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Soundcloud – Why Musicians Should Sign Up

Updated on April 4, 2013

Soundcloud is a community of people passionate about music, where you can find literally millions of hours of good music. As an experimented or beginner DJ, or simply as a person passionate about music, having an account in this community is mandatory.

If you open a Soundcloud account, you will have the possibility to upload your creations, but also to download those songs that are allowed for download. One of the most interesting features of Soundcloud is the possibility to add comments on the songs, and some of those three minutes pieces have thousands of comments.

With Soundcloud, your creation would reach millions of potential users, and you will determine what impact your song would have. Moreover, you can find other songs that might represent a source of inspiration. In this community, you can share your musical ideas with others. Some of the most important collaborations between DJ’s and producers started here, and the trend for every musician to start his or hers career here.

When you upload a song, you have the possibility to allow users to download it free, but also to impose certain restrictions. Soundcloud cherishes its uploaders, therefore their privacy and creations are protected from piracy.

Even if there are other music based sites, Soundcloud is the most important of them, as besides offering great music, the community that sustains this site is huge. Soundcloud is a name that can’t be neglected in the world of music, and as a DJ or producer, you should have an account here.

Finding music on Soundcloud is easy, as the smart search engine allows you to find the creations of certain DJ’s, and to filter the songs considering their length, duration or style. From house to classical music, anything can be found here, as we are talking about the biggest music resource on the internet after all.


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