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Social Media News

Updated on July 9, 2012

An eye on Social media news

Are you looking for information that is based on social media news? Then look no further as this article can provide you with some fascinating information about social media news and all that has to do with it and everything else that is related to this type of informationor has to do something or the other with this subject.

A brief definition of social media news is the usage of web based technology and other such devices we have today. This type of information allows people to communicate with each other with ease and most convenience. To a limit, this seems okay, but we are literally making social media news our lives!

These days social media news is playing a big role in our lives. We use mobile phones to contact with each other; the internet is social media and even these days’ conference meetings of really big companies are held through means of social media! And, hence social media news are a major part of our lives. The fact is fact and even with utter confusion it can not be denied by any means.

Social media news


About social media news

Social media news has its own benefits and disadvantages. And, as we look at it different people have different views about social media and the things people have experienced with social media news. Even as a part of the community, an organization and ultimately us as individuals we find it hard and nearly impossible to spend are lives at ease without social media news. 

One may say that social media has taken over our lives and invaded our sub conscious memory! Other people may conclude that social media news was released to reverse bad psychological effects in our life. What do you believe – is this really a case? You decide!

According to Kaplan Andreas and Mr. Michael social media, and therefore also social media news, are usually concerned with internet based technology and only internet based application can be referred to as social media. They also think that social media basically allows two people to exchange self generated information.

Kaplan may have his own views but Kietzman does not agree. He thinks that social media and social media news are a benefit to each and every individual as part of the society benefiting relations and strengthening the relations of people who are far from each other. He thinks social media and social media news bind the ropes of the fact that humans have reached the point of telecommunication. So, what actually is social media? You decide!

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Social media news


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      Video is very useful.thanks for sharing it.

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      Hi Lucka - i tweeted this fpr you - Hope it help :-)

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      Hi, irclay! Thank you for visiting my hub! I've just visited your hub and made a post there.

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      irclay 6 years ago from Barbados, Canada

      Nice service - check out our hubs on social media and media in general- more to come