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Shutter Island ~ Paranormal or Reality?

Updated on September 8, 2014

This is truly one of the best "Whodunit" movies I have seen! I really never knew what was forthcoming in this gripping, bizarre, and fully twisted movie in "Shutter Island". Oh... I do mean the previous statement to be meant in a good way! I love movies which challenge me intellectually and especially ones throwing me for a loop at the same time. When I was younger I always felt I should have been in the acting profession but never found my way there. Although my life path didn't take me into an acting position I found solace in going to the movies. I see a lot of movies. Funny thing though I guess in a way I finally made it into the movies by working at a movie theater. Smiles!

So... the first time I viewed "Shutter Island" I never quite figured out what really was going on. To be fair in what I thought I knew and didn't know, about this movie, I really had to see it several more times to fully grasp the real story. Because honestly I thought I was in for a supernatural ghost like story and was presented with something with so much more substance I needed to be sure it wasn't a precognitive story-line. With each viewing I was drawn into it even deeper. Catching the ever so subtle line, that once I stayed true, I finally understood what the reality was and where the storyteller was leading. Understand what I had missed numerous times before. This movie creates urgency within you and pulls you into its intriguing ways. Giving you a feeling you needed to know exactly what in the world was and is going on.

Admittedly, with each viewing I found myself even more captivated by Leonardo DiCaprio's performance. His outstanding portrayal of a man determined to find the truth was the feeling I myself had in wanting to know his story. His supporting character's; Chuck (Mark Ruffalo) & Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley) also hurl Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) on a path to his own self realization of who he truly is. However, sometimes finding the truth isn't always a freedom from our minds demons. Demons of the human mind can be more terrifying and daunting than ghosts coming from the nether realm.

You simply didn't quite know what truly was happening at any one given point. Never really sure who was who and what was what. Nor ever sure what was actually going on with this tale set in the 1950's. This particular movie had me questioning everything. Originally when I saw bits and pieces of the movie trailer I thought I was in for a tale of ghost from past deaths, or perhaps ghost wanting to finish some kind of unknown task, which someone else would ultimately have to figure out. Then again, maybe it had to do with something pertaining to supernatural undertones. These glimpses of what I thought would be drew me to the movie in the first place. Nonetheless, I was met with pure intrigue, enthrallment and a bit of disorder which ultimately lead me to a rewarding movie I wasn't expecting. This is one movie I will watch over and over again just because it is well worth it!

It is very apparent our minds are fascinating and so complex. Dreams alone are able to generate such images of joy, pleasure and terror within our sleep that at times they feel like real substance. At times our dreams do somehow projected outwardly and appear to feel real while we sleep. Images so real at any particular moment in our subconscious mind we begin to believe it's not a dream. Drawing on our mind to stay where it is glamorous, enticing matter and secrets we would never share, we force ourselves to stay asleep and not wake to face the realities of the truth world. Yet the downfall of most dreams once you've settled and become part of its reality you begin to get a false sense of security and again believe you are safe. Until you're suddenly you are ripped away by a terror so frightening it shakes you and you begin to realize its all been a dream. You awake suddenly from a crucial point and feel emotionally vested into something that wasn't real... or was it?

At what point is a dream not a dream anymore? What if at some point in your dream it wasn't a dream at all? But a horrific memory trying to release itself from your subconscious and set you free from its torment? Now having the awareness and the accountability it wasn't a dream terrorizing your sleep, but an actual account of torment you've suppressed. Therefore, you wanted to believe the terror didn't really exist once tangibly present in your life. There's always an underlying development into our own demons that no one quite really sees but yourself. Something so horrifying within your subconscious you try every possible means to prove, control and/or convince yourself it happened another way... Oh such a tangled web we weave in the depths of our minds we create our own demons of destruction...

I invite you to rent and watch this movie and to come back and let me know what you took away from it...

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    • TalkingFreebies profile image

      Reshel 3 years ago from Sierra Nevada ~ Reno

      @SimplySherlock: Thanks for the corrections heads up... All fixed!

    • SimplySherlock profile image

      SimplySherlock 3 years ago

      First, I wanted to note for your own information you have a typo second paragraph, fourth line. I assume you meant story rather then store.

      Second, in your movie clips you didn't delete what it says in the little box the "write something you love about blah blah to connect with your readers.

      Lastly, I don't think this movie gets enough appreciation. I liked where you went with your thoughts and review. Now I gotta go double check my pages, paranoia has set in.

    • TalkingFreebies profile image

      Reshel 4 years ago from Sierra Nevada ~ Reno

      @fullofshoes: Oh thank you, thank you! It is always nice to get good feed back, but when it gets a little more boost is always unexpected and much appreciated!

      Happy you enjoyed my review!

    • TalkingFreebies profile image

      Reshel 4 years ago from Sierra Nevada ~ Reno

      @QuiltFinger: This movie is one I frequently watch because it is so intriguing and Leonardo does such a fantastic performance in it! Thank you for commenting about my avatar. It is a self drawing I drew on a phone app. again, thank you for stopping by!

    • QuiltFinger profile image

      QuiltFinger 4 years ago from Tennessee

      Oh wow, I totally forgot about this movie, but really enjoyed it. Might be time to give it another viewing.

      P.S. I love your avatar painting.

    • profile image

      fullofshoes 4 years ago

      " fully twisted movie" is a good comment. Great review...thank you. Featured on under MOVIES.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      I need to check this movie out.

    • TalkingFreebies profile image

      Reshel 4 years ago from Sierra Nevada ~ Reno

      @Nightcat: Warm and thoughtful responses are nice to get, Thank you! :-)

    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 4 years ago

      Great review of a wonderful film! And yes, it was confusing. I didn't understand the film until I played the PC game. Keep up the great work! :)