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Skip Beat!

Updated on March 21, 2013

Watch out! One day I will be ...

better than you! Watch Kyoko take revenge on Sho Fuwa. Will she succeed? Or will she give up before she even started? What about the boy who gave her the magical stone, Corn, will she ever see him again? Looking forward for Kyoko to fall in love again? Trying to find out what is this feeling of love? Perhaps you like to join the Love Me section too!


When Kyoko Mogami is young, she was abandoned by her mother and had been living with Shotaro's family, she worked in the inn and learn about housekeeping since she was young. Although Shotaro's parents wanted him to take over the family, Shotaro refused and moved to Tokyo to pursue a career in music. Kyoko followed Shotaro to Tokyo and take care of his daily needs, her love for Shotaro is so overwhelming that she eventually lost her true self. Kyoko's dream of following Shotaro was shattered when she overheard him telling other girls how plain and boring she was, this caused her to rebuked back to Shotaro that she would joined the showbiz and overtake him. Kyoko was determined in changing her looks and went for a haircut as well as opted for an interview in Akatoki Agency which was Shotaro's rival company. She had to go through various types of acting along with the other interviewers, in the end she failed to make it in to Akatoki Agency as the president of the company feels that she lacked the feeling of love and thus she would not be able to progress well in her career. Her acting left a great impression on the president and he believed that with better training, Kyoko can expressed her feelings with better results, he created a new section in the company which was "Love Me" section. The purpose of this section is to help people like Kyoko to improve in their acting by inserting more feelings into it.

Kyoko in Shotaro's commercial! A beauty indeed:D

Kyoko in Shotaro's commercial! A beauty indeed:D
Kyoko in Shotaro's commercial! A beauty indeed:D

Kyoko Mogami

She was abandoned by her mother when she was young, even though she cried loudly no one noticed her and eventually walked off. She grew up in Shotaro's family and from young she helped out in the family inn, she learn from Shotaro's mother that in their job, customers are the most important people thus it is important to always smile at all times regardless where she is. She also met a boy named Corn who gave her a special stone before he left, he claimed that the stone had magical power and is able to absorb sadness.She believed in Corn's words and even though she had grew up, she still believe what Corn said about the stone is true. I felt that her childhood and the incident with Shotaro trained her to be a tough person regardless of the situation. I am glad that she met Corn, the boy who had truly helped her to handle difficult situation.

Kyoko's hot pink uniform attracted lots of attention from various people in the company,her job in L.M.E is to help whoever in need of help and through these she will be graded with a chop on her card. Even though she is not used to it in the first place, she tried her best to get used to it and help people around her. She strive not only to defeat Shotaro and also to prove to Ren Tsuruga that she can surivive in the showbiz industry by depending on her abilities. Kyoko had received various mission while she was in L.M.E, from taking commercial to acting out as Mio in Dark Moon, she tried to understanding Mio's feelings towards the people around her and eventually made a breakthrough of creating a new Mio who is still the same just that with a stronger personality.

The friendship she have with Ren is rather confusing even though she tried to make an effort to talk to Ren, he seems to be ignoring her. The only way to know his true thinking was through Bo, the chicken costume that Kyoko put on when she needed to attend variety show to take over the previous person. Ren once confided to Kyoko who happened to pass by him wearing Bos costume and Kyoko also advised him of the things to do. I love the way they chat with each other, especially Kyoko who made a big effort to make friends with Ren.

Kyoko in kimono:D Kawaii!

Kyoko in kimono:D Kawaii!
Kyoko in kimono:D Kawaii!

Ren Tsugura

His childhood is reflected once in his dream where he pass a blue stone to a girl who was crying, in order to cheer that girl up, he told her that the stone is magical and will absorb her sadness. Tons of years had passed and now,he had worked very hard in the agency, he had always tried his best in the missions that was gave to him. He appeared in most of Kyoko's missions and always secretly helping her. The most surprising incident that happened to him was that Kyoko dropped the stone that Corn gave up and Ren happened to saw it and picked it up, he knew at that very moment that he once gave a girl a similar stone. He hid the stone and asked Kyoko what the stone meant to her, he finally knew that Kyoko might be the girl that he gave the stone to and after much thought he returned the stone back to her. It was cute when Ren was thinking if Kyoko still believe in magic and i believed it is their affinity to meet again when they lost contact with each other for so long.

Ren was given a task to be the main actor in the television drama, Dark Moon, with Kyoko, however the president of the company object to the director's decision as he knew that the character needed to know about love and so far all of Ren's relationship failed due to his attitude and his feelings. Ren ignored the president 's warning and went ahead with the shooting. Problems arise in one of the scene where he cannot grasp the feelings that should be there causing the retakes of the same scene, this greatly affected his confidence. At the same time, Ren realised things that he never realised before which was that he is actually in love with Kyoko, that explained his attitude towards her.

Between Shotaro and Ren, I think that Ren is a much better choice as he may be ignorant of many things but he do show his concern at the right time. I love his smile which makes Kyoko trembled, they really make a good couple, I am looking forward to Ren confessing his love for Kyoko.

Ren with the cool attitude(:

Ren with the cool attitude(:
Ren with the cool attitude(:

Shotaro Fuwa

Ever since he was young, he is used to having Kyoko staying by his side taking care of his daily needs,however he never once ever noticed her. He refused to be called Shotaro as think it is an old-fashioned and traditional name, thus he changed it to Fuwa Sho. To me he is very stuck-up and flirtatious, especially with his manager, I am angry with him for mistreating Kyoko who never fails to help him. At the same time, he causes Kyoko to lose her chance of continuing her studies. However, I like his style when he was having a commercial with Kyoko, the costume really fits his charcteristics well. I love the part where the Dark Moon poster was posted up in their company and his manager tried to block him from seeing it in details as Kyoko was a part of it, it makes me really thrilled that Kyoko is finally going to succeed in taking revenge although she had already forgot about the matter by now.

Kanae Kotonami

The 2nd member of the L.M.E family, at first she refused to wear the uniform which is super striking, she gave in in the end and along with Kyoko, they carry out their missions. Her relationship with Kyoko got better when they were auditioning for the commercial contract, Kyoko always called her "Moko-san" and said that she was her best friend. Even though she may be proud at times, i can see that she really treasures Kyoko as her friend and she even helped her various time when Kyoko had to go on her mission alone. Overall i feel like among the other people in the company, Moko-san is someone that Kyoko can definitely trust and she would not betrayed her friends.I am happy for them that they met in L.M.E

Ren x Kyoko x Shotaro

Ren x Kyoko x Shotaro
Ren x Kyoko x Shotaro

Kawaii kimono girl! Look at her eyes, it sparkles:D

Kawaii kimono girl! Look at her eyes, it sparkles:D
Kawaii kimono girl! Look at her eyes, it sparkles:D

The Generous - Dream Star - Skip Beat! Opening Song

Skip Beat! - Episode 1 Part 1/3

Skip Beat! - Episode 1 Part 2/3

Skip Beat! - Episode 1 Part 3/3

2BACKKA - Namida - Skip Beat! Ending Song

Love Me Love Me

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