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Star Trek Captains Chair

Updated on February 12, 2016

The Inflatable Star Trek Captain's Chair Is The Perfect Star Trek Fan's Gift Idea

If you live with a Star Trek fan, I have the perfect gift idea for you. It's an inflatable model of the Captains Chair from the deck of the USS Enterprise. It's a lot like the chair that Captain James Kirk went where no man has gone before in...and it's funny. It's a great Star Trek fan gift idea and better yet, it only costs 24.99. Now...that's a bargain, because the fan you buy this for is most likely going to love it. And if the fan doesn't, the kids probably will. Make sure the Star Trek fan you give this chair to doesn't weigh over 120 pounds!

Let's find out more about this inflatable chair that has James T. Kirk written all over it. Well, it doesn't really have James T. Kirk written all over it, but it looks like it should have that written on it. Here's the chair....

Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair

Even if you aren't crazy about Star Trek, you do have to admit, this chair is great! Come on, admit it. And if you are crazy about Star Trek, you can visit my other lens, Star Trek Ships,and Star Trek Characters

There is another model of James T. Kirk's Captain's Chair out there, but it is a very detailed, full-scale replica of James T. Kirk's captain's chair from Star Trek television series, or TOS, which stands for the original series. This chair is just like the chair William Shatner sat in on the RV set in the 1960's. And there are only 1,701 going to be produced. Do you all recognize the significance of that number? So why not go for this as a gift for the Star Trek fan you love more than anyone else? Because it will cost you 2900.00, that's why.

This chair has given me a great idea on how to complete this lens. I'm going to fill it with the best Star Trek gift ideas I can! So get your Star Trek a James T. Kirk captain's chair or anyone of the other gift ideas on this page. I am sure you will find a gift that your Trekkie doesn't already have. Shop Well ~ Live Long And Prosper!

Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek Costumes Make Great Gift Ideas

Star Trek Costume Ideas - Dress Up Like James T. Kirk, Captain Of The USS Enterprise

Here are some more unique items from Star Trek to you. You can dress up in these Star Trek costumes, sit in your USS Enterprise chair and feel like you are Captain James. T. Kirk, or you can be Spock and steal some time in the boss's chair. Have some fun with your bad!

Start your fun day off in a Star Trek bathrobe, then get dressed in your favorite character's outfit. I've added Kirk's and Spock's uniforms here...they are two of my favorite characters.

Read Up On Star Trek

You Can Read The Star Trek Stories Or Study The Ship's Blue Prints

Star Trek Books

Read up on your favorite characters and favorite episodes with help from Amazon books. Find titles like:

  • The Making of Star Trek
  • The Star Trek Encyclopedia
  • The Star Trek Encyclopedia - A Reference Guide to the Future
  • Ships of the Line (Star Trek)

Collect Star Trek Statues

Here Are Some Star Trek Statues To Add To Your Collection

Star Trek Collectible Statues

You've got the Captain's Chair already, now you can start buying the collectible statues from Star Trek. I've posted a few from the old series like:

  • Spock And The Tribbles
  • Classic Captain Kirk Statue
  • Amok Time McCoy Statue
  • Limited Edition Kirk Spock Capt. Pike
  • Star Trek: 'Landing Party' McCoy 40th Anniversary Statue

More Fun Star Trek Merchandise

Unique Star Trek Merchandise Makes A Great Gift Idea

Funny And Cool Star Trek Merchandise

Well, I want to start off by showing you one of my favorite items in the Star Trek merchandise catalog. It's The Star Trek theme Mr. Potato Heads...just look how cool these space adventurers look in their disguises - a potato. These characters are right out of the original series, pick : Kirk & Kor the Klingon or Mr. Spock & Uhura. Now they can go where no potato has gone before.

Star Trek Potato Heads

If your fan isn't big on Mr. Potato Head you might like some of these gift ideas:

  • Officially Licensed Star Trek Tie Bar Starfleet communicator badge worn by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock
  • The Star Trek Cookbook
  • Star Trek Energy Drink Romulan Ale
  • Brothers Star Trek: USS Enterprise Bottle Opener
  • Think Geek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

The Star Trek Ships

Pick Your Favorite Star Trek Ship

Star Trek Ships

Model Builders who are also fans of Star Trek will enjoy assembling these kits. Check what comes with each kit, you might need some model glue, but that should be it. Which one will you choose:

  • Round 2 AMT Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey
  • Furuta Volume 2 #11 Star Trek Model Enterprise NCC-1701
  • Star Trek USS Enterprise Space Ship Model Kit
  • Round 2 AMT ST Enterprise Set (3 in 1) NCC1701, 1701A, 1701B 1:2500
  • Star Trek Space Ship Set Model Kit

Star Trek Glasses And Mugs

Star Trek Glasses and Mugs Are Fun

Mugs And Glasses With A Star Trek Theme

Fill your kitchen cabinets with these collector mugs and drinking glasses. My favorite glass is Mr. Spock, who is yours?

Star Trek Movies

Give the gift of a Star Trek DVD to your Trek fan. Get a movie or the TV show episodes, or get them all. There can never be too much Star Trek.

Star Trek Weapons

Are You A Star Trek Weapons Collector?

Weapons From Star Trek

If you have a thing for the weapons from Star Trek, the movies or the series, you may like some of the items I have found. Of course, these are not working weapons, we can't have such futuristic weapons on the street today, they could fall into the wrong hands. Here are some Star Trek phasers from:

  • The Original Series The Classic Phaser Gun
  • The Next Generation Phaser
  • Quantum Mechanix Star Trek: 2009 Movie Phaser Stunt Replica
  • Star Trek Nemesis Phaser Prop Model Kit
  • Star Trek Ii: The Wrath of Khan Phaser Replica

Star Trek Games

Find Star Trek Games ~ They Make Great Gift Ideas

Games From Star Trek

Some of these games were played in the Star Trek series or movies, others were created in honor of the movies or TV shows. There's a game here for everyone. Choose from: Star Trek Online Collectors Edition

Star Trek Tribbles Customizable Card GameStar Trek MonopolyStar Trek The GameKlingon Monopoly Boad Game: Klingon Monopolyli>

More Fun Star Trek Game Ideas

Here are a few more fun game ideas I found:

  • Star Trek The Game
  • Monopoly Star Trek Continum
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command 2 - Empires at War
  • Gamefest: Star Trek Classics
  • Strato Chess

Strato Chess, played on three different boards, always looked so cool when they were playing it on the Enterprise.

Star Trek Christmas Ornaments

Pick Out Your Favorite Star Trek Christmas Ornament

Say Merry Christmas With A Star Trek Gift

These holiday ornaments make wonderful gift ideas for the Star Trek fan in your house. There are so many to choose from, but then, your Trekkie might have some of these already. Here are just a few of the ornaments:

  • USS Enterprise 1701D FUTURE
  • Star Trek Christmas Ornament with Flickering Lights: Klingon Bird of Prey
  • Romulan Bird Of Prey Star Trek 2011 Hallmark Ornament
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Hallmark 2007 Christmas Ornament QXI4349
  • Captain James T Kirk - Hallmark 2010 - Star Trek Legends

Now that you are here, why not leave me a message. Tell me your favorite character, your favorite episode, your favorite salt and pepper shaker...

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    • greenspirit profile image

      poppy mercer 4 years ago from London

      Don't think I have room for the star trek captains chair, but I love the Enterprise christmas tree decoration.

    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I did not find any shoes, slippers or sandals or boots for Star Trek's Captain Kirk...but I did find a couple different styles of Star Trek Socks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago