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Some Nights by Fun - Chords and Piano (sheet music)

Updated on October 9, 2013

Some Nights by Fun - Song First Impression

Listening to "Some Nights" by Fun for the first time was amazing. I haven't heard something similar in way way long! These days, everything we hear is dubstep or some other techno dance song. This some nights song is very refreshing because of the emotions that it causes inside of me.

This song makes me want to jump up and sing as loud as I can. To tell you, there are not many songs that cause me to feel that way. This one however does. I am sure that when you listen to this song and begin to play it on the piano with its simple chords, you will be empowered from inside.


The Piano Sheet Music

It took me a while to learn to play this on the piano. The song is very cool and catchy, but playing this on the piano is another story. You will definitely have to develop familiarity with both the right and left hand before you are able to put it all together.

The original song sounds way better than the piano cover. It sounds great though. If you are wanting to play this in a concert or some school recital, I suggest that you practice very very well. Wake up in the middle of the night when you are very sleepy and try to play it from memory. If and when you are able to play when really tired and you play it well, then you will be able to perform in front of people.

Again, if you cannot play this "Some Nights" perfectly when you are falling asleep, then it means that you still have to continue to practice before you are able to perform the song in public.

Somenights Fun Album
Somenights Fun Album

About Somenights Fun

Some Nights by Fun. FUN is an American Rock band that enjoys sharing unique music. They definitely do not like to imitate other artists in any way.

They rather prefer to be unique in everything that they do. Their song "SomeNights" was officially launched in June of 2012 becoming an instant studio album hit.

When I was watching Harry Law's season finale, I was shocked to see that they present somenights - fun in their episode. It was surely an awesome experience to see how this song can be applied to other aspects of our society such as TV shows.

Ive always known that the songs that truly make a difference in people are those that are used in movies, because they are associate with the movies. In the same way, this song makes a difference in people because one can relate to what it is being talked about.

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