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Sheryl Knight | Best College Dance Coach

Updated on April 2, 2013

Head Coach: 10 Time Championship U of L Ladybirds Dance Team

Sheryl Knight is a 1990 graduate of Louisville Male High School where she was an ROTC Distinquished Cadet. Award and recognition from the Daughters Of the American Revolution for Outstanding Knowledge of Subject. Deans list for 3 years, U of L Ladybird 1990-1995, National Championship 1995. Instructor for Universal Dance Association for 8 years, Professional Choreographer, -45 National Championship Titles, Head Coach of 10 time championship U of L Ladybirds Dance Team. Sheryl was inducted into the Male High Hall of Fame on October 24, 2010.

Sheryl Knight, Head Coach and Choreographer - U of L Ladybirds:10 Time National Champions


Three reasons to love Sheryl Knight

1.The University of Louisville Ladybirds Dance Team made history when they brought home a fourth consecutive Division 1A win at the National Dance Alliance's College Nationals.

2..The Ladybirds are known for bringing athletic, edgy routines to Nationals, but as a team continues to rack up titles, taking the gold is becoming increasingly difficult. "You have people who are tired of seeing Louisville win, "says junior Nicole Mires. "If I were a judge, "I'd look for any reason to let somebody else have the glory for a year, so there has to be a clear line between first and second place."

3.In their four seasons on the Ladybirds, the teams three seniors have known nothing but victory. "They want this more than anything "says Ladybirds Coach Sheryl Knight, who also danced on the team when she was in college. "They know the weight is on their shoulders, "she says, explaining that if the team is able to defend it's title, the seniors will be the only class in Ladybird history to win all four years.

Winning Routine

NDA requires college Nationals routines to include at least 30 seconds each of pom, hip-hop and jazz, so every dance team must have diverse training, in addition to a style or attitude that will set them apart from the rest.

Though Sheryl creates the bulk of routines in a given season, she and Todd occassionally bring in outside help to expose the team to different styles. For instance, this year, guest choreorapher Karl Mundt, who has choregraphed for such top teams as three-time Universal Dance Association Champs University of Minnesota taught the Ladybirds a three day jazz workshop and set a routine.

A Ladybirds national routine is created from dances that the team learns throughout the season and performs at football and basketball games. This year, Sheryl incorporated between 15 and 20 seconds of Karls jazz choreography, then she choreographed the pom and hip-hop sequences and began experimenting with patterns. "If I don't like the way the jazz flows into pom, or if the music is'nt hitting me, I'll change things around, pick new songs or change the choregraphy so its compatible with the music.

By mid-February the Nationals routine was finished and the dancers began running it full out. But Sheryl stays tight-lipped about the particulars of this years number, saying that she wants it to be a suprise. "It's very diferent from what we've done in years past, " she concedes. " It spotlight more of our individual talents and has a stronger jazz base. We have the reputation for being the athletic pom and hip-hop squad, so we're trying to show another facet of the team.

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Louiville Ladybirds performs at new Yum Center 12/7/11
Louiville Ladybirds performs at new Yum Center 12/7/11

Sheryl Knight at a glance

Coach Knight leads Ladybirds to a sweep

The Louisville Cardinals spirit squad makes history at prestigious national championship. The U of L co-ed and all-girl cheer squads and the Ladybirds Dance Team swept all three categories at the National Cheerleaders Association/ National Dancers Alliance (NCA/NDA) National Championship in Daytona, FL.

The sweep was a first in the history of competition

"People just don't realize the scope of this win," says Sheryl Knight, Head Coach and Todd Sharpe, U of L spirit coordinator. "There were a 192 Universities and we swept. The kids were amazing."

The Cardinals co-ed cheerleading team coached by James Speed beat out second-place North Caorolina State and third-place University of Oklahoma. The all-girl cheerleading team, which is coached by Misty Sharpe edged out the Uiversity of Memphis and third-place Florida State University. The Ladybirds, coached by Sheryl Knight and Todd Sharpe finished ahead of second-place Brigham Young University and third-place University of Southern California.

Sheryl Knight, Head Coach U of L Ladybirds Dance Team

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    • profile image

      writywrite 4 years ago

      interesting lens well written . thanks for sharing

    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      @infoprogirl: Infoprogirl, Sheryl is also a mentor, counselor, and confidant to many of the Ladybirds. Having won her first championship as a senior member of the 1995 squad that won 1st place and taking the reigns as Head Coach at the tender age of 22!

      The Ladybirds commitment to excellence is quite apparent in their unprecedent 10 national titles. Thanks for visiting and commenting...I appreciate it. Wishing you and yours a Mery Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

    • profile image

      infoprogirl 5 years ago

      Sheryl Knight is a great coach. The Ladybirds have real talent. Thanks for sharing.