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Shaun of the Dead - Where is The Winchester

Updated on January 4, 2015

My Infatuation with Shaun and The Winchester

Hmmm, now how do I write a review about one of my favourite movies without using the Z word? Which is a joke you'll get after spending the quickest and most laughter filled 99 minutes of your life watching Shaun deal with relationships, life, the apocalypse and of course Zom.... I mean the undead, who were once dead, but have come back from the dead... and now feast on brains.

Paying homage to such genre classics as George Romero's 1968 Night of the Living Dead, Shaun (Simon Pegg) and his drinking buddy Ed (Nick Frost) bumble through a world now inhabited by the undead who are hell bent on satisfying their daily brain eating requirement.

Needless to say their life and grand survival plans revolve around their local drinking establishment, The Winchester Tavern or as it is affectionately known, The Winchester.

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Just Don't Mention the Z Word

I Lived 3 Doors from The Winchester

And here is where my claim to fame comes in. I lived in the UK for many years in a part of London called New Cross and it was whilst I was looking for a new flat to live in that I came across a small gem of information about my favourite movie of the undead. Apparently The Winchester was located in New Cross. A quick google search revealed that it was located 50 yards away from the flat I was looking at. Needless to say and even though The WInchester had been converted into a block of apartments, I moved in as soon as humanly possible.

There are actually several scenes shot outside The Winchester where if you squint hard enough you can see exactly where I lived, oh and don't get me started about the number of times I would wander home from the local pub after a few pints of lager and replicate the walk and brains mantra of the Zom...oops, undead. Much amusement was had, or at least I was amused.

So if you are like me and a fan of British comedy and films about the undead, then watch a movie which future generations will refer to as a Zomb..damn.. undead, classic.

Just remember, I was so impressed with Shaun and his tussles with the undead, that I based my living choice on its location to The Winchester, because as we all know, if the world is coming to an end as we know it, what could be a better place than the local pub to take refuge.

Just don't mention the Z word.

Here's what The Winchester looks like now!

A Cornetto
A Cornetto

Watch the entire "Cornetto" trilogy.

The Cornetto in Shaun of the Dead is red, to symbolize blood.

Hot Fuzz (Widescreen Edition)
Hot Fuzz (Widescreen Edition)

Part two where you will have to look for the Blue Cornetto, which was chosen to symbolize police blue.

The World's End
The World's End

The final segment of the trilogy, look for the green Cornetto, because as we all know, all aliens are green.


Would You Have Gone to The Winchester?

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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

      I watched that movie before. It was pretty funny.