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Soribada - Korean Music Site

Updated on October 13, 2014

Let's support our favorite K-Pop Artists on the music chart through Soribada

I know it must be frustrating for K-Pop international fans that we can't contribute much for our favorite K-Pop artists music chart. I usually purchase the albums on Yes Asia or Gmarket, but many times I want to purchase and listen to the songs as soon as they're released in Korea.

There are many streaming sites which upload the songs illegally and unfortunately, it hurts our K-Pop artists financially. And I think many of us know by now that any digital single / legally digital download / album sales are counted towards their music shows' (Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core) winning and end of year performances awards.

Fortunately, Soribada offers international fans a way to legally download the songs and every download counts towards the artists digital download sales. They have obtained copyright for all the songs downloadable on Soribada English site.

End of August 2011, there was an article about Soribada illegally selling K-pop songs. As far as I'm aware, this article actually talks about Soribada Korean Site which in the past allowing foreigners to purchase music from their site. Some label distribution company didn't sign any copyright agreement with Soribada Korean site to distribute their music internationally, making Soribada illegally distributed their music on their Korean site.

Since then, we may not find all songs available on Soribada English site. It's because they don't have copyright to sell the songs internationally. So rest assured, all other songs available on Soribada English site are legal.

About Soribada

Launched in 2000 in Korea, Soribada was originally a peer-to-peer online MP3 streaming service. Hailed as the Korean Napster, Soribada was formed based on Korean words Sori means sound and Bada means ocean. So Soribada means Ocean of Sound, a service where people can freely stream and download songs.

Korean Court suspended Soribada service few times due to copyright breach, until in 2006 Soribada becomes a commercial music download service and legally contribute to the Korean Music Charts. In early 2011, Soribada expands their service to international fans by opening up Soribada English Site allowing international fans to contribute to Korean Music Charts as well.

Price per download: 15cent / track (Basic 40 Pass) or 6cent / track (Plus 150 Pass)

Soribada Social Networking Page: Soribada Facebook Page | Twitter

How to Register and Purchase Soribada Download Pass

  1. Register as Soribada Member
  2. Soribada Confirmation Page
  3. Soribada Verification Email
  4. Soribada Payment Page
  5. Purchasing Soribada Pass
  6. Check Soribada Remaining Credit & Days as well as Re-Download Purchased Songs

Step 2

Your Soribada Sign-up is successful if you get into the following email confirmation page:

Step 3

Check your email for Soribada verification email from Click on the link on this email to verify your email address.

Step 4

Enter Payment Details (Credit Card Details).

Step 5

Go to Soribada Download Pass to purchase download pass.

Or if you're currently login to Soribada, click on "Plan Option" to purchase your download pass.

Step 6

After your purchase is successful, go to your account to check your remaining credit and days.

How to download song from Soribada?

  1. Browse your favorite artist
  2. Download song from that artist's album
  3. Your song download is done

Step 1

Go to Soribada Artists Page and browse your favorite artists from that page.

Step 2

As an example, I will show you how to purchase / download "I Got a Boy", title track of Girls' Generation album released in 2013.

Link to purchase/download this song: Girls' Generation page. Click Download Button to download the song.

Step 3

After the download is successful, enjoy the song!

You can re-download the song from My Purchases page for Free.

Things to note about Soribada

1. Soribada has their own Music Chart for all songs downloaded from their site. Therefore, this chart will count towards Music TV Shows (ie. Inkigayo, Music Bank, Mnet, etc) as well as End of Year Awards.

2. Soribada will only register 1 song download as one. Even though you download the same song more than once, only the first download will be counted to Soribada Music Chart. If you lost the song you downloaded, go to My Purchases page to re-download the song for free.

3. Prior to downloading / purchasing the song, you can listen to the song for 1 minute. Listening / streaming to the song will not counted towards the Soribada Music Chart, hence will not have any effect on the artists download sales.

Some songs are not available due to country restriction & copyright.


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