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Spy Myung Wol - Korean Drama 2011

Updated on September 24, 2014

Drama about two crazy elite agents/spies on their secret mission

Based on the readers recommendation, I finally caught up with KBS drama, Myung Wol the Spy or Spy Myung Wol. I never watch any of the lead actor & actress drama prior to Myung Wol, however, after watching this drama trailer and reading the recaps, I thought this romantic-comedy drama looks good. So I gave it a go.

I really enjoy this spy-sizzle-comedy-drama. Watching Spy Myung Wol on Monday & Tuesday night have helped me to distress from a long tiring day. It always brings laughter to my quiet living room. The latter part of Spy Myung Wol episodes turned out to be melodrama, and I guess nobody expected last night's ending. Sigh... Spy Myung Wol was an awesome drama in the beginning, but drifted away and the ending was disappointing.

But thumbs up to the actors and actresses as they had to go through unexpected ordeal when the lead actress abruptly flew to America leaving the whole casts & crew in limbo. I think everyone is relieved that the drama ends, even though the ratings were not as high as they expected. It's a pity that Spy Myung Wol is Eric's first drama after he returned from military service. Thankfully he's currently acting in a much better drama, Discovery of Romance.

Have you watched Spy Myung Wol? Do you like it?

Spy Myung Wol Details, Synopsis & Casts

Spy Myung Wol Poster
Spy Myung Wol Poster

Spy Myung Wol - Details

Number of Episodes: 18

Original run:

In Korea: July 11, 2011 - September 6, 2011 on KBS2

Main Casts: Han Ye Seul as Han Myung Wol, Eric as Kang Woo, Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu, Jang Hee Jin as Joo In Ah, Lee Kyung as Dae Kang, Yoo Jee In as Ok Soon

Cameo: K-Will, X-5's Gun

Director: Hwang In Hyuk (Sungkyunkwan Scandal & Iron Empress)

Writers: Kim Eun Young & Kim Jung Ah

Official Website: KBS2 Spy Myung Wol

Spy Myung Wol - KBS World Trailer

Spy Myung Wol - Brief Synopsis

Myung Wol is a North Korean elite spy who is part of Korean Hallyu stars crackdown unit in North Korea. She failed her final mission of joining the Hallyu Stars Investigation Unit. She decides to conduct her own mission and goes to South Korean on her own to "kidnap" Hallyu Start Kang Woo. She meets with Kang Woo for the first time in Singapore and starts to follow Kang Woo's daily lives. One day, at Kang Woo's drama shooting, Myung Wol who pretends to be a student, saves Kang Woo's lives. Connection between Kang Woo & Myung Wol start from that day onwards.

Choi Ryu is also an elite North Korean spy. He is sent to South Korea to help Myung Wol to complete her mission: Marry Kang Woo within 3 months and bring Kang Woo (voluntary) back to South Korea

Their plan will be challenged by Joo In Ah (an actress & hotel heiress) who falls in love with Kang Woo as well as Myung Wol biggest weakness of her curiosity which leads her to act before she thinks. Moreover, Myung Wol who never falls in love with any man will also find this mission as her hardest mission ever.

Another two secret North Korean agents who live in South Korea, Dae Kang & Hee Bok will also help Myung Wol to complete her given mission.

A great agent, Ok Soon will help Myung Wol and teach her every thing an agent / female spy should know (to marry Kang Woo).

Follow the journey of Myung Wol & Choi Ryu on their secret mission and be fascinated with these spies crazy personalities. And follow Kang Woo & Myung Wol blossoming love journey. You will be hooked with this drama!

Spy Myung Wol - Cast Members

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Eric as Kang Woo, a Hallyu Star whose the mission target of both Myung Wol & Choi RyuJang Hee Jin as Joo In Ah, an actress, loves Kang WooHan Ye Seul as Han Myung Wol (North Korean Spy on a special secret mission with Choi Ryu)Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu (has to do a special mission with a really curious agent, Myung Wol)
Eric as Kang Woo, a Hallyu Star whose the mission target of both Myung Wol & Choi Ryu
Eric as Kang Woo, a Hallyu Star whose the mission target of both Myung Wol & Choi Ryu
Jang Hee Jin as Joo In Ah, an actress, loves Kang Woo
Jang Hee Jin as Joo In Ah, an actress, loves Kang Woo
Han Ye Seul as Han Myung Wol (North Korean Spy on a special secret mission with Choi Ryu)
Han Ye Seul as Han Myung Wol (North Korean Spy on a special secret mission with Choi Ryu)
Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu (has to do a special mission with a really curious agent, Myung Wol)
Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu (has to do a special mission with a really curious agent, Myung Wol)

Spy Myung Wol Wallpapers

=== More Spy Myung Wol Wallpapers on KBS Spy Myung Wol Official Website ===

Spy Myung Wol OST List

Spy Myung Wol - OST List

Part 1 - Released July 6, 2011

1. Afraid of Love by Bobby Kim

2. Afraid of Love (Instrumental)

Part 2 - Released July 11, 2011

1. More than Anyone in the world by Lena Park

2. More than Anyone in the world (Instrumental)

Part 3 - Released July 18, 2011

1. If You Love Me More by Ryeo Wook (Super Junior)

2. If You Love Me More (Instrumental)

Part 4 - Released July 25, 2011

1. To be able to Love by Bobby Kim & Gil Hak Mi

2. To be able to Love (Instrumental)

OST Part 5 - Released August 22, 2011

1. Loving You by Stellar

2. Loving You (Instrumental)

Spy Myung Wol Episode 17 & 18 Spoiler - The Wedding Pictures

Finally, the wedding of Han Myung Wol and Kang Woo! Couple of the century, celebrating their wedding day!

The groom: "the bride is so pretty".

He can't take his eyes away from his beautiful bride.

Wait, what's going on? The groom got shot!

Call the ambulance. Please, he has to be ok!

It's with great courage that this couple continue loving each other.

They faced so many obstacles, what they deserve a happy ending.

But will they have a happy ending?

Spy Myung Wol Episode 11 - Preview + Video Preview

While I was looking for the video preview of episode 11, I was astonished to read the news that they haven't finished shooting for Episode 11 & 12. To make things worse, Han Hye Seul (Myung Wol) has not turned up to the shooting site on August 14 onwards..

I don't really know what's going on between her and the show's producers; but any actress / actor (who has signed contract to be part of any drama) should come to the filming site at the assigned times and film their parts, especially when the episodes are due to be aired today and tomorrow! I'm disappointed by her attitude, she let her co-stars and the crews waiting for her since 7.30AM on Sunday, in which they finally filmed their parts without Ye Seul.

Her agency, Sidus HQ released an official statement explaining the reason why she did not turn up. Apparently, they finished shooting at 5am, so she is not feeling well. But as soon as she feels better, she will definitively return to the filming site.

Latest News: Ye Seul still hasn't turned up to the filming site and KBS will take a legal action if she still doesn't turn up to the filming site today. And the latest news finally revealed that Ye Seul is not sick, but she has an issue with the current production director about her working condition.

It's official, Spy Myung Wol's Episode 11 will not be aired on August 15, 2011. It will be replaced with a special episode instead. At the moment, they still haven't decided what they're going to do for tomorrow. It's disappointing as I'm looking forward to tonight's episode, but a special episode is much better than watching a choppy flashback scenes in Episode 11. Myung Wol is the main character, so without her, the episode will definitely be dull.

I hate to say this, but people have witnessed Han Ye Seul at Incheon Airport and she left Korea for LA, USA!

KBS will have an emergency meeting today to decide whether or not they will continue airing this drama. Summary of KBS's Press Conference is now available on dramabeans. From the press conference, it's confirmed that Spy Myung Wol Episode 11 was aired on August 16, 2011..

Han Ye Seul has confirmed she'll be back to the filming site today, I'm so happy that finally she has come to her sense and I believe she'll give her best in portraying Han Myung Wol.

Please continue supporting all casts and crew of Spy Myung Wol!


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  • sukkran trichy profile image

    sukkran trichy 

    7 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

    very interesting page on korean drama. enjoyed my visit, specially the vids. ~blessed~

  • simplycyber profile image


    7 years ago

    Nice and informative lens! Great info of Korean Drama. Good job!


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