ready to fight for the opportunity with this company. Robert gets up and even tries out the broom stating he was a stay at home dad for three years, who knew. When asked if he had talked to retailers he told them yes and the responses were market mover, when can you have a finished product along with other positive feedback.

Then Robert asks the question which starts the sparks flying, "Are we going to make brooms and sell them as a product or go to big broom manufacturers and have them sell our product?" Shane replies with all of the above. Then Kevin H with "If you could sell the product to the consumer you could build a hundred million dollar business" Shane has done his research and beat the pavement asking everyone from hospitals, movie theaters, janitorial services how much they'd pay and the answer was the same at $19.95

Kevin O jumps in with lets talk about money my friend (uh oh, the my friend means he's fighting hard for this one). He tells Shane he doesn't want to sell brooms, but to let everyone else all over the world do it and sit back and collect a check. He offers the 40k for the 20% Wait Kevin H. jumps in I wouldn't even think about that offer yet and explains that's only 30-40% of what he could make. He also goes on to tell him once you make a commercial here, the rest of the licensing agreements are easy and basically you have the best of both worlds and is interested Kevin O 50k for 20% and stop listening to these guys and we don't need this television guy we'll get another one. Uh OH now Daymonds telling him that he thinks the biggest problem is he wants to run his own company. and of course Shane is like "Sure of course" Kevin O "Hey clothing guy what do you have to do with it?" Daymond will give 75k for 33% and create an entire co.

Get this Barbara is out because she doesn't see Shane as the type of guy that will cross the finish line. Where did that come from? Poor Shane I think is overwhelmed to say the least just trying to take this all in. Kevin H is 50k for 25% and gets Shane to agree it needs to go on television. Smart move Kevin Now Kevin O (the devil) is telling him he needs him to go world wide and Barbara reminds Shane who is saying that.Kevin tells her if she blows this for him he's gonna spank her like a baby seal. Ouch Then they start partnering up. I'm telling you it was something to see.

But what really takes the cake is when Shane wants to call his wife and Kevin O wants to talk to her, he literally gets out of his chair and goes to walk out with him. Robert tells him to be a man which I think honestly cost them the deal. By this time it's basically Kevin and Robert together with $80,000 for 25% or Kevin and Daymond with the same offer but wanting to build the product and the brand and then license it to other companies. Daymond even tells Kevin he is really embarrassing himself and threatens to withdraw his offer.

Well push came to shove and without calling his wife (hey would you if Kevin was going to talk to her) and he went with Kevin H and Daymond. Smart move Shane and one I think you will be pleased with later down the road. For more info on SweepEasy just click on it.

That kind of sums it all up in a nutshell. If you missed the show or just want to see the heated negotiations you can go to ABC or Hulu .com and check it out. Have an incredible day and beware of the sharks, (esp the devil) Take care.


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    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Sueswan

      They actually grate the lemons for the lemon curd. The work they put into those cakes is amazing. I didn't know they didn't ship to Canada, sorry. Thank you for your valuable time and comments. Talk to you soon

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The Daisy Cakes sound absolutely delicious. Too bad they don't ship to Canada.


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