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Know more about Shipra Khanna

Updated on January 2, 2012

Shipra Khanna from Master Chef India 2

Shipra Khanna is one of the loveliest ladies i have ever seen. She belongs to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Shipra Khanna studied from Loretto College School Canada. She lived in Shimla with her parents and a brother. Shipra Khanna has done her college from St, Bede's College Shimla.

Shipra Khanna is very good at cooking and was selected as the first Jeyakebaz in the Master Chef India-2. She loves to read books and to watch English movies. Her favorite authors are Daniel Steel and William Shakespeare. Some of the favorite movies of Shipra Khanna are Hangover, Pretty Woman, Inception and 2012.

Shipra Khanna is a very loving and smiling lady. She loves to play games on Facebook and often play the games like Super Mario, Farmville Master, and PlayStation HK.

Shipra Khanna won the title of Master Chef India 2

The year 2012 has definitely brought immense happiness and luck for Shipra Khanna who has won the title of 'Master Chef India 2' this Sunday night. This 29 year old beautiful lady from Shimla beat Joseph Rozario from Siliguri and Salma Shazia from Bengaluru and finally won the grand finale of Master Chef India Season2. As a winner, Shipra won a cash prize of Rs. One crore, a luxurious stay of 3 nights and 4 days in London and also an exclusive chance to host her own cookery show on Star Plus channel. The grand finale of this episode was telecast on Saturday and Sunday in which Akshay Kumar was the guest judge. The judge's panel also included chef Kunal Kapoor, Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef Vikas Khanna. After winning the title, Shipra Khanna was short of words to express her joy and excitement.


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This Sunday night brought a wealth of joy and happiness for the 29 year old lady, Shipra Khanna who has won the title of Master Chef India Season 2. After facing a tough time, this single mother from Shimla is now quite happy and satisfied as Master Chef has provided her new dimensions in her life. She is quite sure that with the wining amount, she would be able to get the financial security and the custody of her two kids who are recently staying with her husband. As a winner of Master Chef, Shipra has won a huge amount of Rs one crore and a grand vacation of 3 nights and 4 days in London and also a chance to host her show at Star Plus. The grand finale of the show was hosted by Akshay Khanna in which Shipra and Shazia were asked to prepare a signature dish for 100 people who voted the dish. In this section, Shipra got 53 votes and beat Shazia who got 47 points from the audience poll.

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This Sunday night was the most beautiful moment for Shipra Khanna when she was declared as the coveted winner of Amul Master Chef India 2 after beating her two contestants Salma Shazia and Joseph Rozario. After winning the title, she says, “No words can express how ecstatic I am. Master Chef has helped me reclaim my life”. This single mother from Shimla has faced severe challenges in her life after separation from her husband. But with the winning amount of one crore, she is now quite contented to get the custody of her children back presently living with her husband. The final episode of Master Chef was aired on 1st January on Star Plus in which the two competitors, Shazia and Shipra were asked to prepare a signature dish for the 100 audience. These audiences then voted the dish and Shipra wan this tough and challenging cookery competition with having 53 points while Shazia got 47 votes. As a winner, she got cash prize of one crore and a chance to host a cookery show at Star Plus in addition to a holiday at London. Shipra said that Master Chef has made my parents proud of me and also added new lease in her life. Hats off to Shipra Khanna!

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shipra khanna with her mother
shipra khanna with her mother

Shipra Khanna and her mother

Shipra Khanna lived in Shimla with her parents and a younger brother. She was very good at studies and always stood on good position when she was in school and college.

shipra khanna with her brother
shipra khanna with her brother

Shipra Khanna and her brother

Shipra Khanna has a younger brother. She used to have a great time with her brother when she was unmarried. Shipra Khanna and her brother are very close to each other.

Shipra Khanna's lovely son
Shipra Khanna's lovely son

Shipra Khanna and her son

Shipra Khanna was married in Agra and got divorce about a year ago. Shipra Khanna had two kids, one son and a daughter. Her daughter's name is Yadvi and her son's name is Himank. She got divorced in some crucial circumstances and thus she didn't get the custody of her children. Shipra Khanna feels that Master Chef India 2 is the best platform for her to stand in her life and to get her children back.

Shipra Khanna and her daughter
Shipra Khanna and her daughter

Shipra Khanna and her daughter

Shipra Khanna has a daughter and her name is Yadvi. She is suffering from Cerebral Palacy and she cannot walk properly. Her daughter Yadvi is still under treatment and will soon start walking properly. Shipra Khanna is eagerly waiting for the moment when she will see her daughter again and get her back.

Molten Lava Cake recipe by Shipra Khanna

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