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Sherry Cothran's new album Sunland

Updated on February 17, 2013

Sherry Cothran Female Singer Songwriter

Sherry Cothran in the past has toured the world, signed a major label record deal. Her former band in the 1990's opened for such acts as the Spin Doctors and Goo Goo Dolls. She's been kissed by Ringo Starr, and shared the stage with major rock acts.

After the late 1990's Polygram Records was sold and her band Evinrudes was cut loose from their contract.

Now she's back with a heart felt collection of songs on her new CD "Sunland". See my Review of her new CD and check out her music on,, Facebook and Youtube!

Cover Art for the New CD Sunland by Sherry Cothran
Cover Art for the New CD Sunland by Sherry Cothran

Review of Sherry Cothran's new CD "Sunland"

Sherry Cothran blends flavors from rock, pop, folk, contemporary music and much more!

I get a lot of CD's that come across my desk for review, some good, some bad. Then I get some like Sherry Cothran's new CD "Sunland, a album that just revives your faith in the human spirit. Sherry Cothran isn't a new comer to the music industry, in the 1990's she sang for the indie rock band Evinrudes that was later signed to Polygram Records. She has years of countless experience and talent for great songwriting.

If your into female singer/songwriters like Sheryl Crow or Shawn Colvin, you will love Sherry Cothran's style she blends rock, pop, folk ,contemporary music and so much more. Her new CD "Sunland" opens with the enchanting song "Seen Through" and like most of the songs on this album it's based on or inspired by different women from the Bible. Women from different and often questionable backgrounds following after God and overcoming great odds. Sherry Cothran has done her homework on these women like Rahab, Jael, Deborah, Ruth and more. On top of her 15 plus years experience in the music industry she found the time to get her Masters Degree in Divinity from Vanderbilt University. She is also a female pastor; so she brings even more personal experience to the table in the area of biblical study and the struggles women face not only in the Bible, but in today's world as well.

Songs like "Circling The Godless City", "Strange Woman" and "In my Lovers Arms" are just plain amazing song writing and performances.

Sherry Cothran has really outdone herself with this album which comes off as both artful and is a real labor of love. It's really well recorded and produced Sherry's angelic voice is backed up by some great music ranging from gypsy violin on songs like "Virgin Mirror" to wailing electric guitar riffs on "Strange Woman".

I give "Sunland" by Sherry Cothran 10 out of 10 stars, and highly recommend this CD to any one male or female who needs a great listen.

This would be a great CD to give to any young woman who may be struggling with spiritual issues. It doesn't come off overly Christian but the message is there well woven in songs of struggle and triumph. So it's a great album for both believers and to reach out to non-believers as well. Give Sunland a listen and you wont be disappointed!

Purchase and Download Songs from "Sunland" on

Who was your favorite Woman from The Bible?

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