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Spring Waltz Soundtrack and Music List

Updated on January 9, 2013

Be mesmerize by the refreshing music inspired by the genuine story of love and spring

If you are among one of the avid Endless Love drama series fan, I'm sure you already know how soothing its soundtrack is and perfectly match the dramas heartbreaking story.

The songs in Endless Love IV: Spring Waltz has it melo-dramatic sound as the story of the drama unfolds to its beautiful love story of friendship and rekindled love.

Take a peek and listen to the soothing music played from this popular Korean drama series!

Music from the Korean drama: Spring Waltz

Download and listen to them right here, right about now.

Below are the songs from the Endless Love IV: Spring Waltz. Sample them here. If you like a song, you may purchase it straight off this page by clicking the arrow to its right.

01.Teardrop Waltz

02. One Love - Loveholic

03. Childhood

04. Cannonball - Damien Rice

05. Clementine - Lee Ji Soo

06. Flower - U-na

07. bom eh waltz

08. nae in saeng eh bom nal - S Jin

09. A Sad Memory - Jang Se Yong

10. ee jen sarang hal soo it suh yo - Yurisangja

11. Shadow Waltz - Jang Se Yong

12. moo ji gae - Bada

13. Song Of Island - Lee Ji Soo

14. soo ho chun sa - S Jin

15. Flashback

16. ma eum eu ro boo reu neun no rae - Myung In Hee

17. Tears For Remembrance

Listen to One Love by Loveholic (Spring Waltz OST)

One Love Lyrics Sung by Loveholic

Mar geh Geh in juh nope un ha neur geu peu reum boh dah

Bar geh Bi Choon Neun Boo shin het sar..

Geu dda seu hahm boh dah duh

Gah seum buck chan dan hah nah

Geu gun sarang ee get joe

Hwar jjack pee uh oh reun juh ggot cheh..

Geu hyang ghi boh dah

Choke Choke hah geh juck shi neun bohm bi..

Geu dar comb hahm boh dah duh

Gam mi roe eun dahn hah nah

E she sang hah na Bbeun in..


One Love

I love you so

Love is the beautiful one

I love you so

Love is the beautiful one

All we need is love

Real love

Cho roak moor ghil num chee neun dur pahn

Geu suhl reh ihm boh dah

Hahn ggut soo noh ah jin moo ji geh..

Geu chan ran hahm boh dah duh

Ah reum dah oon dahn hah nah

E she sang hah nah Bbeun in..


One Love

I love you so

Love is the beautiful one

I love you so

Love is the beautiful one

All we need is love

Real love


Ohddon gam jong boh dado ohddon pyo hyun boh dado

Sesang ga jang ahreum saun gon saran ee jyo...

One love...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

I love you so...

Love is the beautiful one...

Lyrics Courtesy of

Flower by Yuna (Spring Waltz OST)

Flower Lyrics Sung by Yuna

ijen arassoyo

kudae nal wihan mal

cham monnan gasumuronun

narul inul su otdaetjyo

nul sangchobbunirado

boyojul sun opsonayo

imi kudae apumi

nae nunmuri dwengolyo

kudaeman kidaryossoyo

haruman chu-ochindaedo

haengbokhan chunbirul haetjyo

kudae wihae modun-gol

I love you naega kalkkayo

aju man gose issodo

sowoni nalkaero

kudaewa nanun kkum kkwoyo

ama morugetjyo

cham mot [...]

Lyrics Courtesy of

Spring Waltz Disc 1 By Yoon Jae Ha

Spring Waltz - Classic O.S.T.
Spring Waltz - Classic O.S.T.

1. Spring Waltz - (Piano version) - Yiruma

2. Day Dream - (Piano)

3. Sunday Afternoon Waltz - (Piano)

4. Dreaming Island's Story - - Yiruma

5. Lost in Island - (Piano version) - Yiruma

6. Vivace - Broken Blossoms -

7. Clementine - To My Little Aangel I - Yiruma

8. Before Stars Sleeping - Yiruma

9. I Think You Love Me - (Piano)

10. Autumn-Colored Spring I - Yiruma

11. A Sad Motive - (Piano)

12. Autumn-Colored Spring II - Yiruma

13. Men's Tears - (Piano)

14. Lost In Island _ Yiruma

15. Silence - (Piano)

16. - (Piano)

17. Clementine - Yiruma

18. Guten Morgen - (Piano)

19. Spring Waltz - Yiruma

20. Clementine (Bonus Track) - Yiruma

21. Lost In Island - (Bonus Track) - Yiruma


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    • mariaamoroso profile image


      5 years ago from Sweden

      Beautiful and sensitive music and lyrics. Thank you Naiza

    • bhthanks profile image


      7 years ago

      thanks for the info

    • booluck profile image


      7 years ago

      great movie/drama to watch...take a look n you will know its..

      Korean Drama Reviews | Godâs Quiz 2 | I Need Romance Heartstrings @ Youâve Fallen for Me | Baby-faced Beauty on my lens..


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