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Updated on June 27, 2012

Remember Him?

For you who grew up in early 80's might know him, specially who lived in Asia. Gaban/Gavan/Gyaban is a character in a series of children who came from Japan, other Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Super Sentai. The series started airing in the 7pm slot on TV Asahi starting from the month of March 5, 1982 and ending on February 25, 1983. This animated film produced by Toei Company and contains 44 episodes.

Gaban Opening Theme

The History

gavan cover
gavan cover

In the 1960s to the 1970s we witnessed the golden era of television heroes. Since the 1960s to the 1970s, they produced many other series including Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Go Rangers and then followed by Magma Taishi, Iron King, Spectreman, Lion Maru, and many more. Toei Company is the most active studio producing the series at the time. At the end of the era (1982), Toei Company would like to show a different series. They finally produced "The Uchu Keiji" or "Space Sheriff" (meaning a direct translation is "Space Police Inspector" or "Detective"). Public called this genre as metal heroes. The first series of Uchuu Keiji Gyaban received encouraging response and considered successful. And that is why this series continues in 1983 and 1984: Uchuu Keiji Shaider and Uchuu Keiji Shariban .

Gaban? Gavan? Gyabin?

gavan action figures
gavan action figures

The real name of this program in the Japanese language is Uchuu Keiji Gyaban, which actually refers to the French actor Jean Gabin is very like the police in French films. After that, the title in the English language be simplified into Space Cop Gabin. However, the English translation provided by the Japanese is "Space Sheriff Gavan". Gyaban name is translated directly from the references to say to 'Gavan' (the sound of the letter v does not exist in the Japanese language only). Among the terms used are "Giyaban", "Gaban", "Gavin", "Giyariba".

The Characters

Gaban characters
Gaban characters

Space Sheriff Gaban (Uchuu Keiji Gyaban): He was the main character, his alter ego is Retsu Ichijouji.

Mimi: She was Gaban's assistant and lovers.

Commander Qom: He was Gaban's Commander and mimi's father

Marin: She was commander Qom assistant

Space Sheriff Voicer: He was Gaban's father.

The Villains


Gaban enemy was Makuu/ Mado, it was a crime organization try to conquer the world.

Don Horror: The leader of Makuu organization

Horror Girl: She was Don Horror's assistant

Hunter Killer: He was Don Horror's right hand man

San Dorva: He was Don Horror's son

Witch Kiba: Don Horror's wife

Crushers / the foot soldier: They are Makuu's soldier

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Gaban Ending Theme

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