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Andrea Bocelli

Updated on May 2, 2017

The Voice Of An Angel


His voice is so special ...

Article By Sharon Stajda

The Latin meaning of the word bocelli, is "good or best". The Latin meaning of the word tenor " to hold ". In my opinion, Andrea Bocelli is most certainly one of the best, most manly tenors the world has yet to offered up.

Diva Celine Dion once said "If God had a singing voice, he would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli." I tend to believe Andrea Bocelli is God's angle of voice.

Andrea Bocelli was born September 22, 1958 in a small town by the name of La Sterza, which is in the beautiful Tuscan Region of Italy. Bocelli’s parents sold farm machinery, and also were wine makers. As a child Andrea played the organ in the church. At the age of 12 he won his first music competition, "Margherita d’Oro" in Viareggio, with his rendition of "O Sole Mio".

This same year while playing football with chums, Andrea was seriously injured. His injury progressed into Glaucoma, that ultimately rendered him blind. After high school, Andrea attended the University Of Pisa, where he earned a degree in Law. He went on to practice as an Attorney for a year. He was quick to realize he was more interested in a career in music than law. He proceeded to take voice lessons from " Luciano Bettarini", and music was soon became his passion, and career of choice.

Sanremo Festival


Marriage And Children

Marriage And Children

In 1987 Andrea Bocelli met a young woman in a piano bar by the name of "Enrica Cenzatti". On June 27th 1992 the couple were married. They had two sons, Amos, born on Feb,22 1995, and Matteo, born on Oct, 8th 1997.In 2002 the couple separated, and went their separate ways.

Andrea Bocelli Was Discovered By Rock Star...And the great Pavarotti took notice.

It did not take long for Andrea to become discovered. In 1992 Italian rock star "Zucchero Fornaciari " auditioned Andrea , with the thought of using a tenor in one of the songs on his not yet to be produced recordings. His first choice being that of "Luciano Pavarotti.

After Pavarotti heard Bocelli's voice he urged the rock star to use Andrea. Fornaciari, decided to go with Pavarotti, but took Andrea along on his European tour. He was off and running.

1994 Was A Year To Remember

1994 was a fantastic year for Bocelli, he performed the winning entry at the Sanremo Festival with his rendition of ,"Il Mare Calmo Della Sera". This ultimately led to his first gold record. That year, he also debuted as Macduff in Giuseppe Verdi's Macbeth, sang at Pavarotti's benefit concert in Modena, and performed for Pope John Paul II at Christmas. Andrea Bocelli was fast becoming a star.

Their Voices So Compliment Each Other


Teams Up With Sarah Brightman -- A Time To Say Good Buy

Andrea was on his way to being recognized internationally ...

Duets with famous female singers enabled Bocelli to break into the international scene. In 1996, English soprano Sarah Brightman requested Bocelli to sing with her onstage, the song "A Time To Say Good-bye." Later the two teamed up with the London Symphony Orchestra, and recorded "A Time to Say Good-bye" It broke all sales records across Europe. The song stayed in Germany's top 10 for six months, and became a favorite around the world.

In the years to follow Andrea performed around the world, and has gone on to produce numerous CDS. Andrea Bocelli continues to tour the world, spreading the joy of his music. He has performed duets with many well known singing artist. One such artist being Celine Dion, singing The Prayer. The Prayer is one of my all time favorites.

And Discovers A Promising New Singer


Andrea Bocelli Lends His Expertise At American Idol

Most Recently in 2006, Bocelli teamed up with American Idol to help them sing themed songs, which were classic love songs. He was so impressed with Katharine McPhee, that he invited her to perform with him while on tour in California. Most naturally she accepted his invitation.

Andrea Bocelli And Celine Dion "The Prayer"

Diva Celine Dion once said "If God had a singing voice, he would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli."

"The Prayer" is a duet between Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. It was released on several Cds,to mention just two Dion's "These Are Special Times" and Bocelli' "Sogno".

In 1999 "The Prayer" won a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song from the Quest for Camelot,and was also that same year nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. In 2000 it was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. Celine performed it with Andrea at both ceremonies.

Ah --- Andrea

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love everything about Andrea ,from the way he dresses to his most beautiful voice ! He truly has been blessed by God with such a magnificent voice !!

    • profile image

      Katherine89135 6 years ago

      Andrea Bocelli has such a wonderful voice! I especially love his "Sacred Arias."

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Andrea Bocelli truly does have a voice of an angel. This is such a nice tribute to one of our world famous singers. I love this man's talents.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Nice Squidoo. Very interesting and enjoyable to read. Chris

    • profile image

      CR2000 7 years ago

      I love him I have seen him on Italian Tv many times :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Generic Viagra I loved when Bocelli was in London and the people screaming his name all nigh long. Did you remember that? Viagra Online Buy Viagra

    • profile image

      steamtown 8 years ago

      I would love to see him & Andrea Rieu in concert together. That would be the ultimate entertainment of all times!

    • profile image

      WorldTravelers916 9 years ago

      these are great cds, im a huge fan of these angel voices!

      fantasy football game

    • profile image

      Jasonb702 9 years ago

      Bocelli is amazing.. Great lens Shar..

      Atv parts

    • profile image

      badmsm 9 years ago

      Love the man, love the voice! Very few men have ever had that effect on me, singing or not. I have most of his albums, he has a true gift of lifting both mind and spirit. 5 Stars for you!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      This is an awesome Lens! I wish mine looked this good.

      I give it 5 stars! Set up beautifully!!

      cancer-cure-secrets is my best positioned one.