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SOUL LINE DANCE SONGS | Hip Hop Line Dance Songs | Urban Line Dances

Updated on June 6, 2013

Soul Line Dance Videos & Music

Soul line dances or urban line dances such as the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Zydeco Slide, Bikers Shuffle or Booty Call are similar to country line dances except danced to soul, funk, r&b, gospel, hip hop or contemporary pop music.

Nowadays, urban line dancing is more than just the Electric Slide or Cupid Shuffle. There are hundreds of great dances to learn and are being taught from coast to coast with hot spots in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Atlanta, South Carolina and California.

You may be familiar with the intricate footwork and hand/arm isolations on the hip hop dances seen on shows like America's Best Dance Crew. Unlike hip hop dances, soul line dances are somewhat more accessible and can be done by people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Perhaps you've done the Electric Slide or Macarena at weddings. Hip hop step dancing or soul line dancing offers the same kind of fun as dancing with other people but without needing a partner.

Many of these songs and dances are great line dances for high school proms, college dances, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, retirement functions, mixers, and office parties. They're so easy, everyone from kids to seniors can easily bust a move.

This page is a work in progress that's far from finished. Please feel free to leave any suggestions in the guestbook below. If you're a soul line dance choreographer and wanna promo your latest dance, feel free to leave me a link to your YouTube video &/or step sheet. Or just leave a shout-out so I know you stopped by. Would love to hear from you.

-- Adrienne. See ya on da wood.

Image Source: Deirdre Seabrook | Facebook

June's Dance Crushes


Choreographer: Maria Nesbitt-Winbush

REE-SYN-MI Line Dancers


Choreographer: Kris Evans-White

STL Flava


Choreographer: Kim Ray, UK

How To Get Started Soul Line Dancing

Try the "Wobble"


Biker's Shuffle

Same Ole Two-Step

If You Only Learn One Soul Line Dance - Try The Wobble

It's sooooo easy. Plus it's got lots of fun variations, too. See an all ages demo here. Check out this video of Beyonce Doing the Wobble.

List of Soul Line Dance Songs

From A-F

THE A-LIST | Choreographer Cessily Greene, Luv2Dance, Forestville Maryland

Beginner. Video: Demo Music: Time to Party by Craig David

A & V CHICAGO HUSTLE | Choreographer: Al & Valerie Wilhoite

Intermediate. Video: Instructional Music: DJ Milz

ASK MYSELF (& SALSA) | Choreographer: Mario Harris

Intermediate. Video: Instructional 1 & 2 Music: Ask Myself by Robin Thicke

B2h | Choreographer: Bernadette Burnette, Philadelphia

Beginner Plus. Video: Demo Music: XR2 by M.I.A.


Beginner. Video: Instructional Music: I Want by Chaka Kahn


Beginner Plus. Video: Demo 1 & 2 Music: House Mix

Higher by Vernessa Mitchell & Rise Up (Main Mix) by Sunkids featuring Chance


Beginner. Video: Instructional Music: The Biker's Shuffle by Big Mucci


Beginner Plus. Demo Music: SloLove by Janet Jackson


Beginner. Demo Music: Booti Call by Blackstreet (K.C. Miami Mix)


Beginner. Demo Music: Booty Wurk by T-Pain featuring Joey Galaxy


Beginner. Instructional Music: Brand New Slide by Casper

BUMP | Choreographer: Line Dance Divas

Video: Instructional

BUSTA SLIDE (Step Right, Cross Left. Right up, Right Back.)

Beginner. Instructional Music: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See by Busta Rhymes


Beginner. Demo Music: Love Signals by R Kelly

CAN YOU FEEL IT | Choreographers: Aaron Boyd & Mario Harrison

Instructional Music: Can You Feel It by Kem

CAN YOU FEEL IT 2 | Choreographer: Aaron Boyd

Beginner Plus. Instructional Music: Can You Feel It by Bob Baldwin featuring Vesta


Beginner. Instructional Music: Hips Don't Lie by Shakira


Music: "You Just Have To Be There" by Heather Small and M People


Choreographer: Jo Thompson. Music: "Can't Get Enough" by Tamia

CO-SIGN | Choreographers: Neal & Stacey D2BD

Beginner Plus. Instructional & Demo Videos Music: Co-Sign by SWV


Choreographer: Janice Cunningham

D & D | Choreographer: Dereck and Deserie

Video: Demo Music: P.Y.T. Pretty Young Thing Remix by Michael Jackson with


Choreographers: Trish and Mike Womack of Union Crew


Choreographers: Audrey & June from Philadelphia. Music: "Feeling It" by Brian Culbertson featuring Chuck Brown

FEELIN SINGLE | Choreographer: Ronnie Goode

Video: Demo Music: Feelin' Single by R. Kelly

FRIDAY HUSTLE | Choreographer: Leonard & Sharon

Video: Demo Music: Friday (Shut the Club Down) Raheem DeVaughn

FULL CIRCLE | Choreographer: John Woodhouse

Video: Demo | Music: Otis by Jay Z

Soul Line Dances

From G-J


Music: The G-Slide by Gina Brown


Video: Demo & Instructional Music: Just Fine by Mary J. Blige


Video: Demo Music: Let Me Clear My Throat by DJ Kool


Choreographer: Jerome Bentley


Video: Demo Music: Da Twiss by Intell or Big Money


Choreographers: Line Dance Divas from Chi-Town

HUMBUG | Choreographer: Ronnie Williams

Beginner. Instructional | Music: Thoia Thong by R Kelly


Beginner Plus. "DC Jams" | Chicago Style | Charlotte Style Music: I Don't Need It by Jamie Foxx


Beginner Plus. Choreographer: Ronnie Goode. Music "I Get It In" by Omarion


Video: Demo Music: Island Life by Janet Jackson


Beginner. Instructional Music: Juke Joint Jumpin' by Barbara Carr

JUKE JOINT SLIDE | Step Sheet | Choreographers: Mattie Center & Norma Jean Fuller

Beginner. Demo Music: Juke Joint Slide by Lee Shot Williams

Soul Line Dances

From K-Z


Easy. Video Music: Get It Poppin' by Fat Joe featuring Nelly


Choreographer: Jerome Bentley. Music: "The Way We Roll" by Elephant Man


Beginner. Choreographer: Dance4Fun4Life. Music: "New Orleans 2 Step" Monro Brown


Beginner/Improver. Choreographer: Ronnie "Souled Out"


Easy. Choreographer: Cheryl Allison. Music: All That by Masters at Work


Beginner/Improver. Music "Rock the Man in the Boat" by Chuck Strong


Video Music: Plastic Dreams by Jaydee


Easy. Video


Video Music: Go 'Head by Mystikal


Choreographer: Lorenzo "goLO" Evans. Music: "Collard Greens & Corn Bread" by Fantasia


Easy Intermediate. Instructional


Easy Intermediate. Choreographer: John Woodhouse. Demo


Beginner Fast. Demo Music: DJ Maestro ft. Steve Jackson and Lenora Douglas

Broken Stones Soul Line Dance - "Step Off Into It" - Dial Tone The Producer

Originally choreographed in the U.K. by Dee Musk to "Broken Stones" by Paul Weller. The soul line dance community has adapted the dance and the music used is "Step Off Into It" by Dial Tone The Producer, available on iTunes.

Step Sheet | Dance and Teach UK Version Taught by Vicki

Chuck Baby Soul Line Dance - Music Chuck Baby by Chuck Brown

Chuck Baby is one of those fabulous soul line dances that is choreographed so well to the rhythm of the music that even though it's a little trickier to learn, it's worth the effort.

Danced to the song of the same name, Chuck Baby music by the Go-Go King of D.C. Chuck Brown. Choreographed by Sharon from LDC Lyndancnclub out of Mitchellville, Maryland.

Dark N Smooth Soul Line Dance - New Smooth Groove From Cessily

Dedication - Dedication to My Ex (Miss That) - Lloyd

Choreographer: STL

Dem Boyz by Lil' Mo - Choreographer: Tymeana

Lil' Mo Music Video Dem Boyz which samples "Holy Ghost" by the Bar-Kays. For music by Lil' Mo, click here.

For the instructional line dance video with Tymeana at Parkside recorded 2/29/2012, click here.

Drop Down Soul Line Dance - Choreographer Donnell McFadden

Fat Tuesday Line Dance - Debuted at the Boston Line Dance Showdown 2013

Quick Walk Thru & Class Practice

Choreographer: Lorenzo "goLo" Evans

Music: "You're Fly" by Ryan Leslie

Feeling Single Soul Line Dance - Music By R Kelly

Choreographer: Ronnie Goode

Game Ova Soul Line Dance - Choreographer Ali James

Some beautiful footwork in this dance. It's a slow jam with quick traveling steps. I'd say it's a low intermediate dance. It's a bit tricky at first because there are some 3/4 & full turns that come at you kind of fast but once you get those down it's such a fun dance. Another great bit of choreography from Ali James out of Indianapolis.

Grandaddy Slide - Choreographer Raydio G featuring Cupid

Heritage Hustle - I Feel Alright by James Brown (House Mix)

Created by Marc Thomas & Erika Little. Performed by: DHI. For the music, click here.

Hood Walk August 2011 - Choreographer: Line Dance Divas from Chi-Town

Just Dance - Choreographer: Lee From Silky Smooth

Showcased May 31, 2012 at Elk's Lodge. Song: "Get Your Dance On" by "Fatman Scoop".

May's Dance Pick - Leggo Hustle

Choreographer: Nzinga and Stephanie

Music: Leggo by B. Smyth featuring 2 Chainz

Level 322 - Take Me to the Next Phase by The Isley Brothers

Choreographers: Bernadette Burnette & Ray Boyd

Make sure to get this version of the music which is a new remixed funkier dance version.

Level 322 at Parkside Nov 23, 2011 | UC Star Awards Jan 30, 2012

LR Shake Soul Line Dance - Music Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya Remix by DJ 8 Mile

LR Shake is a classic urban soul line dance with booty shakin' to "Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya" which was created in 2000 by LoWanda & Ricky but popularized by Ms. Belinda Haywood & the WMIB Dancers of Cleveland according to DJ 8 Mile of Detroit who documents its history on his LR Shake website.

Free downloads of remixes for LR Shake have been made available by DJ 8 Mile of Detroit: the original version with explicit lyrics, an extended 10 minute version and the current version that's edited out the explicit lyrics and only 5 minutes long. Click here for the music for LR Shake, remix versions of Shake What Ya Mamma Gave Ya.

M & M Pump - Dance Remix 8 Mile

Metamorphosis - Music "You Big Dummy"

Metamorphosis was originally a country line dance song until it was funkified by the soul line dance community to the song "You Big Dummy" with the Sanford & songs theme song sample. More limber dancers shimmy low to the dance floor while other people throw in multiple spins in the same beat count.

Mickey's Monkey Soul Line Dance - Music Mickey's Monkey by Smokey Robinson

Love the old school feel of Mickey's Monkey with some classic twisting dance moves choreographed by Bernadette Burnette out of Philadelphia by the song of the same name to the classic soul music of Smokey Robinson & the Miracles.

Mind Games Soul Line Dance

Ms. Jody's Thang Soul Line Dance - Music Ms. Jody's Thang Remix by Ms. Jody

Ms. Jody's Thang is one of the easiest soul line dances to learn, teach and show friends how to do because the singer calls out the soul line dance steps. Choreographed by Ed Williams of Philadelphia.

Nasty Girls Soul Line Dance - Music Remix "Think" & "It Takes Two"

Nasty Girls is one of those easy line dances with plenty of hip and booty shakin' that exudes 'tude relying on the sass of each dancer. Savvy dancers know to end the dance with a sweeping flourish of a hand sweep to admonish men to "Think". The music is a remix mash-up of Lyn Collins "Think" & Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock's "It Takes Two."

Odyssey Soul Line Dance - Music Red Carpet (Pause, Flash) by R Kelly

Odyssey is a gorgeous slow jam which looks like a wonderfully relaxing soul line dance to the song "Red Carpet (Pause, Flash) by R Kelly". Anyone know where to find a version of this song with the longer instrumental intro?

Falling - GaelleDOWNLOAD MP3

I'd have to say this is definitely an advanced level dance. Platinum slaps you right up front with a 3/4 turn off the top with salsa rhythms motivating you to hang in there because the music and steps are awesome. Soooo worth learning. The upside is that it's only a two wall dance.

Sanctified Slide Gospel Line Dance - Music Sanctified Slide by Christopher Page

A popular gospel line dance is the Sanctified Slide by Christopher Page and the Dream Keeper's Ensemble. It's as simple to learn as the electric slide and the lyrics carry spiritual guidance & corresponding dance moves to "Walk in the Spirit", "Shake the Devil Off", "Stomp Satan Lower", "Dance Like David Danced" with a dance tag to clap your hands ending with a Matrix-like swoosh of arms extending around from front to back and around.

For the Instructional Video "SML" at Denise's Sunday Class in Glenndale, click here

Soul Food Soul Line Dance - Song: Collard Greens & Cornbread By Fantasia

Wonderin' how to do the "Soul Food" soul line dance that goes with the song "Collard Greens & Cornbread" by Fantasia? Here's the official step sheet from the choreographer, Lorenzo Evans from GoLo from the Washington, DC metro area.

Official Step Sheet For Soul Food Collard Greens & Cornbread Soul Line Dance

Sugarfoot Revisited - Ice Cold - Ryan Leslie

Choreographer: A.J. Dease | Music Video for "Ice Cold"

Summer Night Cha-Cha Soul Line Dance - Music: Southern Soul Party Mood

The original version was choreographed by Ir Torre and the original song used was "Summer Night" by Jessica Jay while the soul version uses a laidback R & B song "Southern Soul Party Mood" by Karen Wolfe from the album A Woman Needs Strong Man.

Summer Night Cha-Cha Step Sheet | Instructional

That Thang Soul Line Dance - Music Get Up Offa That Thang by James Brown

That Thang is a tricky up tempo dance that escapes my grasp every time it comes up for review. Because the beat is so fast, it psyches me out from learning it.

As with other soul line dances, if at first you don't get it, just relax, enjoy the music, stumble through and at least try to move in the same general direction as everyone else. Just try to learn one section at a time. It'll get easier the next time around.

Here's a video of Luv2Dance demoing

James Brown That Thang Soul Line Dance

TnT Soul Line Dance - Instructional at Parkside

Choreographer: Terran & Lil Bits aka Miss Tee from Atlantic City

You and I - "Music and Wine" Blue Six

Choreographer Cessily Greene

Zydeco Slide Soul Line Dance - Music by Nonney and the Zydeco Floaters "Kush Kush"

This is an easy to follow video with a group demonstrating a couple of soul line dances. Zydeco Slide starts at about a minute and a half into the video.

There are different Zydeco Slide dances. Another one is called M & M Zydeco Slide. The music is available on CD Vol 16, Track 7 from

Additional Soul Line Dance Resources

Dance like no one is watching.

Join In On All the Fun - Impromptu Dance Off at a Baltimore Line Dance Brunch

Reggie tearing it up on the dance floor with choreographer Tymena Bullock.

Even More Dances I Wanna Learn

The List Keeps Getting Longer

Drop Down by Donnell McFadden

Heart Attack Hustle Line Dance

Jazzy Lady

Long Heel, Red Bottom

Pieces Instructional

Whoa Line Dance

Additional Dances To Add to the Page

4-5-6 Waltz to Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes with Teddy Pendergrass

Cha Cha Espana by Ira Weisburd

Even More Places to Line Dance

Dance Without Drama in Parkesburg, PA

If you're in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, stop by the the soul line dance classes led by RG & Dee on Mondays and Wednesday nights in Temple Hills, Maryland. See details here.


Just Us Every Monday & Wednesday

4410 Stamp Road just off St. Barnabas Rd.

Temple Hills, MD 20748

6:30pm to 8:00pm - Cost $5 per class

Visit our YouTube Channel

Our Facebook Page

Where to Learn Soul Line Dances in Washington, DC

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      Another Line Dance Resource is Happy Feet Soul Line Dancer Network.

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