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Updated on December 1, 2012

Doesn't Matter Anyway Music Video

Doesn't Matter Anyway is the debut music video release by Skarlett, Australian teen pop-punk sensations Jack Weaver, Lachlan Barker, Sam Weaver, Arran Barker.

Video Link: Skarlett - Doesn't Matter Anyway

Filmed entirely with Canon DSLR's ( 5DMKIII, 5D MKII and 7D ) this is another creation from Darwin based photographer and producer Auki Henry.

The brief of the video itself was to be a fun, straight forward energetic clip with a party feel; in the same genre of clip as Blink182 or Sum41

Skarlett Music Video Doesn't Matter Anyway

Shot on Canon DSLR's in Darwin, Australia ( HD LINK: Doesn't Matter Anyway HD )

Sam Weaver
Sam Weaver

Behind The Scenes

filming with the band

Filming "Doesn't Matter Anyway" was done relatively quickly as far as music video projects goes. All the required footage was completed in just two days. Filmed over one weekend in a backyard in Bayview Haven, Darwin NT we had a small rent-a-crowd. Which considering this was Darwin and people still do things just to help out and be involved only really cost the price of the refreshments.

I opted to shoot this one entirely with Canon DSLR's as I did last year with Erica owns the Sky's "She Brings The Rain". Only this time I had 3 at my disposal. I have had a lot of practice with the Canon 5D MK3 since I got it earlier this year so it became my primary camera, but I still love the DOF I get out my 7D as well so it was assigned to the B camera team with the Canon 5D MK2 that was brought along by my friend Terry Finocchiaro from Sienna Productions who generously volunteered his services just for the fun of working on the project with us.

We used a 16-35 and a 70-200 as the only lenses on set. These two lenses providing more than enough variable focal length and DOF for the look we were after.

I LOVED the fact that we did this all in the one location. A private back yard in the suburb of Bayview ( Darwin, Australia ), which made for easy set-up and pull-down on the two days of filming.



Lyrics ©Skarlett 2012

Now i'm back to the place where it all began,

when there's love in my heart and my head starts to spin,

but seeing as you're so stuck up, i'm guessing that it's just my luck.

Now there's not a million other boys just like me that would take you away and make you feel complete.

I'm proof that dedication runs real deep,

even when love starts to run away from me.

And i'm trying so hard to give you a smile,

hoping you'd ask me to stay for a while.

every little word yeah, every little word i say,

it doesn't matter anyway.

Yeah she tells me she doesn't need a boy.

she wants to keep it simple; she doesn't wanna end up like somebodies toy,

but two days later she has a guy,

and i know he probably loves her oh but for her, he would die.

I can't believe this girl!

And i'm trying so hard to give you a smile,

hoping you'd ask me to stay for a while.

Every little word yeah, every little word i say,

it doesn't matter anyway.

She doesn't care at all.

She doesn't care at all!

She never answered my call when i asked her if she would break my fall.

She doesn't care at all!

She doesn't care at all!

And i'm trying so hard to give you a smile,

hoping you'd ask me to stay for a while.

Every little word yeah, every little word i say,

it doesn't matter anyway.


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