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Sofia The First

Updated on September 9, 2014

The New Disney Princess

Sofia The First is a new show from Disney Junior about a young princess named Sofia. The show is aimed toward kids aged 2-7 and Sofia is the first Disney Princess who is not an adult.

Sofia's story began with an hour long movie which debuted on the Disney Channel in November 2012. The 20 minute show premiered on January 11, 2013 and 2 complete seasons have been released since then.

Keep reading to learn more about little Sofia and the magical world she lives in!

Sofia The First Toys

Find Sofia merchandise that your prince and princess are sure to love on my other article: Sofia The First Toys and Gifts

Disney Sofia Plush - 13" : Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Disney Sofia Plush - 13" : Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

This little Sofia plush was one of the first Sofia toys released by Disney. Isn't Sofia adorable? My daughter loves sleeping with this and other plush princess dolls at night.


Princess Sofia Movie

Sofia The First Once Upon A Princess
Sofia The First Once Upon A Princess | Source

Once Upon A Princess

Sofia's royal journey began Sunday, November 18, 2012 on the Disney Channel. Set in the world of Enchancia, "Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess" introduces Sofia, a normal little girl who's life is suddenly changed when her mom marries the king and Sofia becomes a princess!

Sofia must leave her best friends behind in the village to move into the castle with her new family which includes her new Stepfather, King Roland II, a step-sister named Amber and a step-brother named James. How will Sofia deal with these new life changes? On top of that, young Sofia must learn how to act like a proper princess before the big ball! Throw in a sorcerer with an evil plot, a cameo from Cinderella and some talking animals and you've got a fun, magical movie that will delight kids and their parents. What else would you expect from Disney?

Did you miss Sofia's Royal Debut? Watch the full episode of Once Upon a Princess online on Amazon.

Sofia The First Movie Trailer

Sofia The First Book

This book was the first Sofia book released by Disney. Of course there are many more available now - all of them can be found at the Amazon link to the right.

The book is suggested for ages 3 and up and tells the story that was shown in the movie - how Sofia became a Princess. The illustrations really take center stage in this book - they are simply beautiful. It is a story that your child will want to hear again and again.

"In Sofia, we have a 'peer to peer princess,' a relatable girl experiencing the same social issues as our young viewers - learning how to fit in, making new friends, conquering new skills and building sibling relationships"

~Nancy Kanter of Disney Junior Worldwide

Sofia The First Main Cast

Princess Sofia
Ariel Winter
Princess Amber
Darcy Rose Byrnes
Prince James
Zach Callison
King Roland
Travis Willingham
Queen Miranda
Sara Ramirez
Cedric the Sorceror
Jess Harnell
Tim Gunn
Clover the Rabbit
Wayne Brady

Meet Princess Sofia - A Little Princess With A Lot To Learn

Sofia and Clover
Sofia and Clover

Sofia started her life as a "commoner", living in the village with her mom, Miranda who owned a shoe store. Sofia's best friends were two little girls named Ruby and Jade. But, all of that changed one day when King Roland II came to the shoe store in search of some new slippers and met Sofia's mom.

King Roland and Miranda soon fell in love and got married. Sofia and her mother moved into the castle and Sofia became a princess. The movie and show follow young Sofia as she gets to know her new step-siblings and polishes her princess skills.

She also gets to know some of the woodland creatures thanks to a magical amulet that King Roland gave her which allows her to talk to animals. Sofia's best friend at the castle is Clover, a wise cracking rabbit who helps guide her in her new life.

Sofia The First Poster
Sofia The First Poster | Source

Sofia Poster

You can get this Princess Sofia Poster as well as other Sofia the First merchandise online at Zazzle.

They have notebooks, clothing, stickers, key chains and more - all featuring Princess Sofia and her animal friends.

Zazzle the perfect place to find unique gifts for a Princess Sofia fan!

Sofia and her mom
Sofia and her mom | Source

Queen Miranda

Miranda is Sofia's mom. She used to be a shop keeper in the village, selling shoes. But, all of that changed when she married the king of Enchancia and became Queen Miranda!

Miranda is very gentle and kind. She makes sure that she is there for Sofia whenever she needs her. She is also an amazing step-mom to Amber and James. No wicked step-mother here!

Princess Amber and Prince James

Princess Amber and Prince James
Princess Amber and Prince James | Source

Sofia's new step-siblings are twins named Amber and James.

Princess Amber is very pretty and wears beautiful dresses but she seems quite selfish. She gets jealous quite easily and can be very snobby. But, Amber has a good heart and I believe that she and Sofia will become good friends.

Prince James is the future King of Enchancia. He's a bit of troublemaker and loves to have fun. But, is is kind to Sofia and helps her out when she's in trouble.

King Roland and the Amulet of Avalor
King Roland and the Amulet of Avalor

King Roland II

Roland, as his title suggests, is the King of Enchancia. He is Amber and James' father. When Roland married Miranda he became Sofia's new step-dad.

King Roland gave Sofia the Amulet or Avalor as a gift to welcome her to the family. The amulet is what enables Sofia to talk to animals. Roland takes his role as father very seriously and he's a good dad to Amber, James and Sofia.

"Although Sofia will have plenty of pretty dresses and sparkly shoes, our stories will show Sofia, and our viewers, that what makes a real princess is what's inside, not what's outside."

~Nancy Kanter of Disney Junior Worldwide

Disney Princess Cameos

Some of the iconic Disney Princesses are set to make appearances on Sofia The First. Cinderella made an appearance in the movie and other Princesses will be seen on different episodes of the show. These more experienced Princesses will help Sofia as she learns what it takes to be a princess.

So far we have seen cameos from Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Snow White, Aurora and Belle. I'm sure there will be more to come. I know my daughter always looks forward to the princess episodes!

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

See results

Royal Prep Academy

The Three Good Fairies
The Three Good Fairies

Part of Sofia's new life as a princess involves a new school: The Royal Prep Academy which is a school just for royalty. The three headmistresses will be familiar to Disney fans because the school is run by the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather will help teach Sofia all she needs to know to be a princess.

"By setting our story in the classic Disney world we're able to involve some longtime fan favorites," notes Sofia creator Craig Gerber. "The fairy godmothers are the headmistresses at Royal Prep Academy, where they will teach Sofia and the children of other royals from all around the world."

"Sofia is excited about her new home, new school and new blended family, but she is also in shock. She has a lot of adjusting to do and young viewers will really relate.

It's our hope they will take away Sofia's life lessons and apply them to their own lives."

~Craig Gerber, Sofia creator

Princess Sofia Coloring Page
Princess Sofia Coloring Page

Sofia The First Coloring Pages

Are you looking for free coloring sheets of Princess Sofia? Then you've come to the right place!

Sofia Coloring Pages can be found at Disney Junior. Have fun coloring your favorite characters from Sofia The First! They have Amber, James, Clover and of course little Sofia! These characters are a lot of fun to color!

Get started coloring now with the Princess Sofia Coloring Sheet seen at the right .

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i think it is great. considering kids nowadays have no manners, if disney can help with that I don't see the problem

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love Sofia

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What a cute little princess! I will have to catch the movie on reruns :)


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