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Top Songs For Creative People

Updated on November 18, 2012

What songs inspire you as a creative person?

What are the top songs that inspire you as a creative person?

What are the ones that speak directly to you about what this creative urge really means?

What words and lyrics speak about the joy of sharing your creation with the world?

What about the words that speak directly to those feelings that only those of us with a creative calling can feel? "But I got an emptiness deep inside"

What about the ones that talk directly about the struggles and sacrifices we have to make to achieve our dreams? Or that extol us to carry on dreaming and believing? The songs that say it all when the pressure becomes too much, and people think about quitting - "He kept dreaming Ooh, that some day he'd be a star"

Then there's the songs about the sheer joy of discovering you have a God given talent and you just want to share it with the world. Whatever it is, stay with us here as we count down the top 40 Songs For Creative People.

Please add your comments, I'd really love to know what you feel.

Oh. And if I can help to inspre that creative drive within you, or urge you on for one more try, to never give up on your dream, then that would be so brilliant.

So go on, right now share your dreams and your success stories. No matter how insignificant it may seem to you, remember that you dared to share you talent with the world. To make it a richer place for you having being here.

Lyrics: I am, I said by Neil Diamond. Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight.

Here's what it's all about

To start off in that vein here's a song from Leo Sayer. A man so shy he would only appear on stage in a clown's outfit! Yet he found the courage to share his talent and his music with the world, and gave us some of the richest songs ever.

He did it. So can you.

Leo Sayer Stuff on Amazon - Leo Sayer

No! I'd never heard this either. - "Seize The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold

I really thought I'd struggle to find 20 songs, but so far I've got about 48. probably a sign of far too much time on my hands ;-)

Outside the chart. Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke. - Great artist, good song, but didn't quite make it

Got to leave the legendary Stevie Wonder bottom of the heap, and that's tough to do.

Sir Duke is real fun, toe-tapping stuff. I'm a big Stevie fan, and wish I could find a way to put my fave, "Heaven Help Us All," in here.

Please don't be too mad at me. Just click Play and enjoy yourself

70 The Beautiful South - Song for whoever

Very clever lyrics, and a catchy number. Paul Heaton wrote good fun music in the very guises of the bands he was in. Just about sneaks in because of the title as much as anything else

69 Everyday I Write the Book - Elvis Costello - I really think I'm going to have to put this outside the top 50

Sometimes compiling this list is torture!

Until he did "good year for the roses" I couldn't bear the man, and I'm listening to that now just to get this song out of my head. So please don't hate me too much for placing him so low in this list.

Everyday is more a love song than about creating the book, but it just sneaks in here. I had to relegate "Alone in a crowd" by The Kids from Fame to keep this in after I discovered yet another song that should be on the list.

68 W.O.L.D Harry Chapin

I thought I'd struggle to find twenty songs, and for some time it looked like I was right, but I think there's actually over 70 on the list now.

This one is about a struggling DJ, but hey! Some of them can be very creative and have huge followings so that counts as qualifying in my book.

67 "Alone In A Crowd" - Kids from Fame

The show that captured a generation! Most of those watching it thought that fame and fortune would come easy. A little like some of those auditioning for Idol or X-factor I suppose.

66 The Boat That I Row - Neil Diamond

I've included the link here to Neil performing with Lulu because she did a cover of this song. It doesn't make it higher because unfortunately too many people won't really associate with the lyrics.

if we are going to make it as artists, to share our vision with the world then sometimes we have to row our own boat against the tide. We have to be prepared to row, swim, walk, run, or whatever else in a different direction until, one-by-one, the world turns and follows us - hopefully!

Elton John - Relegated to 65 - Bound to get stick for this

An ever popular song with over a million views for this one video. Many people may argue that that should qualify it much higher. But no, because you don't get a sense that dancing is an overwhelming passion for the girl. Not like Pearl in the Elkie Brooks song who gave everything to a career that would never be.

Popularity, chart position, or number of video views aren't the criteria a high chart position here. It's about what talks to people of the struggles we face as creatives, the sacrifices, and the inspiration that drives us on.

No doubt many won't agree with me but feel free to comment. Politely please :-)

64. Elkie Brooks - Pearl's a Singer

Now I really like Elkie Brooks, Lilac Wine, Fool if You Think It's Over, Don't Cry Out Loud, etc, but Pearl's a singer? it doesn't really work for me as a pop song. It is however an incredibly powerful story of a woman still trying to reach her dream even though deep down she knows it is fading away rapidly.

Very profound and moving.

63. Money for Nothing - Dire Straits

The first video to be aired on MTV Europe when the network started on 1 August 1987. Widely regarded for its innovative animated video.

Some may claim that this song deserves a higher placing because of its clever satirical lyrics. There are a couple of lines that stick in the memory but overall I think it was a product of its time and has not aged too well.

Yes, it spoke about the music business, the success, excesses, and took a few swipes at those who seemed undeserving. Was it as insightful and cutting as some make out? Hmm, fun while it lasted.

62 Beautiful Noise - Neil Diamond

Another one that I just heard on the radio a few days ago. Where do they keep cropping up from? The true sign of an artist, that he can take the everyday and mundane and manage to make something original from it. As writers we find inspiration in things that most other people overlook.

Just think about that the next time something you hear, see, or read strikes a chord with you, or speaks to you directly about your feelings and experiences. Somebody extracted the essence of that from something that everyone else had ignored or discarded.

61. Don Mclean - American Pie

Catchy and enduring. Lively, fun, and still much loved forty years on. Does anyone actually know what it's about though?

58 How Does It Feel? - Slade

Had to demote one of my personal favs. This is from the album and film 'Slade in Flame.'

It's partly about being lost, on the outside, not quite knowing where you are or feeling that you belong. That is where many of us as creatives are - outside, wondering why things are a certain way, what if it was all different. From that you find the inspiration to create something different, new and unique, and offer it to the world.

Just take a few moments to sit quietly listening to this beautiful song and the truths it holds for us.

57 The Kids from Fame - Starmaker

I never liked the Fame TV show. My old mate Steve used to insist on playing the albums and I was thoroughly sick of it till I heard "It's gonna to be a long night" Wow! I wish I could find a way to include that here.

That show must have inspired a lot of youngsters to take up music and I hope that it actually led some to promising careers.

Stay tuned there's more to come from "The Kids from Fame."

Talk about being converted ;-)

50 Believe - Joss Groban

At last! Someone shares my view about songs that inspire.

Scroll down the comments on the Youtube page and you'll see Olivedood say this helps him to write his novel.

49 So You Wanna Be A Rock 'n Roll Star? - The Byrds

Who doesn't want to be a Rock 'N Roll star?

The title sums it all up. Every schoolboys dream. And quite a few grown up boys.

A fun song but not very deep meaningful lyrics. They just don't measure up to the snappy, direct to the point title.

Do you agree with my listings? Would you like to see a song promoted, think it shouldn't be here in the first place?

I've decided the top 20, and will be adding 2 new songs a week until we get there? Maybe you'll see something down in the thirties that you think needs moving way up! Let me know, but you'll need to be very persuasive for me to do that.

As with all lists it is mainly subjective, but I will explain my choices as we go on. Subscribe to the comment follow to keep updated and I hope you contribute to some lively discussions here.



What do you think? Tell us your favourite song. - What inspires you? What song really speaks to you as a creative person?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Enjoyed listening to the video of Stevie doing Sir Duke today. Hadn't heard that in a while. Nice job on this lens!


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