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The 007 James Bond Spinning Playlist

Updated on October 12, 2013

007 Playlist

Get your adrenaline pumping (spinning) with these Bond inspired tunes.

Channel that James Bond energy for an incredible workout.

This playlist is about 55 minutes long, including a 3 minute warm-down song at the end. The songs in the playlist have an order. The energy builds from warm-up to hi Intensity. Check out the class profile description below.



Dr. Goodhead: “You know him?”

Bond: “Not socially. His name’s Jaws. He kills people.”

The Bond Class "Profile"

My playlists are organized so the energy or beat of the music corresponds with the workout.

-The first two songs are for warm-up.

-The next songs have a slower, but stronger beat. This is the "Climb" part of the workout. Add resistance to climb a "mountain". Adding resistance builds muscle strength, keeping ligaments and tendons strong, therefore preventing injury.

-End with higher energy for interval sets. For example, 30 seconds fast followed by 30 seconds recovery.

The last song is for a cool down, to bring your heart rate back down to resting.

Or use this playlist with your own workout or class profile.

The Best Bond? - photo:

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Casino Royal

Le Chiffre: “You changed your shirt, Mr Bond. I hope our little game isn’t causing you to perspire.”

Bond: “A little. But I won’t consider myself to be in trouble until I start weeping blood.”

Spin Much? - photo:

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Never Say Never Again

Largo: "Do you lose as gracefully as you win?"

James Bond: "I don't know, I've never lost."

What is your favorite Bond tune?

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