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Space featuring Tommy Scott & Co

Updated on October 15, 2014

Female of the species is one of their best known tracks

One of the most expensive concerts I ever went to was the Space concert that was held at the Forum in London. We didn't realize when we got our tickets to the concert that it was going to be so expensive or the reasons why.

We were working in Winchcombe in Gloucestershire and to save time going back to where we lived we left one of our cars parked up in the town and set off for London in the other. By the time we got going it was raining steadily but we gave it no more thought, we were off to see Space and it was going to be a really good night out.

A couple of hours later we got to Russel Square parked the car in the underground car park for the hotel, dumped our bags and ran for the train so that we could get across the city to the Forum theater.

Queue was pretty long but it didn't take too much time to get in the building and we were there in good time for the concert. We stood towards the back of the theater close to the bar and got ourselves a couple of beers. When the music started it was fantastic Space had already released Spiders and Tin Planet and were enjoying a considerable amount of success at the time.

The atmosphere was amazing people were packed in like sardines at the front of the stage and as soon as the music started all you could see were thousands of people bouncing up and down in unison to the beat of the music, everybody in the upper echelons of the theatre were dancing to the records and because it was such a small intimate space you almost felt like you were in the band and a sense of euphoria swept the crowd as Space played one after another of their hit records.

It seemed like the night was over almost as soon as it started even though it was a couple of hours later. We expected a great night of music and we certainly got one the band had been absolutely brilliant and the venue was perfect for the style and tempo of their music, a truly memorable night.

We stayed in London that night, had a Chinese on the way back to the hotel and a late night in the bar, which stayed open for residents, recounting the best bits of the concert.

Rather than shoot back home we went off to Lincolnshire to extend the trip away and see friends and relatives. We spoke to our daughter back home while we were away and she told us that there had been serious floods in the area, little did we know.

Anyway we finally headed back home on the Sunday and went to pick up our car, that's when the fun started. The car was missing and here is the short version of the full story: -

Car parked by stream gets washed into the now torrential river.

Someone tells the police they think there are people in the car.

Fire brigade arrive jump on the roof of the car and smash side windows

Fire brigade crane car (full of water) out of river and drop it onto the road.

Car is now an obstruction, police call breakdown recovery

Recovery take car away and store it at £40 a day

We reclaim car but have to pay £120 for storage

Car worth £3000 is a complete write off and is sold for £150 to scrapyard

£150 pound is used to pay recovery leaving £30 change

£30 pounds is used to take self and wife out for slap up Indian meal

Total cost for weekend trip away to see Space in concert is approximately £3300

Was it worth it, absolutely, great weekend shame about the car.

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So what does a car look like being pulled out of a river

Definitely made the roof creak a bit, guess water really is a bit heavy.

This is the photograph that was taken by and published in the local paper. Fame at last!!!

Space - Spiders including 'Female of the Species'


The first of two brilliant albums by Space the cult group who made it big and didn't like it.


Space - Spiders

First of my recommended albums

  • Neighborhood
  • Mister Psycho
  • Female of the species
  • Money
  • Me and you vs the world
  • Lovechild of the queen
  • No-one understands
  • Voodoo roller
  • Drop dead
  • Dark clouds
  • Major Pager
  • Kill Me
  • Charlie M

Quick, what do you think of Space?

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Tin Planet

The second brilliant album by Space great value even versus the price paid for the live concert.

Space - Tin Planet

  • Begin again
  • Avenging angels
  • The ballad of Tom Jones
  • 1 O'clock
  • Be there
  • The man
  • A liddy biddy help from Elvis
  • The unluckiest man in the world
  • Piggies
  • Bad day's
  • There's no you
  • Disco dolly
  • Fran in Japan

The band are Tommy, Jamie, Franny and Yorkie and you can find out more about them on SpaceTheBand, the most comprehensive webiste available for Space.

Cerys Matthews featured on this album in the Ballad of Tom Jones doing a duet with Tommy Scott.

Space - Indie Band - Know what you want then search for it here

More to Space than you think - Check out these links for MP3 downloads as well as CD's

Shout Out For Space, do you think their concert was worth 3 1/2 grand????

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    • profile image

      Weblady 6 years ago

      So glad to have found this lens, Space were one of my favourite bands back in the 80's, I think my favourite track was 'The Ballad of Tom Jones'. Great lens.

    • BrianRS profile image

      Brian Stephens 8 years ago from France

      [in reply to Paul H] The night we had at the Forum in London was amazing as well, I think it probably was worth it, a very memorable night.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I saw them in Stourbridge in December '04, got to meet the band before and after the gig. Was a fantastic night. Became a fan of theirs back in 1998 after hearing 'The Ballad of Tom Jones' on the radio. A truly fantastic band

    • profile image

      kirstyrebecca 8 years ago

      I saw this band at Cheltenham race course in Gloucestershire, they were brilliant. Shame they aren't still going, I loved them.