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Bikers Singing In Their Helmets

Updated on February 17, 2014

The Awful Motorcycle Helmet Singing Challenge

Well, this is certainly a surprise that I have had the need to create this page.

It all started with myself on a trip away on my motorbike, filming the journey through my helmet camera whilst talking into my microphone about the trip. As I had music pumping through my bluetooth headset from my iPod the whole way, I inevitably ended up singing along to my favourite tunes as I rode along.

This rather bad singing was of course recorded for all to witness as I was recording most of the trip regardless of whether I was speaking at the time or not. The shocking results of this are below as well as those of the many others that I have inspired to do the same.

So, sit back, watch the videos below and have a good laugh at this lunacy.

My Original Video Challenge - Do You Sing In Your Helmet? As Badly As Me?

Block your ears people as this is my video in which I sing really badly and inspired others to be equally as bad with their own singing. I was on a weekend away road trip and had the iPod pumping through my bluetooth headset. So of course I was going to sing and record it! It all snowballed from here!

The GoPro Hero3+ - Some Videos On This Page Were Filmed On A GoPro

GoPro make amazingly small action cameras that are incredibly versatile and amazing quality. They can record in many different modes and frame rates and can also photograph in a wide variety of modes as well. The Black Edition is the highest quality GoPro and comes with wifi remote. The Silver edition also has the option of using wifi or the phone app to set up and begin the recording.

Response #1 By TheLuisVlogs1 - Going crazy!! Plus Awful Singing

Hailing from the United Kingdom, TheLuisVlogs1 is definitely a bit crazy. The first vlogger to respond with great enthusiasm to this challenge, I understood why he was so enthusiastic for this challenge once I watched his videos. He is a bit nuts!

Response #2 By RevUnstableBoy - Singing while riding, Challenge accepted. Motovlog #33

Hailing from the US of A, he is a real Reverend and he is a little Unstable! Revunstableboy rides a Suzuki V-Strom just like me and like he says in his video "I am not a singer, I am a mechanic!" So if that sounds good, then click the video below, sit back and enjoy!

Response #3 by Nerb1 - X-grip mount and a phone joke

The actual singing response does not start until near the end of this video at 7.07.

He was trying to do the challenge whilst attempting to hide it from everyone. Well there is no hiding from me Nerb. I have now outed you!

The Drift Action Camera - This Is The Brand Of Camera I Used In My Video

The Drift is another popular brand of action camera that has been used to create some of these singing challenges. I have one of these as well as the GoPro and it is more streamlined on the helmet than the GoPro is. I now use this camera on my helmet and use the GoPro on my bike mounted either on the handlebars looking back at me, or mounted elsewhere lower on the bike. The Drift is much easier to change camera positioning than the GoPro and has the advantage of having a zoom option. It is also easier to use an external microphone with this camera.

SVP® Action Camera and webcam (ActionCamera)
SVP® Action Camera and webcam (ActionCamera)

I have a Drift myself, but the older HD170 model. I find it very easy to use and it does a really great job.


Response #4 By Janx101 - Singing Teaser ... eventually!

Janx101 is an Aussie from New south Wales. This was Janxy's teaser to show us what was about to come to our ears later. The singing does not actually start in this one until the 2.44 mark. You can keep scrolling down below to hear more of his exquisite voice.

Response #5 By Shirou Rider - Challenge: I do sing in my helmet! - badly

Hailing from South America with some Japanese heritage, this guy is hilarious as he attempts to sing into his helmet. Click below to hear him attempt singing without laughing.

Would You Be Preapared To Do This? - If You Do, I Will Feature You Here!

Would You Sing On YouTube?

Response #6 By Janx101 - Singing Challenge Response

Ok, so you got a quick glimpse into Janxy's mind in the video above, but here is the full version of his madness after a red bull or two. A nice eclectic mix of songs in this one for you.

Response #7 By Fresh Gresh - Song Time With Gresh! Singing Challenge (Mr AusAdventure -

I know what you have been thinking for a long time. "I just want to see a guy riding along the Southern California freeways singing Bohemain Rhapsody". Well, joy to you!

Click below and your wish will come true. Fresh Gresh also belts out some more classics in this piece of art.

Response #8 By Triumf Ant - MrAusAdventure Challenge - Singing in your helmet.

An Englishman In New York? No, not quite. This is an Englishman in New Mexico!

He may be an alien, but he is a legal alien. So don't shoot him.

Sony Action Cam - Another Popular Helmet Camera

The Sony Action Camera is another popular quality camera which is popular amongst adventure seekers as a helmet mounted adventure camera. They have waterproof casings available for them as well as a range of different mounting options similar to the GoPro or the Drift, but at a cheaper price.

Response #9 By alightvlogging - Singing

We've got another mad Englishman here in this one. They might not be able to play cricket well, but the English can certainly sing badly with no shame, I'll give them that!

See David Bowie, The Eagles, The Who, Peter Gabriel and more get murdered.

This one is slightly Adults Only!

Response #10 By AspieThinker - Singing Challenge: HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA

OK. If you love He-Man, you will love this one! This video is from one of my local friends. You can usually see him pointing out all manner of traffic infringements that car drivers cause whilst he is commuting on his motorcycle, but this one is different and is pretty wild. I have watched it a few times now and still do not know what to make of it!

Response #11 By Thunderous71 - Motorbike and Elephants - Sing-a-long

I think it was a given that someone would respond with some nursery rhymes in this challenge. And typically, it came from another Englishman! Thunderous71 is the parent of a young child and as a parent, I can definitely relate to his situation of having children's songs stuck in his head. Thankfully for me, those days are over for now until grandchildren come along!

Voice Recorders

Some people choose to use a voice recorder to record their audio separately to their video. The pros for recording in this fashion over have an external microphone connected directly to your camera are that you can have your helmet camera in a completely weather proof casing without having to modify it and you are also then able to choose cheaper cameras that do not have microphone jacks.

Response #12 By YourGraveDigger83 - Motovlog Singing Challenge

If you have ever wanted to hear Ray Romano from "Everybody Loves Raymond" swearing and singing a Chuck Berry song about genetalia on a motorcycle, then this is for you. Unfortunately, it is not actually the real Ray Romano, but I really do think YourGraveDigger83 sounds a lot like him. What do you think?

Response #13 By Slipprymongoose - Mr Ausadventure Singing Challenge Response

Slipprymongoose is a local guy to me and we have met up a few times and become friends not only in this online world now but in real life too. He had been promising this video for quite a while and I am glad that he came through with it in the end and also that he kept the punishment short!

Response #14 By Holliday Rides - Helmet songs! Mr. Aus Challenge response

This time around with Holliday Rides response, I finally received a video from someone who can actually sing which is pretty incredible. What a talented guy. Not only can he ride a motorcycle and create stunning videos, but he can belt out a tune brilliantly as well that is actually pleasing to the ears!

Response #15 By Borbely Tamas - MotoVlog 14 - singing in my helmet

Borbely Tamas is another who actually can sing at least a little. His voice is not that bad compared to most of us who came before him in this challenge series. The scenery in his video is interesting too seeing as he resides in Taiwan, a country which most of us would be unfamiliar with.

Response #16 By MrCodajastal - Singing for Mr AusAdventure & Random Chatter

MrCodajastal is another local guy to me and he also has a Suzuki V-Strom like me as well! His singing response is spread throughout this video so that it does not hurt your ears too much at once.

Response #17 By Toobi-wan Onroadi - Singing Challenge Response

Toobi-wan Onroadi (yes, pretty weird user name I know) does a fantastic job of this challenge in this video. He uses two cameras so that we can enjoy watching his head move around whilst he is singing and we also get to enjoy the wonders of his hand gestures. This guy really gets into the groove of helmet singing! Check it out now.

Response #18 By TheVoiseofwrighty - I would rather die than not sing

TheVoiseofwrighty proves in this video that he is definitely up to the challenge of singing rather badly in his helmet. A good mix of songs in here, all as bad as each other with a few revs thrown in there too!

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