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Stop Sniffing and Blow your Nose

Updated on March 31, 2010

Sniff Sniff Sniff - What a sniffing nose means

I hate sniffing noses. In fact the whole concept of sniffing annoys the **** out of me.

There are hundreds of reasons why people sniff and I hate the concept of snot. So I have decided to get it all off my chest (or out of my nose) and write about it.

Snot and Kids (not babies)

What is it with kids and snot? Don't get me wrong I love kids but I am not so keen on them when they have that green stuff running down into their mouths.

Why don't they do something about it? Are they letting it run into their mouthes because they are keen to get another feed?

What about the kids that decide it is a great idea to wipe their nose with their hand then proceed to touch everything?

Yeah I know they are kids and that is what kids do but it is quite revolting and even more so when the kids are not yours.

But then I blame the mums and dads that don't tend to look out for this gross act and at least attempt to wipe the childs nose. Maybe they delight in the snails trail of kids snot?

Kids snot makes me cringe and want to disinfect everything they have touched.

Snot and Adults (who should know better)

Now sniffing adults really really piss me off.

You really would think they would know better. I recently had the experience of a women coming into my shop not just sniffing but slopping snot.

Really why do people do it. If you have a cold or hayfever carry tissues or a hanky.

She sniffed, and used her hand to touch her nose and drove me beserk!

It was all I could do not to go up to here and scream "Stop Sniffing and Blow Your Nose!"

I don't understand how she could stand sniffing all the time. Wasn't the snot going down here throat making her ill??

Consequently when she went out came the disinfectant and I wiped down everything she touched.

Blah no wonder we get sick when we have such disgusting humans to deal with and adults that should know better.

Sneeze, Sniff, Snot

The ultimate in snot secretion.

1. The uncovered sneeze.... sprays particles of germs for miles with the power of a sneeze

2. Sniffs back the snot brought forth into the nose

3. Wipes nose with back of hand

4. Wipes hands on pants

Seems hard to believe?

Well I have seen some very disgusting men do this over time and they have not been particularly unpleasant looking people (well not until they performed this act).

What is worse I recently saw a fellow perform this exact act, then spot a mate and shake hands with him.

What are these people professional germ spreaders?

The Illegal Substance Induced Sniff

Some years ago I worked with a brilliant fellow. It truly mean that he was a terrific guy who I learn't a lot from. Unfortunately he had a substance induced sniffing problem.

I shared an office with him and he spent the whole day sniffing. In the beginning I just put up with it without saying a word but one office party I discovered that he was a recreational illegal substance user.

I realized that he really was not producing a lot of snot but the sniff is associated with the use of the substance. I found it hard to deal with but that little bit of understanding made it easier to bear.

Bottom line no amount of nose blowing would have stopped his sniff - only the breaking of his illegal substance habit would.

(By the way the image on this is not the person mentioned here - it is just a substance damaged nose)

The Habitual Sniffer (from no fault of their own)

Some people I realise cannot help but sniff. Particularly some men who have unfairly hair nostrils.

Doesn't mean I don't get annoyed but I feel for these fellows.

Many men are unfortunate enough to be very hairy but the real problem is as they get older they get more hair in their ears and nose.

I cannot help but feel sympathy for them and I try hard to switch off to that incessant sniff they feel compelled to do.

Pick, Sniff (and eat?)

Some sniffers go all the way. You see this mainly in men but I would think it is not restricted to men.

Some people do this when they think that others are not looking others do it in their cars in peak traffic where they think they are visually hidden (for some strange reason).

1. Get the finger up the nose, scrape around a bit

2. Extract finger and examine it carefully

3. Have a sniff to make sure the offending bogey is removed

4. Eat? Well that depends... it makes me ill thinking about it.

Sympathy for sad sniffers

The only time I really can switch off to sniffing is when there is sadness involved. Invariably we are all sad and therefore we are all in the sniffing game together.

Just ensure that everybody has a hankerchief or tissue to stop the snotty dribbles.

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    • profile image

      Sonja 10 months ago

      It may be interesting to know that the annoyance you feel with sniffing may be rooted in a different issue. I have something called misophonia. It means that I am overly sensitive to certain noises like sniffling. Maybe you have this as well.

    • profile image

      Sho 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Imani 2 years ago

      My grandpa be sniffling a lot and it get in my nerves I'm only 11 but it gets on my nerves is it supposed to be a sniffle or snort but when ever I play my hip hop song since I'm black and black people rock he keeps on doing it everywhere I go and then he does a loud snort next

    • profile image

      mark kent 3 years ago

      how do i get your blog by e.mail

      my e.mail


    • profile image

      Matisse3 4 years ago

      I am wondering about the cultural, particularly our culture that men think that sniffing up a bunch of snot and swallowing it or spitting it is acceptable. I was taught to not pick your nose and eat it. Why is sniffing it up and swallowing it OK?

      My sometimes partner has stated that he is going to do this and our relationship is off if I insist that his snuffing and eating his boogers is vulgar and unsocialized. Really? Our relationship is this shallow that he can't clear his nose before coming to bed? During the day? with conventional means of a tissue? Worse he does this in and out snuffing thing in my hair. Really? What is in my hair? On my sheets?

      Please, I could write a short story about the annoyance. Do you have any blogs, evidence or advise beyond tolerance or dumping him?

    • profile image

      tdove 9 years ago

      Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!